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Broken iPhone? Dish Network will come to your house and fix it.
0:57 3 May 2016
The satellite and broadcast company will now make house calls to repair broken Apple iPhones.
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Samsung's Notebook 9 is a 15-inch laptop that won't weigh you down
1:02 3 May 2016
This slim and light laptop isn't very exciting, but hits the right specs at the right price.
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Is Nioh More hardcore than Dark Souls?
5:52 3 May 2016
Jake Haywald and Erick Tay compare the brutal Nioh alpha demo to Dark Souls III. From stamina drops to punishing enemies, which is...
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Google wants to fix your eyesight with an electronic eyeball injection
3:02 3 May 2016
Google's electronic device injection patent for your eyeball is bonkers. LG has created a display panel with a built-in fingerprint...
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5 settings every new iPhone owner should change
1:31 3 May 2016
Making these simple adjustments can help save battery life and cut down on little annoyances.
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Use your fingerprint to unlock your phone? You just gave up some rights
2:36 3 May 2016
Questions over the 5th Amendment are raised when judges can order you to unlock a device with your print -- but you can't be forced...
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We put Dyson's Supersonic hairdryer to the test
2:00 3 May 2016
Dyson's given the humble hairdryer a makeover. CNET's coiffure-conscious editors find out whether the company's new 'dryer is worth...
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HP kills the bezel on this sleek iMac competitor
1:30 3 May 2016
Dell isn't the only one with edge-to-edge screens.
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