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Sony Xperia SP: Phones

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The CraveCast relives its youth at Comic-Con while preparing for future binge-watching, Ep. 26
45:14 27 July 2016
Comic-Con 2016 got nostalgic with Double Dare, Pokemon and Power Rangers, but also offered a glimpse of more great geekery to come....
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LeEco announces it's buying Vizio for $2 billion
1:29 27 July 2016
Chinese company will acquire large US market share for televisions.
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Drone-delivered donuts? Check (Tomorrow Daily 397)
4:49 26 July 2016
A YouTuber uses a robotic arm to create tactile feedback in virtual reality; also, 7-Eleven partners with Flirtey to complete the first...
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Printer Buying Guide: What to look for when printer shopping
1:58 26 July 2016
CNET's Justin Yu, who's been reviewing printers since 2008, tells you what features and technologies matter most, and which ones you...
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How the Samsung Note 7's iris scanning system works
3:51 26 July 2016
New information reveals specific details for the Note 7's iris scanning, Google Maps cleans up, and Bubble Zoom makes it easier to...
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Nintendo's NX console might be portable, too
1:38 26 July 2016
A report says Nintendo's next-generation console will be a handheld that can connect to your television.
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We Happy Few: How does it actually play?
6:15 26 July 2016
GameSpot tells you exactly what sort of gameplay you can expect from the Bioshock-esque, retro-futuristic We Happy Few.
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Blackberry stresses security in budget DTEK 50 phone
2:54 26 July 2016
BlackBerry's Scott Wenger gives a walk-through of the security features and specs of the DTEK 50.
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