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Crave: Will dogs speak human in 2014?, Ep. 150
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Crave: Will dogs speak human in 2014?, Ep. 150

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No More Woof is a wearable brainwave-reading headband for dogs that can interpret up to four neural patterns and voice them in human-speak.

We'll take as many missing -- -- -- -- this is the last show of the year so here's what's happening this week. -- -- -- -- Are you an extreme Gardner and this indeed -- campaign this review flower shell with a shotgun shell I was instead of -- them. You use your -- -- -- blast received in the ground spreading them over a large. If you shut that you can put dvds -- sunflowers poppies in metaphor. Imagine a shotgun -- -- gives life instead of taking it is the slogan of the flower show campaign. You can get a set -- four flour sells for fifty dollars at and you go go dot com. The European Space Agency recently launched the G a satellite into orbit. Which is carrying a one billion pixel digital camera detector -- 3-D map the Milky Way. The satellite's mission is to map the precise location of over a billion stars. From -- vantage point in space 932000. Miles from her. The camera that GS caring is the largest digital camera in the solar system. And will accumulate one had a byte of data which is equivalent to about 200000. Dvds worth of information. During G is mission it will map each start over seventy times sending data to the -- -- data processing and analysis consortium. Made -- of over 400 people at science centers in Europe who analyze and publish the images taken by the side. -- twenty year old Romanian -- genius named Raul -- death. Has created a life size drivable car out of Lago. The vehicle can reach speeds of twelve to seventeen miles per hour without breaking apart. Rule began building in the car at April 2012. -- twenty months to complete from conception design to the finished product. -- -- used to more than 500000. Pieces during the construction with only a few structural pieces -- like the tires wheels engages. You can find out more about rules obsession with Legos at the site super awesome micro project -- Out -- who is a breathalyzer attachment for your iOS or Android device. The -- the lasers. The -- the laser mouthpiece is replaceable for a small piece templates into the headphone Jack your device. The free of the whoop apps measures your blood alcohol content and also keeps track of your own -- history. Including both measurements over the course of one drinking session in an overview -- drinking habits over time. You can even use apt to contact taxi services in a list of nearby open restaurants within walking distance. I'll conclude breath laser is available as of this week for a 119 dollars at Al Goodman dot my shop to -- dot com. The nordic society for invention and discovery has invented a new way to understand man's best friend. No more -- is a brain wave reading dog wearable -- powered by a Raspberry Pi computer. Since -- in the head here detective DEG brain wave patterns which are translated into human speech and -- audible through a small speaker. So far the detectable neural patterns are limited to the basics like I'm hungry I'm tired and who are you. I watch this entire product video on the -- voice is never really showed off -- the product is in the prototype and research stage so would definitely has room for group. The project is currently raising funds -- -- -- go -- the cheaper 65 version comes with one sensor can determine if -- were three different spot patterns. A 300 dollar pledge we'll get you that you censored version of the gadget that you can distinguish up to four different thought patterns. Hey guys thanks for watching the show as always you can find all these -- stories is cnet's crave black -- dot And this is -- -- -- 2013. -- I think you all for watching -- this year will be back in 2014 with all new episodes of until then. Happy new year. This week's crave giveaway is an advanced all -- one modem router combo. The Motorola surfboard cable modem slash router. By -- go to the blog and enter to win.
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