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Xbox One vs. PS4: Games Showdown: Ask the Experts

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Ask the Experts: Xbox One vs. PS4: Games Showdown

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New consoles mean new games! Which one has the supreme lineup? GameSpot and CNET team up to help you decide.

Hey, what's up everyone. Welcome to the first episode of Ask the Experts. It's the first time I've seen it in GameSpot and now they've gotten together and had a love child. My name is Jeff Bachalar-- -I'm Peter Brown. -and we're here to answer your questions that you have about the next generation gaming consoles. Because we are the experts, we know a lot about this stuff, for better or worse. First question we have is about console exclusives. Ryan writes in and wants to know which console has the best exclusives, out of the gate. These consoles launched within the last month so, Peter Brown, who do you think? -It's up to me? -It's only up to you. -Yeah, right now Sony Playstation 4 has the most console exclusives, if you look at it in terms of just raw numbers. But then a lot of those games also appear on other platforms. So, between the two, Sony has the most. But I'd say Microsoft has the stronger, you know, group of games going in. They've got Forza, which is a really impressive racing game, that's just, you know-- that series, it keeps getting better, they've got the-- the game Ryse from Crytek which looks really good. -That's really all you can say [unk] -Right, right, right. -Dead Rising 3 is kind of a nice surprise, I think a lot of people were really worried about that game-- -Sure. -based on past presentations but it's a really fun title and a lot of people are enjoying it. -I think with Dead Rising 3, it really came together and, like you said, it surprised me, after that first hour I was like, all right, this is something I could really get into, the weapon crafting is really fun and for me Dead Rising 3 is probably the best, you know, console exclusive for Xbox 1. -So, I think, if you're looking for like, the games that you kind of must have out of the gate-- -Yes. -probably a few better options to go with on Xbox, even though they don't have as many [unk] -Yeah and it's also worth noting too, they have a lot of other games that are available on both systems-- -Sure. -just like Assassin's Creed 4, you know and those are really popular, as well, obviously Call of Duty, Battlefield 4, the differences there, though, are worth talking about-- -Absolutely. -'cause on the Playstation 4, a lot of these games are running on 1080P, 63 [unk] per second where they wouldn't on the Xbox 1. -You know, I've done a significant amount of testing on that regard, you know, having both consoles hooked up together doing Battlefield 4 back to back, doing Assassin's Creed back to back. You can tell the difference. PS4 just seems to have that little edge and performance that you-- it-- it's just playing games a little better. Let's look, maybe, 6 to 9 to 12 months from now, where-- where do you think we stand, maybe a year from now? -Titanfall is a really an important title for Microsoft-- -Right. -that is the, like, hardcore influence, first person shooter, game [unk] and everything and they've that got unlocked, that's coming from EA, and they've also said-- EA said, well it's not just the time you squeeze, Sony's never gonna have it. -Right. -Sony, on the other hand, has a lot of indie titles coming that I think are interesting. A lot of people who want something that's different-- -Sure. -from the blockbusters that they can get, you know, any month of the year-- -Right. -any console. -All right, Jeff-- -Yeah. -our next question comes from Isaac on Facebook, who wants to know, "Am I ever gonna be able to play Xbox 360 games on my Xbox 1?" -Well, this easy. Absolutely not. Next question. -Okay well, you know-- hold on-- hold on a second. There is a chance, down the road, that Microsoft could probably do what Sony did on the Playstation 2-- -Right. -with PSN. -Okay. -Take old games, you know, take the code and port it to the system, call it a classic. -I also wanna bring up the fact that Playstation 4 has some really wacky, sort of ambitious, streaming stuff planned too. -We don't really know too much about it-- -Right. -we know that backwards compatibility will be addressed in some capacity-- -Yeah. -whatever it is, it's not happening 'til 2014, that's for sure. -Yeah. -So, I mean there is a little concrete info. Sony has gone on the record as saying that the service they purchased in 2012, Gaikai-- -Right. -a Cloud Game Streaming Service, will be utilized to let people stream their PS3 games to their PS4 and even NVIDIA afterwards. -All right, Peter, that's gonna do it for our first episode of Ask the Experts. Thanks so much for the questions, we've got a lot more to answer so stay tuned each and every day for a new episode of Ask the Experts. Until next time, I'm Jeff Bachalar. -I'm Peter Brown. -Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you guys real soon. There's a lot more information coming your way about these consoles. You're not gonna wanna miss it. See you soon.

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