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The 404 Show 1,542: We all have so much in common (podcast): The 404

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Apple's version of the Echo may include face-tracking camera
2:05 27 May 2016
Are consumers ready for an all-seeing camera in a smart home hub? Sources say Apple may put a camera in a product that could rival...
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7 geeky questions for 'Warcraft' director Duncan Jones
4:05 27 May 2016
Where are the Tauren? And what's the plan for the Warcraft sequels? We put our nerdy questions to director Duncan Jones.
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HP expands its Omen gaming line
0:59 27 May 2016
New laptops and a VR-ready desktop for HP's gaming PC series are coming.
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Cut back on Android data usage
0:57 27 May 2016
Not all of us have unlimited data plans for our smartphones. Here is how Android users can dial back on data usage.
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Synek dispenses beer and disappointment
1:47 27 May 2016
The Synek Counter Top Beer Dispenser can't live up to its lofty promises.
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Comedian Blake Wexler's album was almost ruined by cats (Tomorrow Daily 372)
40:11 27 May 2016
We discuss our favorite news stories of the week, and welcome Blake Wexler to explain how living with cats almost derailed his debut...
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New OLED Touch bar coming to MacBook Pros this year?
5:43 27 May 2016
Reports say new ultra-thin 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros are on their way in 2016. The latest iPhone 7 rumors keep rolling, and Tim Cook...
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Fallout 4: Far Harbor -- Bowling with infinite balls
2:51 26 May 2016
Fallout 4: Far Harbor brings the striker. GameSpot's Rob Handlery gives us the lowdown on Beaver Creek Lanes' big-boy bowling ball...
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