Car Tech Video: 2010 Lincoln MKZ
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Car Tech Video: 2010 Lincoln MKZ

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The Ford Fusion in Lincoln garb. Hello, Cinderella.

>> The Lincoln MKZ, under the skin basically a Ford Fusion but quite different in refinement and style. Let's check the tech. ^M00:00:11 [ Music ] ^M00:00:16 >> Let's get to the cabin tech. Our vehicle's fairly well-equipped. We have as you can see a touch screen hard drive based navigation system. We have DVD playback when you're parked of course, not while you're driving, good size screen that's what about six and one half or seven inches, map quality is good, not class leading; it's a little bit jaggy and kind of fuzzy looking around some of the edges and fonts and street lines and such but it's in there with the best of the pack. Being hard drive based you also get pretty good snap, good throttle response if you will, on inputs on the screen. And of course as is becoming common these days, you've got the 3D Birdseye view or if you prefer like I often do, the good old fashioned 2D map view. Now when you get this car without any optional packages you still get Lincoln sound, not this THX. We do as you can see have the upgraded package with the THX audio. It is a 5.1 surround sound system, one of our favorites in the business, so when you are watching a DVD movie or playing a DVD audio disk by the way you're going to get correct 5.1 decoding. As I mentioned that hard drive based system that also means you've got a jukebox here when you can store music. And of course Sirius Satellite radio is standard on this guy and the reason for that is more than just the audio. You've got satellite radio of course but that also brings you Sirius TravelLink and that's under this i button down here to bring you information that comes down through the satellite network. And this car comes with six months of activation on Sirius. After that it's on your nickel. Now here's a key point. These cars will all come with Sync as just about every Ford does these days or at least offers optionally, and even if you don't get this hard drive base navigation system, you still have navigation through Sync. They call it directions and information or something so you can do a voice command through the data connection of your Bluetooth cell phone to reach out to tell the system I want to go a certain place and it will then feed down a very rudimentary display of directions on a text display and give you audio prompts. When you get the Nav package you also of course take advantage of that screen to give you a backup camera that gives you zones of how close and far you are from things, but doesn't give you trajectory as you steer the wheel. And because we have Sync that also means we have these toys here in the console, the now familiar USB jack and auxiliary input. It's one of the better systems that way. And of course you can connect wirelessly with A2DP stereo Bluetooth streaming; that's also part of Sync which is standard on this car. I want to talk about this for a second. This is a Ford-Lincoln-Mercury thing this keypad on the outside of the car. Sometimes they put it up here on the pillar but either way it's very cool for when you lock your keys in your car. ^M00:02:58 [ Music ] ^M00:03:03 >> I find the new Lincoln Grille and face very similar to that found on the MKZ and MKT is a good looking piece of work. The rear not so much. The Nav package also includes BLSIS Ford's Blind Spot Information System. It tells you about things in your blind spot yes but also warns you of cross traffic when you're backing out of a blind driveway for example. Under hood is the three and one half liter Duratek V6, not a technologically more advanced ego boost motor which would have turbo charging and direct injection. That said, this Duratek's a good motor. Power is ready right now, part of that thanks to a six speed automatic that takes most of the slush out of slush box, 263 horsepower and 243 pounds of torque are not amazing numbers today, but they're very usably applied in this car. MPG is 1724 which is a little unimpressive. All right let's price out this MKZ. Base is about $35,000; again it includes Sync and some of the niceties, it's not a basic car. But on top of that you're definitely going to want to spend $2500 on the navigation package which is more than Nav. It's the hard drive audio system; it's the navigation as we saw, the touch screen interface, also the blind spot warning and the cross traffic alert technology as well as the rear view camera. That's a pretty good package for that price. But to go all the way CNET style you've got to spend $5600 total for a package that includes the Nav package I just mentioned, a Tech package which includes some advanced lighting and such and rain-sensing wipers and then adds in THX Audio which is a killer, 17-inch wheels, I could take or leave those and a power moon roof.

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