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Leica T brings sleek design to the mirrorless market (hands on): First Look

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3D-printed aquariums are minimalist and beautiful (Tomorrow Daily 373)
5:01 1 June 2016
A futuristic series of fish tanks from a Japanese design firm; also, a YouTuber builds a realistic, working Half-Life 2 prop.
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CraveCast host Eric Mack shares how he got hundreds of CNET readers around the world to collaborate on a Massively Multi-writer Online...
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Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube join EU anti-hate speech accord
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Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and YouTube have all agreed to a European Union code of conduct focused on eliminating hate speech and...
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iPhone 7 may not feature drastic changes
2:31 31 May 2016
A report from the Nikkei says Apple might be entering a three-year iPhone product cycle as opposed to the two-year model it currently...
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Mophie Juice Pack Wireless adds wireless charging to iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus
1:57 31 May 2016
When you buy a Mophie battery case for your iPhone, you'll also get wireless charging capabilities -- and a charging base included.
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Sony Xperia X phone is boxy, but nice
1:49 31 May 2016
The Android 6.0 handset is palmable and easy-to-use, but if you live in the US, there's one big catch.
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Asus' adorable robot assistant Zenbo wants to take over the world (or destroy us all)
1:25 31 May 2016
It's been a busy week at Computex for Zenbo. Asus only unveiled the little robot yesterday (Chairman Jonney Shih is already calling...
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