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First Look: The OCZ ARC100 is more affordable than it is slow

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First Look: The OCZ ARC100 is more affordable than it is slow

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CNET editor Dong Ngo believes the new OCZ ARC 100 series solid-state drive is a great deal, though it's whole 0.3 second slower than other top drives.

[MUSIC] Hi, guys, **** Ngo here and this is the ARC 100 series solid state drive from OCZ. Now this one here is the latest on the market. When compared to all the also latest one like this Samsung 850 Pro or SanDisk Extreme Pro right here. This new drive actually is the slowest ever seen. But it has something the other two don't. The very good pricing. Now the drive here is available in three capacity of 120 gigabyte, 250 gigabyte, and 480 gigabyte that cost just $75, $120, and $240 respectively in the U.S. The pricing for the UK and Australia will be announced later. Now while this one is not the fastest. SSD ever I seen. It actually feels much, much faster than any regular hard drive like this one right here. And that mean it make a great replacement drive for any computer that is still running a hard drive. Inside, when you use it, it can give the computer a boost of performance. Sometimes even better than getting entire new computer. And honestly, in my testing, compared with other SSD, though, this one here is behind. Most of the time you would not notice a difference. For example, the two fast drive here can finish a heavy load of [UNKNOWN] in 9.1 seconds. This one here. In 9.4 seconds. Now I know that's a whole 0.3 seconds slower but you know what unless you do some kind of high frequency trading, there's no need to fret. Now I personally use the fast drive here of course, but always find hard to know what to do with those extra point something seconds. You know, I need a full second to blink. Other than that the drive here is a standard intel drive for laptop coming in the 2.5 inch design and is 7 millimeters thick. It also works with desktop computers but it doesn't come with any accessories such as the drive bay bracket or any software. Now, to make up for that it does support encryption which the SanDisk here doesn't. Now the drive supports, the latest SATA III 6 gigabits per second with this port right here. It also works with SATA II, and SATA. Now for more of the drive here check out my full review at cnet.com. [UNKNOWN] is a great drive that will give you what you need. [MUSIC] For the price, if you want. Of course, with the assumption that you don't something for free. That's not gonna happen. I keep this one for myself. And that's because I'm [UNKNOWN], and this has been the first look at the ARC100 series [UNKNOWN] drive from OCZ. And I was just playing [UNKNOWN].

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