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2009 BMW X5 xDrive35d: Car Tech Video

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Car Tech Video: 2009 BMW X5 xDrive35d

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A twin-turbo diesel helps the BMW X5, but how much can you really "greenify" a 5,225-pound vehicle?

>> I really wanted to like the X5 xDrive X35DE Diesel; after all I love the same power train in the 335, but for a lot of reasons both in cabin and under hood this vehicle just strikes me as the SUV for people who have a little more money than tech sense, let's check it out. ^M00:00:23 [ Music ] ^M00:00:33 >> Now in an xDrive 35D you've got the same 3 liter inline 6 twin turbo diesel that I liked a whole lot in the 335D Sedan accept for -- hang on -- [sound effects] one problem it's a lot noisier in this car. Same 265 horsepower and really amazing 425 foot pounds of torque as in the 335D but those numbers are muted because you've got 5,225 pounds in this little piggy to lug around so the response of that horsepower and that delicious torque is definitely more muted as you'd imagine. MPG is 19 city 26 highway, 4 and 5 miles per gallon better respectively than the gas engine 3 liter inline 6 of the same car, but remember on the Sedan, once again, you get a 10 mile per gallon improvement on the highway number and 7 in the city. Plus this vehicle isn't really all that clean it scores just dead average on Co2 and below average on nitrous oxide emission so don't buy one of these and go calling yourself Green. The whole xDrive rubric denotes a vehicle that has full-time all-wheel drive in BMW speak. Harder to translate is the 35 on a car that's a 3.0 liter, but decoupling model numbers from displacement is BMW's thing lately. [music] Now in here things are a little disappointing as well it's the old iDrive in one of its last appearances the new iDrive interface is already out, again, we saw it in the 335D but this thing can't go away soon enough and why you'd buy this car now before it gets the new iDrive system is beyond me. The bass audio system is no thing of beauty either, AM/FM, Sat radio is Sirius, you have a single-slot CD right here that'll also play MP3 CD's, you can optionally get a 6 disk but that takes up precious room in the relatively small glove box but it can also play DVD's one of your parts. My biggest gripe though is the standard system doesn't do any favors for compressed sources you really want to use the upgrade in this case which gives you something like 16 speakers, 600 watts and 9 channel amplification. By the way, Bluetooth hands-free which they call Smartphone integration, iPod connectivity via AUX and USB and HD radio which would live up there are all individual ala carte options. Option LE you can get BMW's generally excellent head-up displayer but you'll be so busy fighting with iDrive you won't get a chance to look up at it. Vehicles of this size and shape really reward you for having a backup camera but, as you can see, it's not standard you have to option that up with park distance sensors. The rear seat entertainment option in this guy is not my favorite either I'm not big on the ones that drop down from the middle but you can't do that with this giant panoramic roof. I love the ones that are on both headrests, they don't have that instead theirs tilts up on this kind of chunky arm at that back of the console armrest, I'm not a fan. Your transmission will be this, a 6 speed Steptronic with this unusual paddle pull back like this and notice the indicator changes on the face, go to the left from drive and you have a manual shifting sort of a mode, you've got a sport button right next to it that, as you might imagine, changes up the behavior of the shifts and the RPM levels it does add some sharpness to the car. [music] On the road you get a big present heavy feeling in the X5 definitely well-planted the handling's very competent you've probably seen the TV ads where they go tearing around the [inaudible] in one of these, I don't get out there all that often I bet you don't either. So what I can relate to in this vehicle is the rather bloaty feeling it has in everyday cut and thrust driving, and the surprisingly present diesel clatter. Okay let's price our X5 xDrive 35i, for this diesel baby you're gonna start at $52,000 base, premium sound is $1,850, tech package is $2,600 for which you get GPS Nav, live traffic, park distance control and the redundant rearview camera, head-up displays $1,200 more blessedly this really nice panoramic roof is a freebie. ^M00:04:54 [ Music ]

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