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'Gangnam Style' crossing 2 billion views: How YouTube deals: CNET News Video

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CNET News Video: 'Gangnam Style' crossing 2 billion views: How YouTube deals

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The K-pop video has galloped its way to another record. How is YouTube managing to keep up with hits like "Gangnam Style" and other viral sensations? CNET's Sumi Das sits down with YouTube's director of engineering.

[MUSIC] Either you love it- [MUSIC] Or you love to hate it. But no matter how you feel, Gundham Style is making history as it crosses the two billion views mark. [MUSIC] Catchy song, and an incredible video. There's never been a video this. Been quite like that. So, pretty visually stunning, short attention span winner, right. Right from the start, you're, it's pretty engaging and there's a lot of let's say, incongruous or surprising visuals they were throwing. You didn't really know what you were gonna get and it made you wanna watch. Again, again, and again. [MUSIC] Justin Bieber's Baby is the only other member of the billionaire's club, but it's a distant second to Korean pop star Si's viral chart buster. [MUSIC] Si says there's more to come. Asked about the two billion milestone, the singer said, quote, they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers. With the appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents. The video has helped boost K pop's popularity. K pop viewership on YouTube jumped by nearly three billion in 2012. Gangam Style was upload in July of that year. [MUSIC] It's also inspired parodies. [INAUDIBLE] An invisible horse riding dance crew. NASA Johnson style. There's something about the fundamental democracy, the platform that let's our users access whatever they want whenever they want. That, that really makes for these sort of independent success stories. And again it. In, in a pre YouTube era, this type of success for an independent Korean artist is utterly inconceivable. With one billion monthly users, and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, You Tube is betting Gangnam style isn't a one-hit wonder for the video-sharing site. We're already planning for a world where there's hundreds or thousands of videos. That, that reached billions of views. And it, one of the big things that one of the big challenges we have, how do we support all that usage? How do we transmit all that data over the internet? Another challenge, viewers are watching on mobile devices 40% of the time. To future proof their player for users on the go, undiscovered dance fads and the next. Cat sensation YouTube re-engineer the way it streams video. We dole it out in much smaller pieces. And we, as we dole out those pieces we're actually checking to see whether or not it got through. If it gets through very easily then we say oh, okay maybe we can actually send a little bit more water, send you higher quality. If we see that there's problems. If we see that the, you know, the pipes are a little bit, stopped up, then we send less water. When the data doesn't get through, the player switches to sending lower quality video. So, Psy's shades may not be sharp, but the video is less likely to freeze. And luckily you'll never miss a single gallop. Lasso or. In San Bruno, California, I'm Sumi Das at cnet.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]

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