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Wear next for wearables? in CNET UK podcast 401: CNET UK Podcast

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CNET UK Podcast: Wear next for wearables? in CNET UK podcast 401

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of wearables, from watches to woolly wares. The team look forward to the big trend at this year's IFA.

[MUSIC] Hello, and welcome to the CNET UK podcast episode 401 for Friday, the 19th of August 2014. Facebook is killing click fate headlines, you won't believe what happens next. Plus iPhone batteries taking a battering. And as we're just a few days away from an explosion in new tech. We have a sneak peak of cool new stuff we can expect to see in the coming months. With where it will set to be on the show. Well, first off, I'm Rich [INAUDIBLE] and joining me in our high-tech London studio this week is Jason Jenkins. Hello, I've got a cold. I apologize for everything I'm about to say. [LAUGH] That's just generally a blanket thing. I apologize for this whole podcast. How about you, what's your excuse? I mean, just the, it seems wrong to blame the parents. I feel like the mantle of responsibility falls on my shoulders. I think, squarely, I think the government has a hand in it all as well. Yeah! Rip off Britain. Broke in Britain. Anyway why don't we kick this off with the news? [MUSIC] Okay, in the first of two Apple stories today, apple has determined that a very small percentage of iPhone five devices, may suddenly experience shorter battery life. Will need to be charged more frequently [CROSSTALK] which is code for the iPhone Five battery's broken a bit. Sorry. [LAUGH] But it's okay though, because they get a replacement for free. It applies to a very small number, says iPhone, of numbered devices sold between September 2012, and January 2013. Okay. So what you have to do, if you think you're affected, is get your serial number off the back- Mm-hm. Type it into the website. How would you feel eligible for a replacement. Cool. Okay. That's simple. This is not a recall, right? Apple doesn't do recalls. Oh man. [LAUGH] There's a whole store there that I wish I could tell you. [LAUGH] But I'm not going to. This isn't the first time the offense had trouble, right? [LAUGH] [NOISE] Tell us about. Yeah the Iphone 5 in May had a replacement program for the sleep week button, button that turns your phone on or off. It's got the one on side not on top or the one of the front. It's the one on the top the one on the front's the home button. Right you got it. Honestly. Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] So our problems [INAUDIBLE] That seemed like a longer thing when rehearsed, didn't it? Basically. [INAUDIBLE] take it back to the shelf. Consumer advice saver. Also, Facebook has nixed click bait headlines in news feeds. Rich has more. yes, so the so actually it's cutting down on these click bite headlines. They're the ones that kinda say you know, you won't believe what happens next, or this thing has just broken our hearts, or you have to see this. Aw, I love those. I know, they're great aren't they. [LAUGH] They're great. Yeah. I never do believe what happens next. [LAUGH] Exactly. So talk about like Buzzfeed and Upworthy and [UNKNOWN] and all that kind of- Definitely not us. Yeah. We never do that. Never, ever ever. But yeah, so, Facebook is like, is de-prioritizing these articles so you won't see quite so many of them sort of overtaking your feed, and the idea is that you, you're gonna see in your news feed you're only gonna see things that, you know, your friends have actually said, your friends have shared and that kind of thing. So, it's kind of more real, it's more about the. The people that you actually know rather than these kind of these the, these things that are desperately trying to get you to click on them. Which is which is good and it, and it Facebook is doing it by looking at like how many people comment and how many people click like and all that kind of thing. How many people actually go through and actually can't believe it went up. So, there you go. So, look out for that. It's I mean, if that's the kind of thing you like, then fair enough, keep, keep clicking. Maybe that'll turn on the web cam on your laptop and see if they see you go, oh. [LAUGH] Yeah. And if you do, then they're like, you really didn't believe it. If you're like, nah, then you know, deep [UNKNOWN] I actually did. I, I pretty much. This guy, this guy looks like he could have been believed what happened when all those artists got on that. Speed boat. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] That just can't handle it right now. I think they're- Yeah. Really good. They, they seem like they've got it under control [LAUGH] does, is, is, I wonder if Facebook should be allowed to decide what should be in, in feeds, you know. If those, if those stories are popular, that's why they're there in the first place. Well, we've talked about struggling about how Facebook [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, puppet-masters. I guess he's kind of got no choice, really. Well, isn't that the point of the thing? Otherwise it's just Twitter where you've just got everything in an unmanageable, horrible stream of consciousness that I experience daily. [LAUGH] And in fact, I've now uninstalled the Twitter app from my phone to try and give myself some. Mental space for you know, thinking about life. [CROSSTALK] I do feel a little big calmer. Although I did get sick as soon as I did that. Maybe that's [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] So you wouldn't believe [UNKNOWN] you won't believe what happened next. [LAUGH] And turn into a real human being. Cool! Excellent! What else is going on? Well, what else has happened? Well, we've we've had our hands on the very first batch of iPhone 6 cases. iPhone 6 hands on. Yeah! Absolutely, iPhone 6, well, cases, yeah. So, we think that the iPhone 6 is gonna be announced, on September the 9th, although there's no actual confirmation of that, that's just the rumored date. Okay. And it's supposed to be getting a larger screen and all this kind of, you know, different buttons and move around buttons and things, but, if you're a case manufacturer, it causes a problem because you don't have the specs of the iPhone yet, obviously, and you want your cases to be in the shops as soon as the iPhone drops. So what they do is they kind of. They sorta, they make them anyway. Mm. But I think Luke's got a bit more on how you design a case for a phone that doesn't actually exist. Yeah, so, as, as you say, Jason, it's a difficult situation if you are a case maker cuz obviously you have to sorta be out there. You're with all the other case manufacturers. You're competing with them. Mm-hm. so, it's basically half guesswork,. And half sort of trying basically to a bit- - do a bit of industrial espionage and find out what's happening. And so we never kind of know exactly sort of how much of each it is, but basically that sort of melds together into a really guess. Kind of looks at rumors but also looks at kind of things that are leaking out of factories and stuff like that. so, yeah, you don't know if the information is accurate but the prospective cases are kind of interesting you know. They show a larger iPhone which has definitely been the rumor. You can see them now on screen if you're watching the video version. The entire process is quite a risk you all know of course because you might get it wrong. So obviously you know, all these things, phones still are quite small and it's kind of millimeters out and the test cases won't work. And so yeah, what then they could do then maybe is sort of make each hole a little bit bigger just in case Apple decides at the last minute to move the camera unit slightly to the left or right. Well that's happened before hasn't it, that they've moved the volume buttons by like a millimeter or something and the cases don't work. Yes, that's right. Between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S they changed the buttons on the side which meant that all the cases. Just didn't work, like only just. Which may be which may be like Apple's famous production design. They had to, made it so efficient inside. Or it may be Apple's idea of a joke. No, no, no, they just looked at the iPhone 4 and thought, I cannot in good conscious let people use a product with the buttons just here. They need to be just there. Yeah. That's what they thought- [INAUDIBLE] So they moved them from there to there. Just a little bit over [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Just a shuffle [INAUDIBLE] to the right. Yeah. Okay, well we're gonna find out like I say the room and date is September the 9th, so we're looking forward to that. That's just after Ether, which is the big talent trade show that we're going to next week. And Samsung has a big announcement week. It's announcing we already know it's announcing a smart watch, and also we're expecting to see the Note 4 there. So what's the betting that Apple announces something just when Samsung is like, everyone's walking into the Samsung press conference. Yeah, almost 100% isn't it? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So Wednesday that'll be. Wednesday about. What is it, 2:00 here I think, yeah, 2:00 in the UK. Yeah, but after we want this like invites to go out are, are the beginning of the US day, I think, so maybe like that evening No, not really. It's the beginning, that's the beginning of the New York day. How will they go then? Well, it will definitely be around then, anyway. Yeah, yeah Or maybe the day before. We don't know, do we? We don't know. We don't know. But yeah, look out for some things fun [UNKNOWN] We are at. That's Ether in, in force. Thought we were all going out there. Yeah. [LAUGH] We create kings of Ether. Awe. Lately. So that means we're not doing a Pod cast next week. So that's going to be with the Gap, but you can go and watch episode 400 again or Watchdog two or Or this one. Something else, or this one again, exactly. Yep. This cuz it's gold. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yeah, because actually if you watch this one and then you listen to this one again next week, you'll be able to hear all the things we got wrong. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [LAUGH] And make Ether predictions. So that'll be fun. Well on the, on the plus side we are away but there will be loads of photos, videos, hands-on first impressions, all that kinds of stuff. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. Previews of all the new stuff so which is all pretty exciting. From all the big manufacturers and quite a few small ones, as well. So that's pretty cool. Why don't we move on to our feature now. We got a little bit more about that. [MUSIC] So yes, next week the great and good of the technology industry descend on Berlin for EFUR, the annual trade tech show. Manufacturers large and small gather to show off their wares for the rest of the year. And we'll be there showing you first looks at the newest phones, tablets, hybrid PCs that turn into tablets and then into bridges or something. You name it, if it's new it's at [UNKNOWN] One thing we know is gonna be massive is wearable tech. So wearable tech is any gadget that you don't hold in your hand whether it's a smart watch on your wrist or a fitness sensor clips on your clothes or even like some clothing that talks to your phone and records what you're up to. Whatever will they think of next? What we love about wearable is there's no limit to how weird they can be. But let's start off with the big manufacturers first and their wearable wares. So for the big names it's all about watches. Like to Google's android software that takes Android off your phone and onto your wearable, Samsung is showing off the gear for the first time the latest smart watch, while LG has the Gwatch R. And even the smart watches weren't a thing this time last year they've come along pretty fast. In fact the Gwatch R is already an improved version of previous android wear models. So Jason, we've had a couple of smart watches in the office recently, and what do we think of them. Well Richard. Yes? We've had an interesting time with these watches. Interesting? Okay. Interesting in that, they don't, they're not really ready for prime time yet. They don't do enough. Andy's been the person really testing these. He's had about six weeks using two different watches from LG running Androidware. Yeah. And his kind of main thing is that they don't do enough for him. They're pretty good for like notifications and things like when you get a new email it flashes up on your wrist new email. But he gets a lot of email and he's just constantly looking at his wrist. I know, it lets you know you're talking to It's discerning. Like, and sometimes, I'm sure I am boring him sometimes. Buddy looking at his watch. Some of the time. Yeah. Sometimes he does that and you're like, you're not even wearing the smile watch. That's what the wearable tech feature will bring, the ability to covertly look at your watch and be like, oh no, I just got an email. I'm definitely not bored of talking to you. Is, is that better than like taking out your phone and like being like, no but you really are boring, you know. I'm looking at my phone [LAUGH]. So suppose. Okay, it's good for that. Yeah. Looking like you're less bored for the person. Yeah. We're talking to. [CROSSTALK] That's about it. Yeah. It's gonna introduce new levels of sneakiness to social interaction. So that's good. Please check out the health stuff so [UNKNOWN]. Fitness, rate, your heart rate Heart rate. [INAUDIBLE] and it doesn't, he said it doesn't really work, apart from when he's not exercising, when it's perfect, and he can [LAUGH] And what else did he say, oh yeah, when it's when it's raining. Mm-hm. If it gets a bit wet, Yeah. outside. And his wrist gets a bit wet. Mm-hm. Cuz, you know, he's got a coat on but, it's get a little moist under there. Sure. So I'm told. A bit damp, yeah. A little bit too much information. But, it starts playing music [LAUGH] yeah, there's, it's something about the moisture. Yeah. On the screen and his coat, I guess, is touching it, starts to play music. Right. So, not really ready yet. Okay. Yeah. So, we, what we really want to see from smart watches are. Be useful and stop playing music randomly. [CROSSTALK] Right, which happens a lot here. Maybe there's reason to be optimistic though, because, playing devil's advocate here [laughs]. [CROSSTALK] I am optimistic, I'm so optimistic about smart watches. because. I mean we've seen, they're only been around kind of a year. I mean Samsung have made something like this, in the year, I think? In the beginning. And you know, so many are coming out so quickly. This isn't the kind of annual iterative thing it seems, these companies are churning them out. Like every, every couple of months, and, and they have sort of got a bit better in terms of the design, so maybe, in, in maybe just six months more or something. So maybe it could be better quickly. Yeah, I guess the downside of the Samsung strategy is having six smart watches in a year is that it's got three operating systems on the go. That's a downside, I mean, can you look that up. It's got whatever it was originally, I think it was just Samsung own one [CROSSTALK] then it had Tyson and it's put up, what is that mobile conversion said everything is gonna run on Tyson and then Google announced [INAUDIBLE] wear and they were like, we've got one of those too, we might have. Four or five. Yeah. So, it's a bit all over the place, really. That sounds like [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] Throw another five products [UNKNOWN] It's a, it's a, shame really, because Samsung initially sort of was, was applauded for getting ahead of the game a little bit with, with wearables. It actually had this head start. It was the first company, as well as, like Sony, but, but it really, really threw, threw itself into the whole smart watch thing. And now, it, we don't even have the iWatch, the Apple wearable device that it was supposed to. Yeah. Get it out ahead of. And already we're thinking their strategy is not working. So it, yeah. Well, you, you mentioned the elephant in the room there. Yes, that's right, [NOISE] That's my headphone noise, [NOISE] that's a better one. That's the first time I've tried, pretty please with that. Anyway, yes, so the iWatch, that does feel like it's the elephant in the room. [NOISE] I knew that, I knew that was coming. Say it again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, enough elephant noises, [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] Well that's why all these companies have. The tiger in the room roar. [NOISE] It's the, there arent any [CROSSTALK]. Yeah this is the duck in the room. [LAUGH] [NOISE] That was pretty good. That's why all these companies are making all these phones. It's all in anticipation of, Apple doing something, because. I think everyone, including Samsung and Asus and LG understand that these things aren't gonna take off unless Apple does one that sort of Mn. ignites the public imagination because that's the clout that Apple has. So they're hoping that they get out ahead when apples does play its hand, Mn. they'll already have something that's very advanced and they can sort of be like don't buy that, buy this. But, I don't think anyone really really thinks that Androidware's gonna take off unless Apple. Does, does something first and really tells them what to do. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] This is how, oh that's a small watch. Right. Yeah. Next it strangely, our wand does all the same things [CROSSTALK]. So, I know, it may be the way the if a rapper releases it. Is a load, just a load rubbish like all the others, you know. It doesn't do very much, looks really pretty, really expensive, people buy it for fashion maybe, and to get, I don't know, notifications or something, or maybe it's going to be a very fitness focused thing. Maybe they crack the fitness thing in some way, and it doesn't particularly relate to the phone. Maybe it doesn't exist. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Maybe they're making it up all this. That's the other possibility. Nothings really leaked, is it, about it? That is apart from its existence, but then, you haven't seen any sort of leak. I don't think we've seen any leaked pictures or anything, have we? Hm. No. Yes, we have. Yes, and that is, Yeah, that is all actually. We're gonna talk a little about that in the feedback. Okay come back, we'll come back to that. Well one of the things, speaking of smart watches, one of the things that's good about it, it is you've got these big manufacturers making this stuff, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and everybody and Sony and possibly even Apple. Everyone's got these little companies as well making stuff so you've got like the pebble watch kind of thing. And also it's not just watches it's really quirky stuff as well. So one of the things that was in our. This week we're gonna see for the first time, and actually we're going over there in [INAUDIBLE] is the, the, the first wooly wearable, the, the [INAUDIBLE] beanie. It's a wooly hat. Oh, yeah. It's a wooly hat. And it's got headphones built in that have Bluetooth connections, so you put your hat on, and. Thank god someone invented this. I know. Finally, right? The long wait is over. I mean, I can't wear hats because of my hair situation. [LAUGH] We had to stop the recording of this. I didn't. Either the hair was out of place. [CROSSTALK] It wasn't my, it wasn't my [INAUDIBLE] Covered up, so it seemed as anything by a mark you have never seen. But, we had to stop it. And can you believe it listeners? [INAUDIBLE] You will never see his main job, actually. [CROSSTALK] Here to today, gone tomorrow. Did that work? No. Yeah, that kinda worked. You've got a whip and a big chair. [LAUGH] Anyway. Yes so the Beany, that's, that's going to be fun. yeah. What other weird stuff. I mean well we've seen some really crazy stuff like smart shoes that, that was supposed to be a Google concept. Durex has made some, smart pants called, Durex Funderwear. Ew! It's, it's, it's the kind of thing that people have been talking about for ages. Kind of cybersex idea. Your phone makes it vibrate which is kinda weird. But, there's loads of really. I mean there's just I saw this one secret thing that was a smart garment. And it has it has haptic feedback built in to the, the shoulders. So that when you get a notification from your social network. It feels like it's tapping you on the shoulder. Oh, great. So, there you go. Yeah. Exciting stuff. When I first started technology journalism [LAUGH] Many years ago, I used to go to a press conference. It used to be Phillips did this all the time. Yeah. And Nokia. They were, but particularly Phillips. And they go, and here are the boring tvs and here's the DVD player for this year and now we'll have a fashion show that predicts the future. And actually, it was all this stuff. Yeah. And they were like pint. And they'd have these models come out and they'd be wearing something that would be like a smart hat and. Oh I don't know I can't think of anything that isn't rude so I'm not gonna say. [LAUGH] And I, and I would just think god is this ever gonna happen and it, and now here we are. It's the end of days. Yeah. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] It, it's happening. It, they're, they're real, they're real things. And, and, guess what? It isn't Phillips. The pioneers of this. Yeah. Well mention our costs. Our costs. Yeah. [CROSSTALK] Well speak, speaking [UNKNOWN] effects or the other trend is to like to do smart home stuff and first sir I make a big deal out of their, their lightbulbs that change color and you can control the lighting and- A lot of money in lightbulbs. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] lightbulbs. [UNKNOWN] get it. [UNKNOWN] copper. [LAUGH] Yeah. [LAUGH]. Arkos has also made a light bulb that has a speaker built into it. So you plug it into any lamp Oh, good. And you can play music from your phone. It's just it's, it's crazy. Wearable [CROSSTALK] I don't know, maybe. I could, like, speakers are kind of ugly, aren't they? Mm Even if they look nice. Certainly [UNKNOWN] in the way. Yeah. Maybe if it was sounded good which it won't. But, you know, someone to make something like that. Maybe, you know, it's hidden away Yeah And it's so easy to install. I could, maybe, you know. Mm. I'll try and convince myself now, aren't I? Yeah. Well, the cool thing about [x] really is that we've looked at phones and black rectangles we've looked at for a couple of years. But you know it's fun to go and see all this stuff and see. [CROSSTALK] We can go laugh at all the watches and hats. Exactly. Exactly Yeah. Also [x] poke fun at. These are the glory times before Apple makes a boring looking thing. [LAUGH] In a few weeks time. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, exactly, it wipes the slate clean. The iHat. [CROSSTALK] Do you remember when [UNKNOWN] got his hat. [LAUGH] Then the iHat came out, everyone's the same. Yeah, [UNKNOWN] always ripping off [INAUDIBLE]. And the Apple hat would be like an aluminum bowl like the bowls you used to [UNKNOWN] where to get a bowl cut. [LAUGH] It would be like that you know, aluminum bowl. Just slot onto your head. Blocks out wi-fi signals. Tin foil hat. [UNKNOWN] We can have photos, videos, reviews, first takes, previews, all that kind of stuff so look out for CNET over the next week or so. So yeah I've said it right and now speaking of crazy wearables it's time for the quiz [NOISE] So speaking of weird and wonderful wearables, in this week's quiz I want you to tell me gentlemen if this, these crazy wearables are real or made up. Uh-oh. So the current leaderboard is, oh, it's all tied. Jason's on 3. Andy's on three. Luke is on three. So [CROSSTALK] to play for this week. I don't know, when did Luke win some? Luke won last, last week. I'm as surprised as you are. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] They weren't good wins. okay. It was more like Andy failed [LAUGH] than I, than I succeeded. Okay. And Luke [INAUDIBLE]. Very collegiate like, and Jason has a list. That's rubbish. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Well you chose it. I don't think I did, but [UNKNOWN] I sound like that. [UNKNOWN] above it with a five-second, with a five-second [UNKNOWN] rate [UNKNOWN]. Okay, well fingers on buzzers. Fastest finger first. Question one. Is this real or is this made up? A hat that measures your emotional. State, and start taking pictures when you get excited. Jason [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] it's, it's, I don't know, real.>> That is real, yes it is. Aah! It is called peek a boo, and it's a baby cat with a hidden camera. And the EG sentences that measures the baby's brainwaves when the baby gets excited and stuff taking pictures. Wow. I dig this. You do dig that actually. I actually made this. It's a first useful wearable. Who makes it? It's called Peekaboo. I'll, I'll google it. Absolutely. Yeah, definitely. Okay, cool. That's the one point. Jason, question two. Smart trousers that tell you when you need to buy new trousers. Real or fake? Luke. They're real. It's the wrong answer. I think they're fake. [LAUGH] You just exposed the flaw [LAUGH] Okay good yeah, all right well yes they are fake but you can get socks to tell you when to buy new socks. Really. Black socks yea they have sensors in them. Oh I must have been thinking about that. Yes that's really what it was, and questions three a headband that makes you dream. False. The right answer I'm afraid is that is actually real. [LAUGH] That's called the Aurora dream inducing head phones it measures your sleep patterns to see when you're in kind of like a dream state and then it plays subtle audio and video cues. You know, guide you and help you to control and enjoy your dream. What if somebody hacked it, gave you a bad dream? That's terrifying. That's a sci-fi movie right there. Well, so at the end of that, well, the scores, Jason has one point, which means Jason is the winner. Is that right? Oh, yeah. Excellent. So that's Jason on four. Jason is in the lead. I think eh, we've got to talk about this format. [LAUGH] But I'm glad I've won, well done me. Yeah, well, we'll have a week off to sort it out. Yeah. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] Lovely, right? Well, we've got all these cool wearable stuff to write about. Oh my god, Ethan's so busy. Obviously, it's going to be a great week next week. Yeah, yeah. Lots of stuff to look forward to. So, for now, let's move on and see what you guys have been saying in this week's feedback Yes ok right what have you been saying. So [LAUGH] In this weeks feedback. In this weeks feedback Feedback this week. They knew. [LAUGH] The feedback this week a noob said this. Phil Hobden says the can the, I'm just getting yes, Phil Hobden, has said, can the iPhone 6 iWatch slash 12" iPad rumors just stop please. It's getting insane. Is tech really that dull that we have to make up stories, week in, week out? Well I mean first of all it's August alright so like all news bits everywhere not much happens. And also I'd say that they are not really made up things they are becoming real. Like real things are leaking out these, these screens are definitely exist and. Yeah. A lot of the stuff we're seeing is, is pretty is almost turning out to be true I'd say. Well, no. Gonna have to eat my words aren't I? [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Well, we haven't seen any of the pictures of, of the iWatch. Whereas normally. Oh, yeah. If it was going to be just a few weeks away, we would have. So. Mm. Theory. Yeah. Brace yourselves. Okay. You might want to sit down, except you'll dip out of the shot, so don't. Hypothesis. Does this, does the fact that the iWatch hasn't leaked, Mm-hm. Prove that Apple leaks. Everything else. So, so the iPhone 6 has been leaking for weeks and Yeah. and so, for ages now. And the, the iPhones always do and the iPads always do and stuff. Hm. So, do you think Apple's putting that stuff out there? Do you think maybe it actually wants the iWatch to be secret and when it wants something to be secret it can make it happen? Mm. Would you reckon? Could be. No. Okay. Well, yes and no. I don't think that the, I don't that the, I'd be very surprised if the leaks of that the parts come from an Apple source. I mean. Right. Pretty clearly, like a lot of the American sites like Wall Street Journal and [INAUDIBLE] and all of that, they always have stories like, a source close to the matter knows that the, launch is in like two weeks time. Well that's pretty obviously Apple, isn't it, telling them that but they can't say that. But there are things like, you know, this is the, like a bit of a screen or this is a battery or this is like a back of a. Phone, that doesn't seem to make much sense coming out of Apple. Because there's, there's no real interest in, in feeding those little bits out there. Because it's revealing, it's revealing details about the phone and the way they can't control particularly well and doesn't really send the right message. Cause really it's all about the. The kind of overwhelming marketing message at the time, like it's not just, hey, it's such and such size screen. It's the iPhone 6, it's amazing, go and get it now. That's the message they want. So, they wanna, they wanna keep it, I think they wanna, it's in their own interest to keep it as much that, what it looks like, as a secret as possible, but not necessarily, like, the more business-y stuff like when it's out, because that's important for like share prices and stuff like that, [INAUDIBLE], and get a bit of buzz going, that's my theory. Okay, fair enough, who knows, maybe it's. Maybe it's Tim Cook on the phone, yeah guy i'm send, i'm sending you a piece of screen [LAUGH] I'm, I'm. Can you take a really blurry shot of it, and make sure it's not some random Russian sign. I used to think it connects the camera to the [LAUGH] port. I'm faxing you a schematic. [LAUGH] Yeah that stuff was probably just coming out of the Chinese factories and actually some of the reasons, some of the, sometimes its the, sometime the rumors don't tend to pan out, and not necessarily, it doesn't mean that there necessary prong to start with. Cuz what be the parts from factories but they may be making like I don't know, a 100 of them. Yeah. To sample within the, within the company so sometimes they've abandoned designs part way through the processes that you make the whole thing and send it back so some things your seeing are, their real even though they may not be in the final product itself. Yeah. Good point. Okay. It's complicated. Interesting. Well we'll note that your [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] So extreme [CROSSTALK] Yeah, It's going to be very encouraging next question. Josh King says, Peter Capaldi, yay or nay? So I suppose it's fairly- [INAUDIBLE] Yay. Yay. Yeah. It's gonna get [INAUDIBLE] to your question. Yeah, I thought it was great, I really enjoyed the episode, which is unusual' cause we normally in the office never agree on, on Doctor Who as to whether an episode is any good or not. So yes, it's quite special. I thought, mild spoilers by the way, for [UNKNOWN] if you, if you haven't watched it yet, but I thought it was I kind of enjoyed the way that the whole episode. He is a Time Lord. [CROSSTALK] Oh, yes, he's from this place called space. [LAUGH] I thought it was kind of weird how the episode was very much sort of almost straight down the lens, look at the audience, going, okay, we know that he's a bit, older. Yeah. And not as sort of sexy as Matt Smith. He doesn't have an incredible jawline. But bear with us, because he's the same man. So there were a lot of conversations kind of to that end. But, but making the audience accept him. Which probably a good idea. Yeah, we didn't Matt Smith to come in at the end by the way. That was a spoiler, sorry if you haven't watched. But we did flag mild spoilers so, you've been flagged folks. Fairly big spoiler, if you haven't seen it. Yes, yes but, it was a flag. The flag was raised. The flag was raised, guys. Craig, James Thomas says [LAUGH] Craig James. What is he doing on Sunday? I can't remember, was he making love by then? Oh, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] On that day he rested. Great day, Thomas says. Samsung Note Four. Will it be as pioneering as it has been? Um-hm. Jason. Oh. Sorry, I was having a fisherman's friend. That's a very, very bad throat. The Samsung Galaxy Note Four. My prediction, I'm going to look into my crystal ball and say it's going to be very similar to the last three phones Right. But, it's gonna feature their kind of new design language, which they shown off on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, following, I think, they're saying it's one of their first, I'm always wrong to say it's the first, one of their first metal phones, metallic phones. First Galaxy I believe. There we go. Basically like the note but with metal on it, a few tweaks on the inside, but very similar idea, it's been established. They can't really go much bigger with a screen. Otherwise it would become into a proper tablet. Mm. And the people that like the Note like it. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Well, the Note's an interesting product that we covered in the most recent episode of cnet's Adventures in Tech. Really. [CROSSTALK] Yeah. well, that's about [CROSSTALK] You just Google that, cnet Adventures in Tech Note should bring it up. But what, what's interesting about True. The first Note, I think, is that it really did make a contribution to the sort of annals of technology. Yeah. When the history books are written. You know, whenever I dare to read a book about smartphones [LAUGHS]. [CROSSTALK] the iPhone sort of started the whole smartphone revolution this we all know. But Samsung was the company that really pioneered the idea that they should be absolutely palm stretchingly massive Yep Which is still controversal. But it really has worked when the first note was revealed. It's 5.3 inches and it just looks absolutely bizarre. But it sort of. It looked crazy, what we're they thinking. Exactly, it was, they said it was a whole new category. It was very, very surreal. And nobody really liked the idea, including me. But if, you know if you do watch the episode of invention tech, you'll see the footage of where it was unveiled for the first time. And it's bizarre, it just looks like a. Normal phone. And you'll see now how that's influenced by design. Exactly and how they change the smart phones. They just [CROSSTALK]. And very quickly last question. John Nelson says he's looking forward to Android L. Yeah. This is because it was in response to. We did actually ask what are you looking forward to. Pi and Effer. And that's what it's going to be called. Yeah, and lululu something. Android lemon sherbet. Also ask John, is BBC iPlayer ever going to arrive on XBOX one? So on his website. hm, yeah. The Beeb says BBC iPlayer is already available on over 1,200 devices and platforms in the UK. We're aiming to launch new BBC iplayer on XBox One by the end of 2014. Goodness knows why it's taking so long, but there you go, end of 2014, BBC hopes. Look out, look out for that xboxers. All right, and well, that's it for this week, thank you Jason. No problem, I'm sorry for everything. [laughs] Thank you, Luke. Your welcome. [LAUGH] You should be sorry. l [LAUGH] honestly. And would like to say thank you to our producer Markey you will never see. Right, we are off to Berlin, so look out for our Easter coverage. See you in a couple of weeks. Bye. [MUSIC]

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