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Car Tech Video: 2007 Cadillac EXT

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Car Tech Video: 2007 Cadillac EXT

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The 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT boasts a plentitude of tech features, including GPS navigation and an advanced audio management system, but at $60K, this pimped-out pickup truck is more likely to be found on Rodeo Drive than driving to a rodeo.

>> Strange times we live in when you can buy a Cadillac full-size SUV with beautiful sedan appointments and also get a pick-up truck thrown in for free! Let's check the tech on the 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT. ^M00:00:15 [ Music ] ^M00:00:18 Now our EXT is equipped with what they call the information package, which basically is the navigation and a rear view camera. The nav screen is a stunner; look at that thing. Finally, a nav screen on a car that looks as good or better than the rendering of web pages and maps you get on your computer. That is really nice. Not to mention it is also tiltable so can get rid of glare. The other nice thing about this screen is it's touch screen ability. Not just being touched, but it's large enough that all the buttons can be nice and big. And thanks to that nice large touch screen, entering a destination is quite simple. This is actually one of those interfaces where you don't feel bad typing on a keyboard. It's an ABD keyboard; it's not a cordy and it does have predictive characters so it is going to try and guess what you are going to and speed you through the text process. It is like most systems do today. Now if for some reason you don't like this big easy to use touch screen, there is another way to enter things into the destination. That would be the voice command system; voice recognition, the button's right here on the wheel. That allows you to enter commands, including destination entry to the nav system. Also to give commands to the audio system in case you can't reach the four inches to the controls right here as well as using that as your speaker phone technology for the built-in OnStar hands-free calling technology. Let's move on to the entertainment now. The audio system in this car is pretty rich; well actually it's an audio/video system. Once you have the screen here, you have the ability to of course listen to all manner of audio, but also when the vehicle is in park, you can play DVD movies. As part of the information package our EXT also has a rear view back up camera which can be kind of handy in case someone's back there. Hell, you wouldn't even know it; you've got a whole truck behind you. Unless you do this, take apart all the rear and make it an open air ride. ^M00:01:59 [ Music ] ^M00:02:13 Now once you go through all those machinations, there's a whole bunch of plastic panels that let you strap in the back with this corset of sorts; I'd leave it at home and just leave those in the garage as well. Leave this open for cargo space. Plus a rather interesting open air motoring experience. All right, so what's it like driving this bizarre conglomeration of SUV pick-up truck and luxury sedan? To me it really prints luxury sedan aside from the high riding position. That's how refined this vehicle is; very supple, quiet well-sealed. Now you do have the unusual option of really opening up the entire rear end of the car, taking out the mid-gate, removing the rear cover panels, dropping the tailgate and you get this strange kind of a, kind of an analog for a convertible, especially if you have the glass roof and it's open as well. Let's talk price on the Escalade EXT. If you want to get into one of these, you're going to start off at about fifty-three, three, rather well-equipped but of course it won't have nave so we had to add that with the information package which cost about twenty-five hundred bucks. On top of that we spent eight hundred dollars to do chrome wheels, well we, I wouldn't. A thousand dollars power glass sunroof. Another six hundred or so for a cold climate package, add that to destination, you're looking at about fifty-nine one as we've seen it today. [ Music ] [ Beep ] We also have a rear view camera on our EXT which can be a good thing if someone's back there. You wouldn't know. [ Laughter ] That was brilliant! [ Clapping ]

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