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XCAR: Crazy Carts: Turn your office into a rally stage
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XCAR: Crazy Carts: Turn your office into a rally stage

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XCAR takes a break from high-end sports cars to test drive the Crazy Cart, an electric go-kart with a handbrake-style handle that lets you unlock your inner Ken Block and drift to your heart's content.

[MUSIC] Immediately. Yeah, well you know the quickest way of getting them down there. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Don't worry about it, mate. Apparently it takes 10,000 hours to be this great. Well, in related news, we've both just been fired. so, [NOISE] [MUSIC] Oh! [NOISE] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

Alex Goy is XCAR's Cars Editor. He loves all things on four wheels and has a penchant for British sports cars - the more impractical the better. He also likes tea.

Nick Wilkinson
Video Producer / XCAR

Nick Wilkinson is XCAR's Producer, so can either be found huffing serious quantities of exhaust fumes armed with a camera or making a montage of some kind. His background is in video, and as a film and motorsport nut finds himself in heaven most weekdays

Drew Stearne
Content Director & Editor / XCAR

Drew Stearne heads up the XCAR team and has spent the last 7 years producing content for CNET, GameSpot and many other CBS Interactive sites. He's equally obsessed with fast cars as he is with filming and photography, if he isn't involved with one, he tries to make sure he's involved with the other.