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CNET News Video: Microsoft demos Project Spark

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CNET News Video: Microsoft demos Project Spark

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At Microsoft's Build conference in San Francisco, the company demos Project Spark -- a game creation toolkit. First announced at E3, the new software tools enable game developers to build, play, and share games in a Windows 8 and Xbox One environment.

Rusty and I are excited to be here today to give you a small glimpse at what Project Spark can do across devices on a variety of inputs. Rusty is gonna start off by creating a beautiful world on a Windows 8 desktop with touch controls. And less than five minutes, we'll build a game from scratch via SmartGlass on the recently announced Xbox One. Project Spark is an open world digital canvass that enables anyone to build, play and share whatever they can imagine. It's a powerful, yet simple way to create your own world, stories and games. Project Spark will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 and through the power of the Cloud; it lets you seamlessly carry over your progress and content from one platform to another. It's an ongoing service with frequent update and content additions across all of our platforms. Play the way you want on whichever platform you want. Now, Rusty is just putting the finishes touches here on our game setting. We've chosen Desert Oasis. He's using our paintbrush to put in some finite detail, a little greenery around the pond there. Just put a couple of more finishing touches on this, Rusty. We'll play with the time of day and let's do the position of the sun. That's cool. All right. And then we'll finish off with placing an enemy for our game play scenario. Your choice. Chose the goblin, nice. Place him in there. Excellent. All right. So, Rusty is gonna save what he just made to the Cloud and we'll pick up over here in our living room without losing a beat. Imagine the possibly they're unlocked by creating away from your console and then playing your masterpiece over on the big screen. Seamlessly creating back and forth. Devices that you're ready just waiting for your next inspiration. This is digital age nirvana. All right, Rusty. So, we're loading this up on the Xbox One. Wanna see our Desert Oasis and our little game play moment with the goblin here. Rusty is on controller right now. There we are, looks good. Now, being across all devices opens up new methods of input and allows us to innovate with games of all types. Even though we're now playing on an Xbox One, we can use SmartGlass and remote rendering on any Windows 8 device to keep creating with amazing touch controls. So, Rusty, let's change this controller-based action mechanic into something maybe a little less predictable for console gaming. In Project Spark, we can add behaviors to anything in the world or alter brains that already exist on things. You can play around with this goblin brain and make a quick touch game fro everyone. So, Rusty started by deleting the default brain and we're gonna build one from scratch. The brain is broken up into a wind and [unk] side. The visual language is simple yet very powerful. We're gonna tell the goblin here to jump on the ground after specified time to a height of-- what are gonna pick? About 5 meters thick? All right. Then we wanna put one other child rule in and that will execute after the effect, which will destroy whatever we've touched. Making this our main mechanic. All right. Looks good. All right, now finally we'll use our clone command to make more goblins here. We just kinda have one goblin jumping around. And with more time, Rusty could set up timers, scores, sounds and so much more. Rusty, let's change a couple of those goblins into something different. Give it a little visual variety here. A desert, he's chosen the [unk] interesting choice. So, we'll put [unk] in there, maybe another one, all right. It's good. Perfect. And then let's play with the position a little bit, so we get some high variety. There we go. All right. Now, Rusty should be able to swipe or touch these [unk] and trying to feed that all. Oh, there they are. Now in just a few minutes, he was able to create a touch game. He started on Windows 8 and completed over on Xbox One with SmartGlass. With Project Spark and Microsoft services, the power to create across devices to delight with multiple inputs and the freedom to do it anywhere has never been easier fro developers and players. We're taking registration for our beta on Windows 8 at joinprojectspark.com and you can also come by and check this out later in the gaming lounge to see the creativity that Project Spark can unlock. We'd like to finish by showing you a short sample. As some of the cross platform games, people just like you have brought to life using Project Spark. Thank you.

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