MP3 Players: $20 noise-canceling headphones
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MP3 Players: $20 noise-canceling headphones

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Tim Anderson from and shows you how to save hundreds of dollars by making your own noise-canceling headphones.

[ music ] ^M00:00:10 >> Hi and welcome to Know How. Today we're gonna know how to make some noise isolating headphones better than anything you can buy and it'll only cost you 20 dollars. Typically a pair of noise canceling headphones would cost you a million dollars, but we know that money is one of our most favorite tools and we're gonna keep it in our pocket and make our better ones that only cost us 20 dollars. We got our stuff here. We've got a pair of good jackhammer headphones from your favorite industrial or hardware store. They're the 27DB noise isolating, they've got a little, they've got a little lip in here that you're gonna tuck your speaker behind. We got a pair of Walkman headphones, the kind with one wire to each ear. Airlines hand these out these days and the cutting tool. All right, shall we? Start the clock. Cut this loop off of these headphones here and now we cut the other one. Now we have two drivers they're called, that we're gonna put into our little ear muffs. So there's a little lip there and these are the right size to just snap in there. It's like they were made for each other. ^M00:01:26 [ music ]

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