Car Tech Video: 2007 Chrysler Pacific Limited
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Car Tech Video: 2007 Chrysler Pacific Limited

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For its price, the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica compares very favorably with luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz. Its gadget options are complete although good interface integration is lacking, and buyers will need to accept a few quirks.

>> Chrysler recently relaunched their original minivan at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2007. I showed you that. But a lot of folks think this vehicle has a lot of minivan DNA in it. This is the Chrysler Pacifica. Let's go inside and check the tech. ^M00:00:14 [ Music ] ^M00:00:16 Now of course, Chrysler doesn't want you to think of this as a minivan as much as it may remind you of one. They want you to think of it more as a grand tourer with lots of headroom I guess. So let's take a look at some of the technology that makes this a good place to go grand touring in. We have this upgraded head unit, which is very much typical Chrysler looking stuff in its shape, but it's got some nice features. First of all, you see we have Sirius satellite radio on here. Notice we also have down here a DVD deck because that's part of the rear seat entertainment. Drop down 8 inch single LCD from the roof. It's a nice size, but I'm not crazy about the ones in the middle like that because they get right in the way of the rearview mirror when you're driving. Because we have these two decks, the one for audio and the other one for rear seat entertainment, we end up with two sets of auxiliary inputs, so that because your way to plug in an iPod or other portable unless you do the dealer installed option of an iPod adapter. And it's about 200 bucks, very affordable option. Now you're wondering, oh this must be kind of a stripped Pacifica. There's no navigation obviously. There's no big LCD right here. Fooled you, come this way. The navigation and the backup camera are both on this car, but they hide until you activate them. They live right there in the center of the speedometer. First, let me show you the backup camera. Of course, you activate that by putting the vehicle in reverse, and there it is. Right there in the center, which is not so important in backing up of course because you tend to be turning around anyway. But it's a great place for navigation. To get to the nav, you have this interesting sort of almost a giant cell phone or iPod controller up here by the clock. The nav button is over here on the right. I press that and there is a fairly familiar looking and okay but not stunning display for navigation. Notice its obviously not wide screen. And it does have the corners kind of rounded off, which takes a little bit of real estate away, but you know it's not bad. And that's a great place for navigation I think, because it really keeps you in one axis for all your driver information. The system is pretty easy to operate. In terms of entering a navigation destination, you would just hit the navigation button again, go to either street address, or point of interest and from here, it's pretty standard stuff. Street name, arrow around on an ABC keyboard here and get your street entered and go through all that normal stuff. That's not too unusual but the placement definitely is as well as the size and shape of that screen. Okay, let's price out the Pacifica. Get the 4-liter V6, the six speed shiftable, that's the only power train you can get, 35500 base, 2000 dollars for navigation and backup camera. If you don't want the nav, the backup camera alone can be had for about 400 bucks in that same position. And the rear seat entertainment set us back another 1000 dollars. ^M00:02:54 [ Music ]

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