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Multiple iPhone 6 parts leak out before September 9th: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: Multiple iPhone 6 parts leak out before September 9th

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It's just a month out and iPhone 6 parts are everywhere, including a protruding camera lens. We'll show you how to partition your hard drive to install the OS X Yosemite Beta, and Apple remembers Robin Williams.

[MUSIC] What's up? Brian Tong here. And welcome to a show you might have heard called the Apple Byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. We're less than a month away from Apple's reported September 9th announcement it. That means a whole lot of iPhone parts all over the place. Now a report from Chinese media sources claim the iPhone 6 has entered final product validation testing. Just ahead of its mass production for this fall. And you can be the interwebs is getting flooded with all kinds of parts now including the reputable Sunny Dixon who posted two pictures of the purported rear shell design for the iPhone 6. It features a nearly all metal body, a cutout for the new rounded two tone dual LED flash and a cutout that hints at a slightly protruding lens for the camera, a first for the iPhone. No where else that far then hit us with a treasure chest of parts including the Apple logo that appears to be completely metal even though many people were hoping for a glowing translucent logo like what you see on MacBooks. Here's a circular two tone flash component in detail, that was shown off on their site as well. And they also showed off a small metal ring that points to the protruding camera lens. We mentioned earlier, it was featured on Russian site Feld and Bolk. And it's a significant change that points to even a better iPhone camera. But it could also hint at an apple patent filed in 2012 for a bayonet mounting system that could let you attached and remove interchangeable lenses for the iPhone. It's really intriguing so, we'll see. And let's not forget the iPhone 6's front panel has one of the best looks cited to date. You can see the touch i.d. cutout at the bottom, but there's no confirmation that this is a sapphire based screen. And recent rumours indicate that we might only see it on the 5.5 inch model, but it's all speculation right now. Now one thing that stands out to me is that we're still only seeing 4.7 inch iPhone 6 parts, no 5.5 inch parts. And with production wrapping up, the rumours of the larger iPhone seem more legit. But honestly, I don't even think I care. I can't fit a big 5.5 inch screen like that in my back pocket. Like, like look, look at that. There's not enough room in there, let alone my skinny jeans because. It gets all pushed up in all the wrong places. And all you ladies, and gents, I can't rule you guys out, too, that carry a bag or a purse, fine. You're good. But I'm not rocking a murse just to carry an iPhone. These are problems, people. Real first world problems that we're all struggling with. All right. In the iPad news, Bloomberg reports Apple suppliers are gearing up for production of the next-gen iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini. We're expecting some kind of an iPad event in October that's separate from Apple's iPhone event. The report claims the iPad Air 2 may have an initial restricted supply due to new anti-reflective coating that's being added to the tablet which will make the screen easier to read. The design will remain largely the same and we see minor tweaks and rumored [UNKNOWN] shells like the updated speaker grill. Both tablets are expected to get the next AA processor, touch i.d. sensors and an improved 8 megapixel camera to take even better pictures with. Because all we need is more people taking pictures with iPads. Like, if you think this is bad, oh, it's getting worse, a whole lot worse. Unless you're this guy. He's cool. All right, Apple's OS X super Beta Program is in full swing, but do not make it your primary OS. That's just dumb. So one thing that will help you out is partitioning your hard drive so you can install and run two different operating systems on the same machine. So let's check it out as I walk you through it. All you have to do first is let's just jump into your applications folder. Then find the utilities folder, open that and the app you wanna launch is disk utility. Now on the left-hand column, you'll see your listed hard drives and select the one you want to add a partition to. We're basically separating the hard drive, some people do this to load multiple operating systems and other people do this to organize their hard drives for media file management. Now, once you've selected the hard drive of your choice, you'll see a few options on the right hand side. And you'll want to click on Partition. It will show you the current capacity of your hard drive. And if you look at the bottom corner, you'll see a plus button to add a partition. Click on that and you'll now see two partitions. And you can slide this bar up and down to create the sides of the partition you want based on how much hard drive space you still have available. OS X Yosemite takes about 15 to 20 gigs, so you want more than that. You'll also be able to name this new partition as well. When you're good to go, hit apply and voila, your hard drive will now be partitioned. Then all you have to do is when you run the OS 10 Yosemite beta installer, is select the new partition you created as the destination and boo-yah you can now run the OS 10 beta side by side with Maverick's on your other partition. See, take my advice just like Beyoncé says, partition please. [MUSIC] [NOISE]. Alright I know what your all thinking bad apple. [NOISE] And I deserve that and I promise not to ever do that again. And in our final story of the day we're gonna bring things down a bit. To remember Robin Williams, just an amazing actor and talent that we will all remember, Apple used his speech from the movie, "Dead Poets Society" as the voiceover for their iPad Air commercial called "Your Verse".>> The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be? They also created a section called remembering Robin Williams on the iTunes store so you can see many of his amazing films and performances and they dedicated a page on their website to him because really if there was any actor that was one of the crazy ones and someone who lived the mantra. Of think different. It was Robin Williams and he will be missed. Alright that's gonna do it for this weeks show. Send me your emails to the applebyte.cnet.com or tweet me @briantong. Thanks so much for watching and we'll catch you all next time for another byte of the Apple. [MUSIC]

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