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How To Video: Top tips for great summer photos
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How To Video: Top tips for great summer photos

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Here are some simple ways to get the most from your summer photographic adventures.

Summertime is the perfect time to get out that camera and start getting creative with your photography. I'm gonna show you a couple of cool, quick tips that you can use. When taking photos in summery situations, see you can get the most out of your photography whether using a DSL compact or a smart phone. First up is don't be afraid of your camera's inbuilt flash. So obviously, you're not gonna be wanting to use flash when you're in indoor situations, but when you're outdoors, it's actually really useful. Say for example that you have a subject with a really strong back light. So, if the sun is bright behind what you're taking a photo of. If you turn on your camera's flash. You'll be able to expose your subject so they don't end up silhouetted or shadowed. There's a reason why photographers get up at the crack of dawn and that's to make the most of natural light during what's called Golden Hour. There's also Blue Hour to take advantage of as well. And there are plenty of apps and tools to help you know when that's gonna happen in your location. There's one in particular that I love. It's on iOS and it's just called Golden Hour. It's free and it give you time of sunrise and sunset. So you can plan accordingly. There's also plenty of options on Android too. When you're out on a holiday and taking snaps of family and friends, tt's pretty easy to forget to put yourself in the photo. Apart from taking selfies with your smart phone and holding your camera at arm's reach, [MUSIC] Consider investing in a tripod something small and portable like a guerilla pod and then use the self timer option on your camera. There's also some apps and tools that help you trigger your camera using a smart phone. Finally make natural light your friend. Use something like a reflector to help bounce light from your light source, usually the sun, onto your subject's face for a nice even illumination. You can use an actual reflector or something like a pocket reflector for a compact size. Or if you can't be bothered to spending the cash, you could really easily DIY it. Grab a piece of white styrofoam or a piece of cardboard. And then, put some tin foil over it. This will pretty much simulate the effects of an expensive reflecto for zero dollars. And, you have yourself an inter reflective for balancing available light. Those are some quick tips on how to make the most from your summer holiday photos. If you want more tips, check out the how to on CNet.

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