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Crave: Escape from Earth to 3 newly discovered planets, Ep. 117
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Crave: Escape from Earth to 3 newly discovered planets, Ep. 117

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NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered new habitable planets, but don't pack up your house just yet. Plus, we take a first look at Fujitsu's FingerLink touch-based projection scanner, and Project Unity lets you play up to 18 classic video consoles in one box.

They might it was Steve. -- He was developing a virtual touch screen device for paper. The device uses an ordinary camera projector allowing the touch based interface to quickly copied printed text or images by highlighting content using your fingertips. The projector shines and -- its frame that a user can resize by hand. The camera then scans crops and turns a selected area and -- digital files. Fujitsu plans to make this tech commercially available at some point in -- -- -- fourteen. Artist hang -- from Singapore is becoming well known first incredible 380 photo realistic paintings of aquatic life. Using acrylic paints in resident. Images he paints are so life like they look like they're about to jump out of the board. -- uses a layering technique pouring residential -- letting it -- containing one -- the aquatic creature. He did repeats the process and -- another layer. To get a 3-D effect two we use an object from nature to give the artwork depth in mass like this octopus pining for example we're used to -- for the octopus had. The series called alive without -- can be viewed on these deviant art with Flickr pages. A wealthy business -- in Hong Kong commissioned British craftsmen and lever furry purple pillows. Stuart Hughes to build a solid 44 carat gold iPhone 5 which is estimated to be worth fifty million dollars. I -- is decked out with 600 flawless white diamonds in a very rare 26 carat black diamond. Installed as the home button that has been in his daily for generation. Check out more -- devices crafted by Stuart Hughes including the solid gold iPad. In a solid gold Blackberry Bold it Stuart Hughes dot com. Complete fifteen classic videogame consoles with one controller using this box. Project unity contains the original circuit boards from fifteen classic game console. All powered by a single PSU and Al putting via a single -- cable. A modern known as bacteria took three years and 3500 man hours produce -- console and boasts of its ability to play eighteen different game console because the PS to play PS one games. The Atari 7800 -- 2600 games in the game -- will play GBA games. Here's a list of consoles that are currently supported by project community. Find out more about projects immediate -- by bacteria dot com. In Michigan judge held himself and contempt of court and ordered himself to pay a 25 dollar fine because his own cell phone went off during a court. When he learned a lesson -- teaching himself. And this is what happens when you use your giant iPad to make videos at sporting. -- A. -- NASA's Kepler space telescope recently located three planets in -- new planetary systems. That are the perfect distance from their sons to make them potentially life supporting for human beings. -- 62 after Kepler sixty QE and Kepler 169 C all fall within the criteria of a hospitable planet. It could possibly be -- greatest hope for getting off this rock. NASA scientists warned that there's no way to know for sure whether or not these planets do host life. But their discovery puts us one step closer to finding an earth like planet nearest stars similar to our site. Hi guys thanks for watching that show as always you can find all these stories and -- like a great dot And while you're there check out this week's crave giveaway we're giving away the great digital -- XBT waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Go to the blog and -- -- list. Since it is it is it's a bigger -- all type witty stuff. -- It featured a net amount taken video was gone on YouTube -- Security that it's already -- and it. It is a picture India. Yeah. -- -- That's pretty for -- -- your area. You know this is my I guess I'm utterly blowing in -- glow and they are right you said I don't men. How cool is that you -- -- adjustment easier.
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