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Car Tech Video: 2008 Land Rover LR2
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Car Tech Video: 2008 Land Rover LR2

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We were very impressed with the 2008 Land Rover LR2, which combines solid cabin gadgetry with a luxurious interior. And all this comfort rides on Land Rover's legendary off-road platform. At its price, it's a great value.

>> Remember how Kia, the little land rover used to look? [ background music ] Those days are over. This is the new little land rover, the LR2. Looks a lot more like a range rover that came out of a hot wash. Let's Check the Tech inside. [ music ] ^M00:00:16 Now inside our LR2 the first thing we're drawn to is an optional GPS navigation system. Notice that it's a pretty good size, set up nice and high. Very simple interface, right? That's because this screen will only bring you navigation and map information, plus a few settings. It doesn't get involved in audio, climate control, or any of that nonsense. I like the cleanliness and the single point focus of it. It's a touch screen so going into the buttons on the screen is very simple and intuitive. Resolution's good, rendering is good, it's a very modern, up to date looking system, and we found it relatively intuitive to use and get around. Dropping from the nav system down to the entertainment system, you see all of its information pops up here on the green display, not up on the color LCD display. The base system is three hundred and twenty watts, Alpine branded, nine speakers, one of those is a sub. And it's got a built in six disc changer with MP3 disc ability, and you also get a standard auxiliary jack, very conveniently placed back here. No iPod adapter available by the way. Now of course because this is a land rover, even if it is the entry level one, it has all the baggage slash heritage, depending on your point of view, of being a great off roader. So looking here at the drive train, the transmission, and the power output gear is very interesting. You have the terrain response knob located a little clumsily in front of the gear shift lever here, and that gives you four different modes, whatever it may be. You've also got a descent control right here for really walking down the really steep stuff, and some other dynamic stability controls that you can switch within the vehicle itself. The gear shift here of course goes to your only gear box choice, which is a six speed automatic with what they call command shift mode, back and forth, to influence what gear it's in. The power going into that comes out of an interesting engine. It's a transverse mounted motor in this particular land rover, a three point two liter, four valve per cylinder V6. The interesting story about it is the torque number. It's a very torquey engine. Two hundred and thirty horsepower, but two hundred and thirty four foot pounds of torque. And it feels really good. Our LR2 began at thirty four seven. That includes all the drive train tech, like the terrain response and full time all wheel drive. [ background music ] We added the technology package to get GPS nav, the improved audio system with Sirius, more power, and rear seat controls. And we also got the Bluetooth technology, thirty five hundred bucks for that package. Another thousand fifty got us the better headlights with Bi-Xenon bulbs, and the steerable adaptive lighting, plus the puddle lights over by the doors. ^M00:02:42 [ music ]

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