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Get ready for the 5G era: Next Big Thing

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Aaron Gordon: iPhone or Android?
2:58 26 May 2016
The Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon talks about his favorite phone, Clash of Clans, doing motion capture for NBA 2K17 and the one thing...
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Use your phone instead of a card at the ATM
1:41 26 May 2016
Bank of America will roll out thousands of so-called cardless ATMs across the US that let you withdraw cash using a phone. The tap...
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New Xbox may bring 4K, Oculus support
1:33 25 May 2016
Fresh rumors about Microsoft's next Xbox models point to 4K support and a faster GPU as the PC and console worlds inch closer together....
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GameSpot's The Lobby--Overwatch: Who's your favorite hero?
13:31 25 May 2016
Overwatch fans assemble, the GameSpot crew makes their cases for the most valuable character among Overwatch's 21. Who's your favorite?
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Stack's sensor-enabled smart bulbs left us impressed
1:43 25 May 2016
At $99, the two-bulb Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit is more affordable than Lifx or Philips Hue -- and arguably smarter than either...
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Trouble for Windows Phone: Microsoft makes cuts to mobile business
1:21 25 May 2016
Microsoft backs out of making more consumer Windows Phones after cutting jobs from its Nokia division.
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The CraveCast asks: Is this the lamest summer for Hollywood blockbusters in years?, Ep. 25
53:14 25 May 2016
The CraveCast crew looks to a Google Doc and CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel to save a summer that's more lackluster than blockbuster.
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Short film depicts horrific future of augmented reality (Tomorrow Daily 370)
3:58 25 May 2016
"Hyper-Reality" is a first-person short film that showcases the potential dangers of augmented reality permeating society; also, researchers...
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