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Car Tech Video: 2009 Geneva Motor Show Roundup

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Car Tech Video: 2009 Geneva Motor Show Roundup

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Some of our favorites from one of the world's great auto shows

[ Music ] ^M00:00:11 >> Brian: Here's a look at the cars that caught our eye at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini's Murcielago LP670 has 670 horsepower out of its V12 a whole lot lighter too only 5 pounds of weight per horse, 0 to 60 a little over 3 seconds, man that wing is ugly. ^M00:00:31 [ Music ] ^M00:00:36 >> Brian: Speaking of supercars they aren't all gas guzzlers Koenigsegg of Sweden rolled out the Quant electric motor at each rear wheel gets you to 60 in just over 5 seconds and you can do that for 310 miles on a single charge. Not every Chevy is an American icon this one's going to debut in Europe first we'll get it later it's the Chevy Spark with either a 1 or 1.2 liter engine and MPG up in the high 40's. Another small car to look for in the U.S. later will be based on this Ford Iosis Max; this is a concept but it's very close to the cues we'll see in the new Ford Focus but you can disregard that avant-garde interior that's just show car stuff. Perhaps the oddest concept of the show was the iChange from Rinspeed. It changes alright from a one seat speedster to a three passenger get-around, electric, of course, and you control most of its dashboard functions with your iPhone. ^M00:01:33 [ Music ] ^M00:01:36 >> Brian: We don't talk about the VW Polo much here in the U.S. because they don't sell it here but that may change soon. Here's the latest edition, not a bad looking car and there could be a GTI version down the road as well as a Blue Motion 89 horsepower, turbo, diesel. Rolls Royce cars don't really come in small but this one is relatively so it's still inches longer than any Mercedes but a foot shorter than a Rolls Phantom, it's the 200EX concept it should be coming out as the Silver Ghost in showrooms in 2010. It still has a V12 nothing small there. A couple of delights from Aston Martin they're gonna put the V12 in their baby car the Vantage will get that big horse motor, a 6 liter offering 510 horsepower, 0 to 60 around 4 seconds. And if you really want to spend some bucks call Aston about their 177; this is going to be limited production, yup, just 77 of them, 1.75 million dollars, 7.3 liter V12 that is also 25% lighter, 0 to 60 in about 3 1/2 seconds. ^M00:02:40 [ Music ] ^M00:02:45 >> Brian: Infiniti is still trying to get its ground in Europe so they rolled out a concept to tease the European market; this is the Infiniti Essence has the 3.7 liter V6 that we know so well in the Nissan Infiniti cars coupled with a 3D electric motor they call it all in a 593 horsepower twin turbo charged gas-electric hybrid. Maybe BMW's X6 isn't quite your speed this one's a little less truckish it's the Grand Turismo concept and they call it a Progressive Activity Sedan one of those wacky BMW terms but it is a good looker based on a 5 series platform. [music] Fiat's 500 or Cinquecento is a huge seller in Europe we don't get it here in the U.S. but that may change if the Fiat Chrysler deal holds up and when that 500 comes to the U.S. it may also have a Cabriolet, an unusual top, a classic nod to the Italian pull-back canvas cover although this one's electric. Audi's TT is not always considered in the top ranks of sporting cars but this version might be. The TTRS 340 horsepower coming out of a 2.5 liter turbo direct injection 5 cylinder engine, Quattro of course but you'll have to go to Europe to drive it not coming to the U.S. ^E00:04:04

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