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Tech gifts for mom (that aren't an iPad): CNET Top 5

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OtterBox Universe case system: It's a whole new world for iPhone accessories
1:34 24 May 2016
OtterBox has partnered with several smartphone accessory manufacturers to create a new platform for iPhone accessories. See the Universe...
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Google's Project Soli: Controlling devices using hand gestures​
3:00 23 May 2016
Google demos Project Solis at I/O. The prototype technology lets users control devices like a smartwatch or alarm clock using simple...
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NASA is using HoloLens to explore Mars (Tomorrow Daily 369)
4:03 23 May 2016
NASA and Microsoft team up to help researchers experience Mars through HoloLens; also, a handheld microwave for cooking on the go that...
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See Project Jaquard, Google's crazy-smart jacket
1:35 23 May 2016
Google and Levi's are teaming up to create a smart jacket, one that allows users to access all kinds of services right from the garment,...
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Summer return of the Razr? Teaser video gets nostalgic for flip phones
1:24 23 May 2016
A new teaser video from Motorola hints that the Razr is returning June 9. Are flip phones back in style?
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GoPro, Pixpro, or Ricoh? Finding the best 360 camera
4:03 23 May 2016
You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a 360-degree camera. We tested three of them to find out what kind of quality...
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Fallout 4 Far Harbor's best weapons
3:53 23 May 2016
Fallout 4 Far Harbor released just in time for the weekend. Stock up on your survival gear and let Rob school you on the DLC's best...
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Project Ara: Google's vision for the future of the smartphone
2:59 23 May 2016
Google lead engineer Rafa Camargo gives a demo of its modular smartphone concept, Project Ara. The prototype phone lets you swap in...
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