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Car Tech Video: 2008 Infiniti G35s

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Car Tech Video: 2008 Infiniti G35s

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This car is a tech showcase in a sultry, new package. Get a first look at the 2008 Infiniti G35s.

>> Infiniti has always been knocking on the door of King of the tech hill in my mind, lot's of it, not always perfectly executed. But you know what, they're getting real close with this car. I'm in the G35 S Sedan. >> Let's check the tech. ^M00:00:14 [ Music ] ^M00:00:18 >> First of all, let's get to the navigation system. >> We see a map very familiar in the world of Infiniti, but I do detect a big increase in processor power, when you hit a button, bang, you get there real quick, and I love that. Now, let's say you don't want to deal with any of that interface, you want to talk to this thing, we've got that button over here, let's see how logical and intuitive it is. >> Would you like to access, phone, navigation, information or help? >> Navigation. >> Please speak a little softer. >> Navigation. >> Information. Would you like to access phone, navigation, information or help? >> Navigation. >> Navigation. Please say address... >> Address. >> Places, home, or previous destination. >> Address. >> What state please? >> California. >> California. Please say the city name. >> As you would say, San Francisco. >> Santa Easebo [assumed spelling] >> Cars are still hard to talk to, and this one's no different, although it does help you by putting prompts on the screen of what the choices are you can say. Unfortunately once you get into things like streets and cities, and even the way you enunciate [assumed spelling] this thing gets all over the road. Now, our car is loaded up with Infiniti's studio on wheels, their high-end audio system. Let me take my CD, put it in the slot, and watch what happens here. Notice the little lower left hand corner icon, record, hello folks, this is one of those cars that has a user accessible hard drive, very cool. Now, as I hit the disc [inaudible] button over here, we've got a CD changer indicator, that's not too interesting. But check this out, we can also play video into this because not only is there an iPod adapter down here, I'll get to that in a minute, but check this out, RCA jacks, including a little yellow [inaudible], for video in [assumed spelling], as well as audio. Let's move on now. And there's the iPod I mentioned, great interface on our iPod. Okay, let's go from the fiddely [assumed spelling] parts to the hardware. Here's our gearshift, which goes to a five speed automatic with what they say has a down shift logic. We'll test that out on the road here in a few minutes. Another way to shift it though, aside from the gait [assumed spelling] right here, is to get up on these paddles here, which are blessedly attacked to the column, and don't float with the wheel. More and more car markers are starting to get it right like this. >> Let's go for a spin. ^M00:02:36 [ Music ] ^M00:02:40 >> Okay, on the road in our G35, the pointed Infiniti Nissan V-6 block structure. >> It's a dual overhead cam 22 valve [assumed spelling] B six that has 306 horsepower, 268 foot pounds, good numbers, a little bit divergent there, I like torqueier [assumed spelling] motors. A key to the delivery of power here, of course, is this transmission, in the drive standard automatic setting, [inaudible] it's an automatic, it needs a little press to get a downshift. I'm okay with it. Let's try it over here in the manual gait, let's do an up shift, whoa boy, sometimes that transmission is a little slippery, but as you can see, I'm able to accelerate hard enough to move that camera, that's pretty good considering it's on a five pound sandbag. Okay, let's price our G35 S Sedan. Thirty-two or so is the base, but you're going to need to spend a lot more then that if you're a CNET user because there's enough tech at the base level. For example 25 hundred dollars for the premium package brings you the Infiniti Audio studio, upgraded sound system, then to go to the next level, you add 21 hundred or so for the navigation package, so expect to spend a good five grand to load up the tech like we've showed above the base price. Nonetheless our car, including sport wheels, and all kinds of, just about everything on the sheet, under forty grand, but just barely.

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