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The 404 1,490: Where we grab at thin air: The 404

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The 404: The 404 1,490: Where we grab at thin air

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Oculus Rift offers to babysit your kids at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, a new Facebook feature for prying friends, the FBI is desperately looking for sober hackers, and Adidas collaborates with your Instagram feed.

It's Wednesday May 21st. I'm Mark Lessea and from our CBS studios in New York City. Welcome to The 404. [MUSIC]. Hey, what's up, everyone? Welcome to the 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. And I'm Justin Yu. So, stop what you're doing right now. Me? No, just turn, if you're listening turn off the show and go back and listen to yesterday's show. How great was Reggie Watts? That was awesome. I really enjoyed that interview. What a gentlemen. What an interesting human being. What a big CNet fan. What a big CNet fanboy, oh my God. Yeah, that was awesome. Most people when they come in here they just do a guest spot for whatever the half hour that we have them online. And then they just leave. Yeah. But Reggie kinda stuck around. Yeah, he's like, I wanna hang out for a while. He hung our for a while. Yeah, that's cool. Show me what you do. Yeah. So, we had, we had a nice little tour. And we were very grateful for him coming by. I, you know, we can't thank him enough. So, go listen to it. Not only it was a great conversation. Yeah. Cuz not a lot of guests know **** about technology. Reggie knew a lot. He knows a lot about it. He knew a lot about technology and it was fun talking to him. He's a gamer. Yeah. He's into he's just telling about his new Mac Pro, it was sick. Go listen to that and then when you're done, come back and you know, listen to this. Mm-hm. I'm also grateful to Mark helping us out on the board for this week, while Ariel is back at home. So thank you Mark. Sure no problem. That thank you is just from Justin. I appreciate you. And I love your announcing in the morning. It's so much different from Arielle. [LAUGH] Not that I dislike Arielle's performances, but his are always really long and drawn out. It takes him like five minutes to say the full word. Does he? Yeah. He'll be like, the floor. okay. But I like that. [INAUDIBLE]. Fire. No, no. I like it. But Mark is different. Okay. He decided to change it up a little. Absolutely. I appreciate it. You got it. All right, what have we got today in the run down sir? It's kinda shorter run down today but we have emails to supplement it after the stories are done. Right? Yes. We're gonna talk about Oculus Rift Next Conquest. I know you guys are getting sick of us talking about Oculus Rift every other day but this is actually a pretty cool application. And we'll tell you about what that is. First, then we're gonna talk about the FBI having sort of a tough time figuring out how to fill up their cyber crimes division. They're encountering some problems with that I think. You, in particular, of all people will enjoy. Then we're gonna [LAUGH] talk about Facebook's new Ask feature. We'll tell you about what the means for your lonely relationships. And then we'll finish it up with a story about Adidas. Printing your Instagram photos on a new pair of shoes. Good idea [CROSSTALK] or bad idea? Finally, no, finally. We'll [LAUGH] tell you the answer. All right. Excellent. Okay, Oculus Rift. You're right. We do talk about that technology a lot. We talked about it yesterday. Reggie was super psyched about it. He seemed very excited about it. My expectations are tempered. But what, what's the latest with this technology that. No one can buy. Yeah. It's not available anywhere and. No one's developing games for us. No one's really developing games for us. So tell, that's, that's the trifecta of fun. So tell me about it. Yeah. Well I like your guys' conversation yesterday about dreaming of what applications you can use the Rift for. Sure, yeah. Is that really what. Everybody is. Is that how you refer to them. Yeah. The riff? Da riff indeed. Nice. You guys were talking about what. Using them on airplanes. Sure. Just to time travel. Yeah I thought it would be a good idea if I could. You know, lock in to my seat. Jack into the plane matrix and just hang out. He was talking. Or no I think it was you that was talking. About doing virtual tourism which is always a good idea. Or like looking up houses and things. Yeah. It's an adult boring answer to give for the Oculus. No it's not. No one wants to use their vr headset to tour a home. They plan on buying. Yes they do you ****. Why would. There's so many you could literary go anywhere. And you want to go inside of an open house. Yes if it's across the country or planet I wanted to give you so much **** for that yesterday, for read you up be behind the camera I know I just want to hassle you when you say these things on the air. That's fine that is your problem. I think the biggest, what about like going to the Grand Canyon Yeah I don't want to go there. You don't? No, it's a hole in the ground I don't care. Think about all the places that Google Maps lets you go. What would you rather do, would rather pay $1200 to fly out to the, the Grand Canyon and just I don't know sweat and choke on sand. Or just like do a VR drone fly-through and an oculus wrist. No. I would wanna do that. Right. But, I'm saying I'd wanna do the, the Oculus Rift at the Grand Canyon over some house in California. Anyway, my thing that I wanted to say yesterday was it would be really cool to take an Oculus Rift into your living room. And experience a 360 concert. Cuz as you get older. The older you get the less patience you have for actually being at a concert. Right. For four hours. That'd be cool. Watching an opening band set up. That would be very cool. Be really nice to just experience that. For sure. If you were into that. I'm into that. Well, anyways. That's not happening. What is actually happening is the team at Oculus, they're really hard at work trying to find a new playground for the Rift. And, the next area they're trying to push it. Is into your childs dreams. They're trying to put it into Chuck E Cheese. Why? This is actually happening. And this is the first time I think we've actually mentioned Chuck E Cheese on the show. So good for them. It's been five years. Wait so why. How what kind of an application is this I don't understand. Okay so let me ask you a question first. Sure. Go back to your childhood memories. Okay. Do you remember ever you know, being a part of a contest. Where you or another kid gets set up in one of these sorta phone booth sized chambers with big. You mean cash grab or something. Exactly, exactly. Yeah,no I've never have. You've never, but you know what I'm talking about. Of course. So these are basically like small, rooms areas. Like a telephone booth. Where there's a fan underneath the ground. Basically. Right. That blows a bunch of cash in the air and you have to like flail around and grab at it. There's a specific prize like sorta environment. Yeah. Strictly used on like game shows and stuff Impossible, too, especially when it's a kid. Okay. And they are super excited, they usually get ten bucks. So how does this play. They have that at a bunch of Chuck E Cheeses right now. Okay. And the idea of integrate to Oculus Rift is to make it virtual, and that's it. They call it the virtual ticket blaster, right now they have the analog ticket blaster. And they're hoping to just take it, take it into the Rift. So what do you think? Good idea or bad idea? Well, obviously I think it's a bad idea, but what, like that's no fun. How do they do it if, if you're grabbing stuff, how is it virtual? Yeah, so I think you probably have to be rigged to some kinda motion capture thing on your hands too. So that way you know whether you're grabbing it or not. My thing is. Just thinking about that story before the show today. I mean. As a parent, I mean, you're going to watch to your kid have fun. You're literally paying another person to babysit your child for you, and you know, had fun. And, you can't do that when the kid is the only person that sees what's going on in the headset. If I'm putting on a headset when I get to Chuck E Cheese, why am I even going to Chuck E Cheese? Yeah. All right, like Chuck E Cheese. Well, it's not the pinnacle of entertainment. Woah. Yeah, I said that. It was when we were kids. Now I'm sure it's pretty boring. No it wasn't. It was still. It was lame when we were kids too. It was. Like, arcades were cool and everything but maybe it's like the pizza thing where like no one went to Chuck E Cheese around here. Oh, pizza's great. No, see, you just don't know what you're talking about. If someone else from California, or not the East coast were here. They would. This is why I wish [CROSSTALK]. There's one- They had, they had Chuck E, Cheese in Las Vegas. Right, Mark? They, they did, but I, I never went. You never went? No, cuz he's not an idiot. His parents loved him. I will, yeah, that, I mean, like, Chuck E Cheese is like a glorified babysitter. Yeah, right. Vegas was really big on arcades. So we would always have to go to arcades instead of Chuck E Cheese. Right, and that's what you should do. Plus you lived in Las Vegas. Well there were like these big, they were like the size of like a Costco, but they were arcades. You guys had those? Yeah, we had that. And we didn't have some like furry, like dude in a mascot. Like a 15 year old, prepubescent kid. You know, like trying to hawk crappy pizza to us. My point is why would you put on a VR headset once you get to Chucky Cheese. Like Chucky Cheese is like the thing to look at, there's like lights, and sounds. Yeah. And they're like, Okay, strap in. I think because we're looking at Chuck E Cheese from like a two decades old perspective. [LAUGH] And I think since then, they've taken out the animatronic characters and a lot of it is video game based right now. Okay. I didn't realize this but the guy who founded Chuck E Cheese, same guy that founded Atari. He's the co-founder of Atari. Oh, Nolan Nolan Bushnell Yeah Yeah he founded Atari and he also invented Pong. Yeah. He worked at Atari and he was Steve Jobs' boss. Thank you Wikipedia. All right. Excellent really cool. Yeah weird, right. If Atari like didn't work out, I mean, you know, if they still kind of publish stuff. Right. That's really it. The hardware business tanked. Right. So, you know, he's not exactly successful. Yeah. In the long run. Yeah. I'm not taking anything away from Nolan Bushnell. My thing about putting Oculus Rift in Chuck E Cheese [INAUDIBLE] being a really dirty place, because kids are disgusting. Yeah, for sure. You don't want to go in that ball pit. And there's always like puke everywhere from kids eating too much cake and pizza. And you know, I can just see a lot of pink eyes spotted popping up. Good. I'm glad you've painted that picture. [LAUGH] That's so good. I'm sure it happens a lot regardless. Does it? Alright, with this story about the FBI, cuz now that I've read the headline. What's the best prize you've ever gotten at at a Chucky E Cheese? Sorry one more thing. Never been. You, you've never actually been to a Chucky E Cheese? I'm not, I'm not, I'm not like. I thought you had been and were just talking **** about it. I'm not some like, you know. Then you're, you're, you're. Savage. I'm not like a little, I was, you know, I had a good childhood. You're glib. I had a good childhood. That, yeah, that's, that's why your parents sent you away for three months during the summer. That was the best time of my life. You kidding? I am sure it was the best time of your parent's life Yeah it was a win win situation. All right let's talk about the FBI, because that doesn't get brought up on the show too much. Sure. So on Monday FBI Director James B Comey, I don't know what the B stands for. What does the E in Chuck E Cheese stand for? I don't know What is Charles Cheese's middle name? What is no one knows what the E stands for, like what the C in CNET stands for. That's true. The C in CNET is Doesn't stand for anything. No it's something. Mark, isn't it computer. I'm pretty sure it's computer networks. Yeah, [CROSSTALK] There's this whole controversy because it's computer networks. [CROSSTALK] Dude, I'm gonna need a citation on that one. It's in the handbook [LAUGH] In the binder Right [CROSSTALK] The binder you got when you first got here. Computer network. It makes sense. [LAUGH] CNet's 20 years old man. You know, that was cool back then. Okay? [LAUGH] Anyways James B Comey was at a security conference on Monday, here in the city in Manhattan. And he was discussing the FBI's plan to add 2,000 personnel to the cyber. Cyber crimes team over at the FBI. Okay Trying to build that out those guys will be working inside the company to sort of tackle what they call white hat hacking. Okay Which is like internal teams that are good guy hackers. Sure. All right, they test penetration testing and information systems and things like that. Yeah, like Sneakers. Right, exactly. [LAUGH] Well unfortunately James B Comby is running into some problems in the hiring process. Because as it turns out your average hacker really enjoys smoking weed. What does that have to do with it? Because you can't be a smoker and get a job at the FBI. Oh. The rule stipulates that if you've, well, one, they get drug test, drug tested obviously. Right. And if that test shows that you've smoked weed in the last three years, you can't wear work at the FBI. My, my, my. So, that severely cuts down on their, on their hiring pool. How the tables have turned on the FBI? Yeah. [LAUGH] Oh. Yeah, the federal government doesn't put on the. Oh, now, you come to hel, now you come asking for help. Yeah. [LAUGH] Can't work for you guys. Sorry. This is a funny quote. He says. I have to hire a great workforce to compete with those cyber-criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview. Right, okay. So, it's not that they, you know, smoked in the last week. They're high when they arrive at the interview, man. Well, it's time for Mr. Comey and the rest others to maybe just grow up and stop you know, doing this. Unless you want a bunch of sober, loser hackers. Right. Who don't get anything done. Right. I mean, look, I'm not, you know, I'm not making this like blanket statement that like you can only be a good hacker if you're stoned. But clearly there's a connection. Yeah, clearly it's unnatural to be in front of a computer all day long and you probably have to self-medicate to do that. It's like, oh, we tried to. You know, we had to take out everyone who used to drink Jolt cola. Right. It's the same same sort of thing man. Everyone needs a crutch. Funyuns, Jolt Cola, all the staples The app actually is a pretty funny story actually. The problem is so big that the board is actually considering changing their drug policy. Which is okay for them not okay for everybody else, little bit of hypocrisy there. And where is this FBI office, these hackers are going to be working out of? Good question, I am not sure Guessing it's not Washington or Colorado Probably not there Where ever it is,. Lucky for the rest of the state. Yeah so you know, I would. Yeah, yeah, personally rather have them hire stoner's than drunks. I'm sure they have a lot of drunks that have to. That are working at the FBI. I think a drunk would like be more prone to making a bunch more mistakes. Yeah sure. Where as like someone who's stoned might be overly paranoid about missing something. Yeah. And their, their refinement and their like dedication to the work ethic. Right. Would be that much greater. Right, right, right. I'm just saying I don't know what it's like to be stoned. I'm just as, assuming that those are the characteristics. This is an objective news program. And beneficial side effects. Yeah I feel like stoners wouldn't be so pigeon holed into these stereotypes if it weren't for that sorta like lingering 60s mentality, right? Like it's definitely like the beat generation's fault that we have this like. I am not about to get Image of what a stoner is, or a person who smokes weed is that they can't be productive, they can't work at a job I mean, the 60s were. A really long time ago. I know. That's what I'm saying, but they've impacted us so much that we still have these relics. That make stoners look like losers [CROSSTALK]. It's like a Cheech and Chong type thing. There's still a very, there's still a very like long, shattered history about why marijuana is illegal in this country. We're not gonna get into it. Yeah. It's, deals a lot with like, racism. Mm-hm. And a lot of other things that's not very pretty. It's a shattered, it's a shattered past. Yeah. So, we're not going to get into that. Most people listening probably stand on the same side of the fence. In fact, most of the country does. So. Yeah. Look. It is what it is, FBI is starting to smell the roses. We'll be fine. I mean you'll be fine. That, when we talk about weed stereotypes it sorta reminds me of the conversation we were having about chiropractors. And how you would take them a lot more serious if they weren't a part of the whole holistic movement. You know what I mean? If, if stoners didn't name their strains like Afghani goo, or just like stupid names [CROSSTALK] That's not why they're not taken too seriously. Like that. If they took it a little more seriously and didn't have so much God damn slang to go with the culture, I think people would take it. I totally disagree. Really? Totally disagree. You think like purple Urkel is helping the movement? First of all, that's irrelevant. You're talking about like a chiropractor. It's just, like, they're two, they're apples and oranges. Okay, but just like to focus on the weed culture thing. You don't think that's pulling the whole movement? Half-baked fault. Yea, exactly, things like that, where It's not helping You see like gas masks bombs hanging from the street. It's fine but the, that, there's alcohol is completely fantasized in the same regard. Right So there's not, like, there's, you know, a culture that, you know, the, the problem. If you really wanna get into it the problem, I think, is that marijuana was always a medicinal thing. It should never have been campaigned as a medicinal thing. Right. It should have always from the get go been a recreational thing. Right. Then it wouldn't have to go through these **** who don't think there's medicinal value. So that's the problem. And the fact that there's been all this red tape and lobbying and stuff like that, that's the problem. So if it was, in my opinion, and this isn't right or wrong, it's my opinion. I believe that if from the start marijuana. Campaign as a recreational thing to com, quote unquote compete with alcohol, Mm. Which, you know, how many people does that kill every year? That's the, the route they should have gotten. Right. But I don't want this to be a pro-pot, you know, conversation. No. So, I just, that, that, you needed to hear that. Anti-pot slaying conversation. Sure, right. You don't want the, the negative slang. Yeah. Cheesy slang. Yeah. Whatever. I mean, yeah, you know, whatever, it's part of the package, man. It's cherry man, hit it it's cherry. Shut-up. You're such a dork. [INAUDIBLE] All right, let's talk about Facebook's new ask feature. Okay. Have you heard about this? They kinda quietly announced this. And I think Facebook does this pretty often where they sorta just push out these features. And don't really announce them Right a quite rollout. Right and it seems shady to me for some reason. Creepy. But the latest thing they rolled was a new feature called ask. And from now on when you fill out your profile for being setting up a Facebook account. You can leave things blank if you want. Sure. You can leave everything from your location to your relationship status blank if you want. Right. Well, now, if you do that an ask button will appear on any one of your friends that tries to access your account. So instead of. Instead of just blank Right now it says you can ask. or not showing the field at all. It'll show the field. And then you can ask the person, which basically sends, you know the person an email or a notification. Right. Saying, like, this person wants to know. It's just the evolution of like, the ASL thing. Yeah. Yeah, that's all it is. Really weird. I mean, there's really not a whole lot to this story here. And there's no obligation to actually answer the question once you're prompted for it. But, I mean, it can either go two ways. One of two ways, I mean, you could either be like the creep, or you could just use it to flirt. So if you if you answer one of these ask things. Mm-hm. Does that only go back to the person who asks or is it a public thing. Well you can include a private message with it that you know, if you don't wanna take any action you can do that. But then include a message about why. Okay. Or you can change it publicly so that everyone gets notified that you're now. Interesting. Single or whatever. Interesting. Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right Facebook, keep trying. What else we got? The last one of the day, Adidas. Do you own any Adidas? Yeah I do. You do? Mm-hm. Oh yeah, you do. Yeah, I wear Adidas. You might be excited about this then. Last Friday, Adidas announced that they're introducing this new feature, similar to Nike ID. You know, the it let's you customize your shoes online. Sure. Well That is expensive. That is really expensive. The premium is like 100 bucks. It's insane. It's crazy, to pick your own materials and colors and stuff. And pick what sweat shop you want. Like if you want it, what time zone. You can have it. It's actually. Where they do the Nike ID. Mm-hm Is like an embassy for Vietnam. [LAUGH] No And they can keep it in the basement there. No comment on that. I'm just saying. I prefer those to Indonesian kids. But it's nice, they got like the two way glass so you can sorta like look in. [LAUGH] Like when It's a factory tour. [LAUGH] When you get your car washed Yeah You just follow it along, you can watch all the kids That's great Do it. Tasteless, but fun. You've introduced a new feature. It's gonna be coming soon, that lets you use an app that you can download on your iPhone only for now. That lets you basically access your Instagram photos and print those photos either in a collage or by itself onto a pair of shoes. Oh, yeah, this is what I, this is what I. Specifically onto the ZX Flux, so that's what this whole marketing campaign is about, to promote this sneaker, the ZX Flux. Right. I'm gonna put that on the screen there. So I get a little hamburger sneaker. It's kinda cool. Yeah, you can make a composite picture if you wanna combine, maybe, two meals that you've had that look pretty cool. Or you could just take one single photo and do that. They, I feel like the shoes would be really nice without the hamburger on it. Scroll down, there's a couple other variations. I mean, you don't have to have a cheeseburger on there. It's funny that the photo they used, like, they took the tomato on the side of [LAUGH] it, too. There just like just so you know what we're dealing with here. I guess cause when you like take, if you were to put your hands on either side, it doesn't really look like a hamburger. Yeah. No, it doesn't. Okay, so that's very nice. This is very cool, yeah. It really depends on how good of a photographer you are. You know, if you are a loser, you don't do anything stay at home all day, you're choosing to look pretty dumb. Get me these train branch like veiny ones I like. I like those too. Oh, there you go. Like some camo and stuff. So what are we talkin' about in terms of resolution? Are we getting like, a real night, or is, or is my are my shoes gonna look all pixellated and crap? Well, if you use a filter, then it's gonna take it directly from that picture, so. Sure. I'll have the filter on it as well. Ri, right, but that's not resolution. But the resolution. I don't think it's that great on Instagram. That's a good question. Hm. They haven't really talked about the printing process. I'm kinda in to this in a weird way. Yeah. Maybe cause these are really good photos. Maybe we can get in touch with them, and we choose pictures from each other's Instagram that we wanted printed on each other's shoes. That'd be great. I mean. Now you're just getting. Look at that. This is cool. You can have like panels. Oh that's dope. You can have three different photos on one pair of shoes. No no word yet on how much the price is gonna be on these things. Okay and when? Assuming it's not gonna be the same as the retail for the sneakers. Right. Okay. This summer. Coming this summer, you'll be able to individualized your shoes. Very nice. Great story. I'm into it. Nike ID got some competition. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know where they manufacture those. [LAUGH] All right. These are some emails that we've gotten in the last 48 hours. We didn't get to any yesterday, but we'll and get to a few here today. We're talking about MVNO users. That's like a the sort of pay as you go thing, or not pay as you go. It's It's, it's a service where you pay for, for cell phone service and the providers are buying the carrier bandwidth. Mobile virtual network operator. You got that? Meh. So Dan writes in and he want, he said, I heard you want to hear more about MVNO users. A little over a year ago my wife and I switched from Sprint unlimited plan, which was required for smartphones, to an NVNO provider named Ting. All of these guys you've never heard of, by the way. They're all like these strange names, that, that I just don't know where, like where they're based out of. I have no idea. He said basically doing that makes it a, a paid tier a, a, a tiered, pay as you go format. Uh-huh. Ting individually tiers calls, texts and data usage. So you can use less than 100 minutes a month. So like that was the big complaint and like there was always that minimum ceiling threshold that you had that you had to pay for. Right. He said at the end of the day, we, we save about $42.00 a month with Ting. Now, the emphasis, is that the $42.00, is the total he's saving for him, and his wife. Hm. That's a monthly savings, of $145.00. I, I mean, I don't know man. Why is everyone not doing it. Ya, I was going to ask why the carriers are allowing this to happen? I'm, I'm assuming that when they sell, those minutes at wholesale they're not expecting those to get resold. That's the big question. You want to know what is the, what is the connection between the big, like the big sorta retailer, carrier, and how they're selling it. What does that transaction look like? He says all major Android phones are supported as well as the iPhone 4s, as well as the 5. Oh, so you provide your own phone, which you'll probably have to buy off contract, and that's maybe, how it get's evened out on costs. Yeah, so here's what he did. He said you can do what you do in just buy a used Sprint Samsung Galaxy off eBay for 160 bucks. And, your phone cost is all set within the first month. Or you get and Nexus 5 of Google Play and then it's covered in, you know, two months. Hm. So, look [CROSSTALK], he says him and his wife are not huge cell phone users. Mm-hm. But, at the end of the day, you know, you're saving a lot of money and. You know, I guess I want to hear from someone who's like a really hardcore. Yeah. User, and see if you do that, and see if you can get away doing it and in not like a gigantic city. Comcast and their, cap, their cap on data. Mm-hm. We've talked about how they already current have a 250GB data cap. That's going up to 300 GB. I wanted to hear from someone who claims it's not enough. And this is from Kelvin he writes in. Says in Atlanta we have Comcast. At the beginning of this year they started capping bandwidth at 300 gigs. They did give us three freebies. So that they wouldn't charge us when we run over our cap. He said he blew through those in the first three months. Dude what the hell are you downloading. I'm not saying you can't download it. But you know, you, you are the prime example of why maybe perhaps internet usage should be, like, a metered, prorated utility. Yeah. Well, keep reading because he explains why and it sorta makes sense. Like most Asian families we have three generations living in the house. Is that. Yeah, we have 150 people living in my house. That's with you? Yeah, so many. Very typical situation. That's crazy, your apartment's small. It says we use Netflix, Amazon Prime a lot. Most for streaming a lot of video from Vietnam on their iPad. I do web development freelance as well, so I transfer a lot of files to and from clients. Right now our overage. Are usually about 50 gigs a month so that's $10-20 extra. If they increase their prices further, I'm considering cutting the cord and just relying on Comcast for broadband. Yeah. Unfortunately, we'll lose On Demand. Ao we'll have to find another source to get content. But yeah, you're in a very unique situation and if there's three generations of people living in the same house. That sounds like you're using way more than the average household. Don't blame. I'm just saying. Don't blame it on the family, too. Something tells me that. Dude, I'm not. Not you, him. Kelvin. Oh. Because something tells me that the oldest generation living in the hose probably not taking up too much bandwidth on the internet. Yeah like grandma and grandpa are like, bittorrenting all the time. Yeah. It's probably all him. And he's like yeah, we've got three generations. Just saying like, you, you understand how like in every other capacity. Electricity, water, you know, all those things. They're utilities that you pay as you go, so maybe the internet should be metered that way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right? It's true. I think so. And you know what? I just looked it up, Google Fiber coming to Atlanta. I don't know what area code he's in but it's coming to Atlanta, at least the state, so that might be his saving grace. State, Atlanta's a city. Georgia, yeah, it's coming to Georgia. It's coming to all of Georgia? Yeah. So apparently, he might be able to get it soon. Google is just going to going to save the world and wire up the entire country I think. Why aren't they doing New York first? Because it's like most complicated infrastructure ever,. I, I could have sworn there were rumors that it was going to happen. In New York? Yeah, but it's, it's. I mean think about how complex of an operation that's gotta be. Yeah, Verizon still hasn't made Yeah, there's not even [UNKNOWN] everywhere. Alright that'll do it for us guys. Shoot us an email the404@cnet.com or you can can continue the conversation on Reddit. Go to Reddit.com/r/the404. Until then I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm Justin Yu. This has been the 404 show, high tech, low brow. Big thanks to Mark Lessea. We'll see you guys tomorrow have a great one. Bye.

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Mini's concept begins where Google Glass left off
1:51 19 April 2015
The carmaker's Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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