Car Tech Video: 2009 Dodge Journey R/T
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Car Tech Video: 2009 Dodge Journey R/T

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Dodge is reaching with the "R/T" rubric on this one, but the Journey is a nice little grocery getter with almost perfect cabin tech.

>> Come with me on a journey of love and hatred. This Dodge Journey RT has a high-end MyGig system in it with such phenomenal display and abilities, but some of the execution details make you want to mash it in the ground. Let's take a look at check the Tech. The MyGig system, this is the latest generation, we have in our journey is phenomenal. Look at that map display. The navigation entry is so simple as well. You can use voice command. >> Select one of the following, guide me to a name. >> 4. >> Line 4 selected. Now do you want to enter a house number? >> It wins on visual interface, wins on a lot of information and procedural design, but the voice recognition thing is a little bit sketchy and is very slow; it takes forever to think about what you said even if it's one of its built-in commands and come back with the next step. Now I'm not crazy about this interface; I like the knob for turning, it's easy to grab and it feels good. This is one of those little stupid mushroom-top things that is really bad and it's just too sensitive. I have to push it a couple of times dead on to get an enter function; that's really annoying. Notice we do have traffic indications on the screen. You'll see some icons there of problems; this is part of the new traffic service from Cirrus. There's our Cirrus Satellite Radio that comes base on the RT Journey and one year of activation, quite generous. I hit the media button here; I get to another set of tabs so hard disk drive, HDD. Now we're on the changer. I'm going to look at my Disc number 1 here and I get the choice to RIP, copy track or copy disk. They call it copy; it's ripping from my audio CD onto my hard drive. That's one of the key things. We have an Aux jack here, no iPod adapter, but we do have a USB device right below there. So I put my thumb drive in and when I do that it immediately goes into an import mode; so it's an import jack which could also be used, I'm sure, to do updates to the firmware on this system as they come out. So a lot of great options here but some things are missing like an iPod adapter, and of course we have the Bluetooth hands-free technology which Chrysler products have had for a while--they call it UConnect. Now we also have a DVD player here as I told you and there's movie watching on the screen; obviously it only works when you're stopped or parked. We've got a rear seat dropdown screen here also, that's an 8-inch center dropdown, it does a beautiful job of obliterating your view out of the rear view mirror but that's how they chose to do it. Now the base audio output on this car, speakers and amps, is called the 6-speaker system but if you go ala carte for the Infinity package or get the MyGig entertainment or the rear seat entertainment package, all of those bring in Infinity speakers. It's a good sounding rig. Now as part of our MyGig system we also get the rearview backup camera--they call it Parkview. For a vehicle like this I would definitely get it. Now this Dodge Journey as I mentioned is an RT so it comes with the high-end engine package which is moderately high-end. It's a 3 and one-half liter, 24-valve V6. Now your power goes out through one transmission, one choice only; the 6-speed automatic they call autostick because you go down here in the autostick mode and it's down shift, up shift by knocking it left or right. Let's price our Dodge Journey now. We have an RT as I mentioned and it's all-wheel drive. Almost 30,000 based, 28,900 and it doesn't include the tech toys. Add 2500 dollars for the really good MyGig with navigation. Another 900 though for the rear seat screen if you want that. So let's say for 3500 on top of the base you get all the tech toys. I think it's a good value even though we have some issues with a little bit of the implementation, but this is a great base to build on. ^M00:03:41 [ Music ] ^M00:03:44

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