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The 404: Ep. 733: Where we do it without glasses

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The 404: Ep. 733: Where we do it without glasses

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It's the first day of CES 2011 and there's already so much to talk about, so Clayton Morris joins us for a best-of today that includes the Blackberry Playbook, the Nintendo 3DS, 3D cameras, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Star Wars Blu-Rays, the Apple Mac App Store, gaming laptops, and more!

And you. Yes when it. I'm Wilson tang and I'm Justin -- and is the show where we do it without glasses you don't remember that. The class got -- I thought well what I can see you guys an appellate on dvds -- off. In general majority for the first part of our show today strictly in Morse -- Thank you get for having me thanks for roping -- it and I was eating I boxed lunch time. Your -- yes box ones yet widget but awaits the unhealthy as -- -- It's like three different types of junk food -- one and everyone has left the Apple there's an Apple box and that's like thousands of Apple -- scattered across the president right now. To save these for later this those so what is it easier because normally it's like -- I'm going to -- -- Caesar salad and they've got a ham Swiss senator ham Swiss cheese thing that's been there I think for a couple of hours. I got the last. Box lunch. Really there's an innocent little north of market. There's something wrong with it I'm sure. That's -- but now hard over isn't like that yeah it's at hand starts to get to be you know what's wrong but I think it's -- it's our pleasure you've been here that your or you're a long time a guest on our show we love having him whenever you can be available. Has your -- -- and so for other than the food. It's been good you know I think there's a lot more excitement this year than there was last years -- seems like there's a lot more categories that are interesting instead of just last year -- -- was anticipating. Apple's gonna do a few weeks later with the iPad and last year it seemed like all the talk was only around 3-D TV's -- right yeah -- I think they even more 3-D glasses on the show here last yeah. -- -- 3-D glasses and other like I'll take those off right -- I don't realize no one wants to wear them. It's a year to -- -- they cost like at least a 150 dollars each or cheap right and if you get a bundle of five some of the televisions coming with -- three of them are five of them. You know if you've got kids -- around here and you -- under their curriculum and ask them just. 150 dollars apiece so I think there's a lot of different categories -- -- that are exciting and we're certainly seeing a lot of accessories a lot of things. It seems like it took two years to get those add ons to a lot of the IOS devices that we were hearing about blood pressure monitors heart rate monitors and finally finally after two years but some really useful things like him. -- doctor Albert came up with this EE -- monitor that you -- right on your iPhone four monitors your heart rate -- be able to email your hard information -- -- doctor not have to worry about a -- coming your house on a regular basis. -- you -- like death. -- notice they only if I'm in need of medical. Little too late to have to wait for the Internet. I mean in -- defense and no one I guess regardless. Like known collectively click -- -- -- I agree with -- I think this is. -- of the most exciting CBS's. Since -- did you know been doing this because it's it's more than you know windows laptops and desktop machines. But we're actually starting to see things outside of -- now it's -- you -- open up word ten times faster. Great but it connected -- we were -- what Ford is doing here forward as the big huge presence is here at CS which is exciting. C a lot of the connected devices so I think there's a lot of categories and I'm excited to see. -- three cameras. Looking -- some of the different three cameras for the first time that you get to see a bunch of really like actually. -- full 3-D camera as well I mean Fuji you know Fuji rolled out their fine -- and the software is unusable by the way but I really the actual content you don't get it -- native software over the actual cameras itself really you know it's really interesting. Did with the dual dual lenses and taking still photos and an HD video and other consumer friends look at them. Yeah well on the device -- software -- right or you put on you know -- -- you can one you actually look automated desktop but that special software mostly you're looking animal on the device and I guess you could now put it over HDMI and through. You through your you through your three -- those glasses. No I mean these are that's what's great about looking at that type of cameras -- you don't need -- classes. LG also has a prototype. DTV and mobile television with the antenna system pulling me over the air signal. In 3-D. It's a prototype right now but with no classes so you start to see no. Last. Thing -- -- yeah. -- both speaking at three you've got to speak to the president Nintendo today yes about the Nintendo 3-D S right yes it's here it's it's really cool idea I never had a chance to actually sit down and play with -- Collect you know it's like how can expect river magic you guys remember magic guy look at campaigning to look for -- -- unicorn. I think I see you to call Dolores river that is like getting the book or something -- and then never be -- -- yeah. -- and -- -- -- anyway no he thought it would appear that. -- for an industry yes it's people like -- of glaucoma. -- -- -- Heard the part of magic got the way that worked was they they wanted you to cross your eyes they were like you're gonna go ahead and play with yourself -- With delivering the axis. Obviously doesn't require that -- there is a sort of I think half a second moment where -- you have to have your eyes have to sort of agree with history via and you think you're locked in Wilmington -- you know going back. And of course one of the big stories to come out a few weeks -- 3-D -- is about the age level the age restriction were playing with -- seven -- eight years -- don't be -- -- the kids because their eyes haven't fully matured yet. But you're not get him to handle -- I guess the theory in we -- -- -- -- the couple months ago. You can't just give my three PS2. You know take care of himself for the next couple hours and -- -- -- to back in an iPod Touch and I thought they'd prefer. Right regardless of what we've seen so far at CES I think we're all in agreement. That that that we do best of on Saturday forget. We're done we know we want right now already know it best it's already a best of CS. Calling it now calling it now it doesn't require batters -- the plug eating -- to do anything ladies and gentlemen. The Angry Birds board game. All of that is excited about this so they brought out to the stage yesterday and it was. The most unbelievable things thirty grown adult. Fully gonna build freaking out there it's like look like McDonald's and easily using a -- -- to pull back feed birds -- so -- it got it right. This does it out because -- 99 from the talent coming in May. An analog version of angry -- -- absolutely I'm okay with. I won't be able to so -- overburdened with -- digital technology -- just wanna go back to your Lagos now I mean that's the month basis because if I had that my sister was in the house I would forget the board game and I just be pulling back. -- -- my sister time. Speaking of which year Jeff had the brilliant idea of earlier -- maybe get the audience and clean and -- anyone else who wants to help us out. So we love Angry Birds the tip for Justin who has no soul. -- -- Now let's -- a we have little discussion about which Angry Birds we all look like. This is coming out really well this -- This if we had we have hungry. Shot on -- computer connected to there you go there the Angry Birds roster. Okay. So clearly clearly I think our friend -- now correct me if I'm wrong you guys can vote and change with your ideas. I think Justin is our little -- -- -- the -- yellow guy below. And I'll play it on a yellow is the -- Obviously you'll ever play along with me. Yellow Angry Birds now. Because he's been in pointy. Pointy and fast to get this -- breakthrough would easily. Looks like just the way which way as you -- 33 cents. I -- I can see it up and I couldn't go to let's go to Wilson clearly I mean this is that giving. Even your wardrobe supports the idea. Clearly dash. -- bomb one. You don't think sells them. I can just explode at any moment you know you once you touch something you're -- -- -- cnet's resident realized that basically Wilson -- happening. Right around anything. Have. A lot of things are killed in its present this via -- -- inanimate object so it treats with bird. A -- of the earth. Residents are glad that. On view we interviewed here -- -- you ready read one -- classic Angry Birds is water is all hell out. And it's ready to blow at any minute unhappy to be there I think it's true media even that's the angriest of all the birds -- I would think that that fits you well even the eyebrows are angry -- gesture. -- -- he doesn't get a lot of love it's the first got it yet. And he doesn't have any superpower -- -- have superpowers in the white guy drops of an a bomb quietly playing the game to Lanka's. No later than the -- -- bird -- its belief that all again yes. Just give it up -- -- enough so that would only -- Clayton who can we give Clayton right now about the eagle. Well and the mighty the mighty eagle -- recently and I I know about him that -- very that the cheaply and you have to pay 99 cents. Extra day to kidnap it's an in app purchase it's a lot of parents are finding the kids are. In app purchasing the eagle yet. -- -- this little in app purchase -- and it. Becomes -- -- right through the whole level -- destroys everyday. Yeah -- -- giant bird to be out UCC legal right if you ever done that she heard of it now I refuse to -- I wonder does the eagle come with the board game. Which is a good giant -- pleasure comes not. And again by. We got a lot more to talk about. Microsoft had their press conference last night I was I gotta say the least interest thing Microsoft. Press conference I've ever. He will we all know that you despise the company -- -- -- like every year they set this you know. I guess -- home a yes you're. And I think that's that's that's of the biggest change this year than anything else. Not all these manufacturers releasing tablets before windows thing is like such an afterthought. And last night's press conference was essentially. Connect right. Which you know -- it it was very it's very successful -- but it's not you know the windows empire right. And like it was just a huge let down great seeking user hands to what's Netflix -- different kind of a let down. I connected sold eight million units which is mind blowing. But I think that that would happen to know not another okay I. That -- the other batting zero or. Don't I think we've learned a lesson don't go to Jeffrey your prediction. Like avatars -- But you know I guess you look at. A case to the giving you the ability. To use your hands to control Hulu and Netflix. Now I have you tried doing that with -- -- content is you can do that now with the Zune. I've been tried it was soon I -- I like I mean and I liked the connect experience using your hands to go through menus to in the different workouts do in the different games. I can't stand the voice the voice activation. For connect to be played with the voice activation estate connect to go back to dismiss -- and Xbox Live Xbox was yet because it doesn't listen -- even the quiet room that you're gonna continue playing -- out. Yeah -- I've even and I even like covered my walls and pillows and had -- picture wasn't immediately and Illinois. And still wouldn't figure out what is what it was saying so that's a bit of a gimmick but I think. People are super and when you see kids with the first time actually playing -- in -- had all the stations set up at best buy us now when you go into a best by the had a connect station set up there. The head of Sony -- station set up there. It's -- -- was I was walking through best buys over there over Christmas. You see all these kids just jumping and playing it and their parents are standing -- -- -- I don't know what I have to get them it's here so it's like a no brainer. -- illustrate I would I was in Hong Kong. They were all these like connect who's in -- -- -- you know the GDR. Get dance dance Dance Dance Revolution that was that was it was huge in Asia. And I feel like this is like in home DDR is -- -- these things and people are just like performing. Now -- giant giant screens. Stages. And they were some that connect but people -- up they're performing dancing. I saw these really gonna be testing -- constantly for black ops guys ordeal a gun holster. For the I believe the the controller. Enough for for -- reflects box for connect. It was it was crazy I think you're inventing problems I mean this is the connect. Now I don't know was legit or for real this is this is Hong Kong but but but it does that's sort of. Slide the face of what -- expect from connect which -- you don't need a controller you don't need any of these things you I doubt that the that the universe if you're playing a first person shooter you'll is that going yeah yeah yeah I like this you know it's. I gotta say like the driving game that fell on what is the driving connection you're joy ride then I feel Wikipedia. Yes doing this. Like I did it alone in your studio apartment you don't know problem -- -- do every night I -- yeah. I apps -- secret. A secret fantasy about about doing -- doing to connect. Stance -- dance studio know what is it dance studio. -- central here. Which use I want to be as good as like Napoleon Dynamite. But I want everyone to think it was six to lanky white guy and -- like that -- -- in -- I've been in my apartment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just called it seamless web between delivering pizzas -- yeah -- -- and now when a DS has some built -- devote a to clear -- of yet. Virtual insanity and love and we'll. By you actually bought like a really cool gadget trailers and this is crazy isn't here it's rare that -- at CES in something stops you in your tracks and you're like wow I've gotta get my hands on that. Some of the show notes for I stole it if securities around -- -- I know they let me use -- show this off on FOX & Friends tomorrow morning. And they have different -- so this is from Tipton and it makes it C it's a steady cam. To dismount pop seniors and this is the iPhone four amount. They have flip flip Minogue mounts the old I older iphones and 3GS in the three G it snaps right into. Right into the -- that to me to funky abuse tactically. And -- -- so you -- carrier and this steady -- -- I mean how how is that practical. Well I mean you're not gonna take you know to get around if you're shooting little film Asia -- kids are kids are -- -- around the backyard so it's a steady cam. That no matter what -- -- Does that blow your mind one of America. -- -- it's well -- Copperfield spaced man. And -- I when I took it actually down the steps over here I actually took it down the steps of CES and I ran down the bottom steps and shot video at the same time and you can't tell it looks like I'm going down an -- at -- time -- so this I mean to me it's pretty cool what you get a little used to doing accumulate hand you know and in tunnels this. And you can run through so I was getting some city can't shots as it was going through the though -- the floor here and it looks like I wanna attract. It's -- -- hit preview videos. There you go well. -- that happens -- -- -- afforded like that. And -- -- -- that medicine and it's crazy how much is that gonna cost. Good question. I think there'd be -- with -- different amounts and I don't know that they have. I don't know that they have the price points because there's actually when you can put on with other -- quarters on top of it so I'm not sure about all the different price points but I think they're under a hundred dollars plus. You don't like when. Okay so steady cam the company -- and when I like they're mostly known for professional products and the moment I saw this. I can imagine so many dads. Somebody yelled at people -- only one who want -- to quality. Home videos. At the shaky message you know everybody like are put to -- to write this I mean don't think that this change. Is everything really be about a hundred -- carrying around this that he can I mean. It also does it takes it needs for you to zoom on the iPhone right takes you need to take city for -- to have to zoom away if you're soccer game -- -- -- -- hand down the -- to get great -- -- kits it's -- that's -- -- possibly -- one of -- Spielberg's -- -- I had -- up. I put out crap down noted some -- is gonna be popping this in his suitcase taken it on a European trip and his wife who knew what in the world you brought -- with you notice. I'll be out lyrical -- walking around getting shots -- I mean an end I know a lot of that -- Solarz this year and in the future ones. Produce like really high quality HD 1080. I mean like very very -- -- -- music videos even films I think a couple of TV shows are shot. On two or 3000 dollar DS LRs slap of those babies on top of those and there's really not too much of its -- -- -- I mean of course ten million dollars -- Millions of there and that you can produce a film like ai. -- -- -- you're right all the different mounts that they have the -- it's not just for iPhone is not just for flip and all the different hiring cameras -- -- And have some different different amount so it's not just this bottom piece here that might be to that one extends a little bit longer so yeah you -- you're taking steady cams. I don't know much about how the cost of a but I know for film project that thousands and thousands of dollars. If you read this right to -- go -- I've I've actually I've I've used Houston's that he can be myself. And it's it's crazy -- You can only -- for a couple hours before exactly tell bill that at a rapid and you're back and this like and it's incredible how far technology because. The iPhone itself does. 720 HT rights. I think it's stunning HD video on the iPhone as -- 720. -- on the microphones pretty good too so their districts have some pretty cool. Thanks for print out along Clayton. I wanna talk about the -- switch -- have you guys seen this so this is like the gaming product right this is. And it's I guess the best way to describe it. Is a PC portable gaming console. -- -- So RAZR and we have however it over here are Alienware laptops so -- sort of the size of these M eleven -- -- -- -- I think maybe it's a little smaller but what's cool about this thing is that the buttons. Our. That today they can have interchangeable icons -- like I guess they're like little LED displays each bullet. And every -- Can be programmed to. You -- fill up those spaces you can tell from the photo all those keys on there are custom made from whatever game it's on Saturday to -- -- Call of duty or something like that I guess I don't know how it how comfortable in will be a hand held. -- a keyboard with screen attached to it. But you know -- you customize you or did you the keyboard shortcut to customize -- I would imagine that's part part of the the deal. But you know RAZR we were read we love raisers that they make great accessories. This is. Very ambitious to see -- leads -- to -- Well here's your thoughts on my gaming laptops in general -- -- starting to we starting to see them go away no they're staying right here. And we love this -- whereabouts of the that's -- -- -- that another -- 400 pounds but I mean is that will receive we're seeing those large ones are we gonna see I just -- see as many choices. Whoever they PC game yourself PC gamer -- evidence -- on a laptop I just never gonna pull on your Lan parties and in the -- out you'll get crazy crazy land -- with these apparently pleased that he's been. -- a whole World of Warcraft. The basements and Pennsylvania area carpeting and rotting I'm just captures it is like mold spores and there breathing pattern and displays -- -- not yet -- finally -- myself up and -- Idea. I don't. Don't know like that type I feel like especially. But you have to say this I think that -- largest segment of the PC gaming population. Is still World of Warcraft routers okay that's fair again and I can be -- -- it's probably huge chunk of by the numbers and those gamers. Want like as many buttons on the keyboards -- -- -- ninety million short cuts to program everything. You know re load in all that it's dancer. Also if you look politically PC games on the go to buy these guys it's going to coffee shops selling -- thing -- it was -- -- really -- -- pilot plant placed him right you've got him out you got your tower even having set up -- -- good mouse. And you're playing in Starbucks menu erected so proud -- In my well -- aren't aren't going up instantly. Selling every yeah I did it. I don't know but it but I mean you know there is the market forward reminds you to people who go to -- to have the whole office set up ice pass somebody -- today's New York in -- at a Starbucks in have a printer. Now do you think you get a preacher and huge laptop and -- and any and everything set up the keys work and -- -- that's his office now one. I feel economic in the tech world you know that there's like these start -- incubators I really think Starbucks is by far the world's large is every time you walk into any Starbucks. It's college students and like. Start up entrepreneur who is sitting there yet you can't ever -- -- -- -- about -- Everest and world problems to -- what. -- this is why the reading -- -- -- angered Bernard I wanna talk about online you guys know about online -- streaming. -- PC gaming initiative. And they're building it into what -- -- But this. All lively. No -- non gamers right in the room I just explain it yet so quickly that he had some time this -- check -- online it's built into a line of video televisions now. So you know what we're talking met over the -- all the heavy computing is done all the graphic processing is done. You know remotely you're just sort of like -- -- that screen of of game. He knows do we know lead in latency times in Florida mean played around with the right a little with it but apparently it it performs well enough that the delay it doesn't affect your your -- you guys at any experience with online. Don't all jump -- -- I thought. As of today we have any way I see if you know it's really latency yeah. Little bit slow -- are also here there's all kinds of latency right so they could be an issue -- yet you know I actually. Beyond just the online thing I think is -- doing some interesting things and you know like the whole ecosystem of the B of plus or any of -- in the tablet -- you delivering in the phone. And -- here because I look at my my audience and I think about. I think about personal in this economy right museum has that footprint at wal marts and targets right and so they have that space already locked up. Low cost. But really well done televisions and be able to have that ecosystem this and we can get in on -- get a tablet get a phone. In it all works together is pretty exciting setting busiest -- some interesting thing. Yesterday like I it's hard to believe that just you know 34 years ago. That these young. Like people would laugh at county excuse you can't afford like a decent set and now they've got all these they. Frankly great products like those we've mentioned that tablet -- the phone yesterday right now the that another TV. Instead of just -- it's got that the best black level ever. And at this point I don't think anybody cares what it's like ten million or a hundred million to one. They're adding features like online built in game -- And I think that that's like the future like everybody thinks it's smart TV. It's gonna take off this year the local -- -- -- -- slowed down right but I think applications like this. You know I I can't believe that that the next generation consoles may be the last one that's not built into TV set. It yeah I mean like. The would as the PlayStation or Xbox 720 whatever it's doing and why is one jealous. Particularly those guys like Google TV are being built in -- You know everybody's interest -- Apple releasing an HDTV. It's not too hard to extrapolate. You know getting. Is not the best console experience a good enough cultural experience on your HDT. And it's running below also to -- it's not it's not running above Android is running below it from what I understand so it's. It has better access to the hardware is there's not as much latency but. You know again what you get some of these graphics intensive games you actually start to sit down you're away from CES -- it's really hard to test anything that's on any sort of a network here. Because you're getting just getting all sorts advertisers with Soviet just NBC once. Do we know a timely is that it is -- launching for as acute. -- -- -- -- -- -- You're gonna outlet anywhere that like I know that on my since intestinal -- -- god I wasn't even aware that the actual console can. -- the micro constantly -- -- console that typical let's let's switch gears I want to talk about tablets and wanna talk about the Blackberry. Playbook. Video again it's -- you had a chance thing to -- first time that they've they've had an actual working. Unit is just the video producers and an idea it's just been a it's just been hidden behind a glass enclosures -- -- can't I know so I have -- you Segovia to do have been running around like there should in my head off today but if you think it has the chance. I you know I have a lot of people who were excited about need to have a lot of people write to me and -- -- they're excited about the playbook that there are holding off to get a tablet until we see the playbook so. I think there's that I think there's that built in core group of people that love blackberries and they can't -- -- they can't wait to see -- that looks like. On a tablet and you know I think with a four G. On sprint I think yes it's a compelling product also love Motorola's. -- tablet mean so I think deduce who really incredible things that of course just walking you see 800 tablets all at once so the ones that stand out -- definitely the Blackberry Playbook but if you guys play with -- I have not gotten a chance had had to play with it it and I did get to play with the Motorola Zune yeah that it's a very sleek very cool looking device. But I'm a little you know wary because it's it's what the playbook was a couple months ago renounces the video. Like it when and when they gave it to us to play -- video. -- -- there's lots of you know after effects. We're happy -- I I did do some scanning through -- stuff and it was pretty fast it was not video stuff that I got to scan through so status screens beautiful. And you know I think it's I think it's the tablet that Android fans have been waiting for I think it's exciting and I think finally you know personally it's built for the tablet form factors we have honeycomb and -- finally built for the tablet form factor. Yeah I felt like to get Samsung galaxy tab for the first time to me -- -- had room to breathe. So now it'll be interesting to see -- fully -- inside the seven. Rules -- imagine honey come in yesterday Google. Released like a video demo -- the operating system it's the first software from Google that specifically designed for tablet. And I wouldn't say I'm very impressed at the UY. I don't quite understand it just yet. But -- I think it looks pretty cool. Yeah well what's with Switzerland -- -- it's definitely find out about it on Apple products. I. Witnessing history. July I -- -- -- you hate. Everything but Apple will leave Alienware laptops. Played a resume with the Mac through -- I don't know why I wouldn't actually very impressed you -- I think it's really sleek. On the counter of my idea of this attack and weird but I could really -- -- like that future yeah like on screen polygraph they hope you don't this -- it's really you know like if it screens. Futures Star Trek minority report all that stuff like I would see that built in with the connect. So what has that right usually uses you know waiter -- from groups and figure out who and we're gonna kill. Before we let you go than before break wanted to really quickly about Star Wars and other big Star Wars fan here come -- -- lunar day. What are your thoughts my thoughts are. Do I have to buy another version of starving. It of course -- this is dedicated to the ones -- It's just the extended one that'll have charge are being excellent in every extra scene that I could possibly you know I I bought the original VHS that I -- be the limited edition box at the one that slides up the blue and -- slides -- -- has the hologram on the front -- as the Star Wars book and all that stuff inside of it which was 890 dollars and I got. The original dvds and then I got the remastered updated ones of all the extra stuff shoved into it. Now gonna go buy a Blu-ray with some specs are special features -- these only ones that are available on through these are the ones through Panasonic right. I know I I I think that right now you can only pre order -- Blu-ray is now. On Amazon but yeah I -- you're actually -- like I got it I'll admit I own the dvd box that. -- the original it's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- number one they were there a number one selling it in the top ten they have like them the number one albums that whole week when they'll launch an iTunes is taking. Don't all these people already own them and at least the CD you advocate you know the hopeful and I don't just take stadium popular right -- you know I mean you know that Star Wars fans -- -- right out there I'm buying all of the all the blu rays right away I. It really getting better. Rate like this is 1080 PV. Like you're not gonna get they'll figure something that's still. A lot about three. -- accidentally another year from now yes it's one -- well. -- -- please don't we give -- -- Clayton -- -- the big round because they so much for being here. We gotta take a break. More -- -- live from CS 111. Right after this. It doesn't yeah. Yeah. It doesn't just past the yeah yeah. Use the full four lives from the CS. When he lived in -- -- -- you had me doing it to ride a little under the whether -- -- but. Reminds me a few like we should tell people what the -- -- was about this summer just came up to that's that's what -- keys like you on Saturday not hockey so we should try to justify why we're here where you have this magazine cut out but apparently. This -- let's explain first of what what -- for upwards we apologize for the pain it. You're recorded audio okay. Mistakes made. You know we're sure the daily web show where we pick apart. Bits and pieces of the Internet that we find funny -- you -- use the Internet is pretty stupid. And we like to make fun of it on ideological before for its live every -- 81130. AM eastern time. And there's a chat room you can join -- before afford dot cnet.com. Yet stipulated happens elsewhere -- hold up. -- the only people that yes I believe with stickers. To help explain where. 44 terminology. Stems from. An anonymous fan of the show was nice enough to submit. This sort of 404 lexicon identifier thing I'm gonna read from this right now. You know it's sort of like the dictionary definition of world war -- number one notices might seem obvious number one is. The number proceeding 405. There are loaded up I literally I wanted the case that you couldn't figure that number -- number -- it happens to be the Atlanta area code which we found out -- a lot of our trans Atlantic call up the pipeline in you know -- it right right exactly. Number three is like the real reason that real -- the web page. You know error might retaliate -- never -- and I'm not joking number four. The worst podcast on the -- pop up. Now it actually says clueless but that president mr. oh so that's the definition of Italy here at -- yes. Very exciting stuff. Let's move along to some stories we have Justin -- the floor -- resident food. Aficionado writes clearly you eat a lot aficionados touches like terrible from reliable food content through constant -- it's okay if if it won't kill you or take five years of your life -- just know the body. -- -- -- -- -- And to prove that -- wanted to show yet this Campbell's chunky soup wireless looking case. Apparently you have -- -- room floor. This is actually a publicity that you can cook on EE coupled power cable. So this is taking advantage a lot of companies is our Mac business. Lot of companies releasing these wireless. Charging station right -- couple hours now and all you have to do is put -- coupled to the two but the store on. Top. -- Press either low medium or hot. I cooked for you. Feel like my eyes there's no chance -- get cancer I -- -- -- to have LED lights on. -- don't want my stoop to the electronic. Active dialog with net you know with real food and and what if this thing you know it's only ever cooks in the microwave that bubbles over. The life can't get it -- -- -- this technology. You're taking a chance that's true will look like I'm not telling you gonna -- speak on this. I have it that way. Out you. Mean like -- look at the whole wireless charging you think in all it. -- -- like you think that's really cool about having to load up in the charger phone and wireless charging pad that your iPhone on top chart you know like for people like you. Which used for years to consider buying like any. I guess he wireless merged yet why stuff you guys if you add people to cook for you -- public self. So I mean anything to help cut down on cooking times the little guys elaborate call for it yet. That's been. But with so -- humanity. Like 01 of their applications do you think of is that I'm assuming this that the oil or something inside of it. Heating at this news ago we talking -- later down there. It's. Here. The kitchen of the future we'll just comprised of power Mac -- and use this machine and -- and then you'll help hydrate your pizza like an -- in -- -- -- -- That that it out pretty cool that I do with them and really my own mind. One must have like microwaves. Refrigerator. Who -- it there. Quietly you -- If you're gonna come a long way wireless look at that I don't all the things to digitize that suit was alive he. -- that you mention OT just before the show started it was the Verizon press conference. They you know most of it was about Skype. So there there and Andy rolled out their plans for OT. It wasn't I wasn't really super adjusted anything that was right going on an advocate -- -- -- Let's be honest with your -- is a -- as vice president at all everybody's been anticipating the Verizon iPhone last -- and images of the I guess the skeleton of the iPhone. Leaked out. And it looks a lot like the iPhone four by. It is a slightly different shaped uterus locker and people are speculating this is what the what Verizon -- released in May actually be like a world phone. That'll work anywhere that has -- has -- GSM compatible. Slot it. So I'm excited about that and everybody was sort of hoping that Verizon would have announced the iPhone. And it's -- yes that didn't happen but Apple. In typical fashion did release something this morning. It was the Mac app store right. Clamoring to get the stuff you're just keep -- manatee -- made -- story. So Wilson explained to us. What's the Mac app store. And what's -- all about the Apple took the you know the IOS apps store and decided deported -- the Mac. And now you know a lot of the sort of date with a big vote there are a lot of Apple applications that that you could just purchase with your iTunes ID. And Sony computer never have to worry about the updates I had a chance for swiftly with -- yet has built up the my my Mac here. But it it seems like a really -- the concept words operating systems. Down the road I think windows -- enjoyed obviously already has wonder what it it's how people can get software and future. I don't think anybody's ever really Kinko's store anymore. After a couple years from now nobody have been go to store to buy software just like -- now nobody's ever -- store to -- video game. Right we'll I think that's dirty happening I mean I mean I think you've you've talked about -- on -- Palm Pre game here. Not. Do you think like PlayStation four or anything like that's gonna happen this case wouldn't imagine the next. Round of consoles and I don't think they're coming anytime soon. But you -- imagine they're still gonna offer some sort of physical media drive you just I just can't see them maybe they'll offer you know -- version with the drive and a version without. Something like that I just can't see them just eliminating it you know it -- it from one jumped one generation to the next. That said though I think when -- -- said and done. The next generation of games you know when that generation is over with I think the vast majority of of software will be consumed on a download only days. It's -- that seems like a loss for the video game players. I mean I don't I don't game itself right you remember the Nintendo where we you have to actually have the cartridge rhetoric and get dirty yet to. You're seeing -- senior sustainability you feel bad video game. Into the console it's important to be gaining about the insertion yes yeah like that I mean -- -- -- that's the one point of delivering up that's -- -- -- -- -- table you wanna get up off the couch and walked over to the content and that's humans that's my exercise your exist where did I like getting in your apartment would just -- -- one -- -- here. Is that the need pretty close all my studios kind of hear -- I have to step over the toilet. -- -- -- -- I've not had the Murphy's bill like and we notified -- the toilet and accidentally gone gone you can grant -- I can look. Out of benevolent people but the conveniences. It doesn't really matter -- I really do think like the app store. You know a lot of a lot of tech -- -- of think of it as Apple's way of controlling how people using the computers here. This doesn't preclude people from its own their own software but what I actually I really do think. That it opens up. -- I guess -- more users. To downloading and buying software. I've never I've never bought so much more software in my life and -- iPhone. -- put it it might open the door but at the same time I think it closes the doors. Okay because it's. This is just took the writing on the wall is very clear -- -- -- -- Is that. -- Apple software on -- -- platforms is gonna have to go through this you know Mary street but that's violence but nobody wants their cell phone -- -- I understand that -- you know. It's sort of just takes away that open source. I think that you can still install like the same kind of apps on Mac the last I think that -- now. I think that's -- to be honest I think that's going to be around for awhile I actually believe that. And act like -- -- I think that it opens the door for a lot of people would download software that they'd never experienced before. Because he wants to go to like Wal-Mart or you know best buy. By the dvd spend -- -- to install it than just having you don't like. China in the app store or pick up an informal people who who who has bought actual software physical software it was like on to a store in the past year. And -- and software. Q gentlemen three gentlemen this is yet -- -- yes so that's I think. I within the same thing most of what I do on my computer. Besides editing and final. Is through the browser that's everything that I -- -- All my time -- -- on FaceBook that can. On the -- And then I don't do. That time I wanna start talking about unity the first official day. Got a live audience you guys are very we appreciate you coming out sitting down. Even if you're just tired we appreciate your tired -- What have you guys seen the British out out because we are like what you guys seen so far that is really blown you away. Released minis. And are nothing. But hey Andy can you plug that into law. You -- just needed. Really okay okay that's cool anyway anyone else like an a product like -- You can plug it -- no one has seen anything like what it. -- -- -- -- Then again yeah -- -- -- and our friends over here you guys seeing anything that's really blown new language the I'm not it. It's -- hooking right there or work. So Wilson what about you today that you found time to walk around it's -- one thing that's -- you know I'm gonna go back and drawings that there. It was I'll be honest so far it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Really I've been very I'm really impressed with the product I think that it's the sort of like first. Into a anything that I would really consider buying. That it sort of really differentiates itself from. From the iPad -- recording this is this is never had a couple. Of days ago I I I think that if if it works like the way the video for trees -- I think -- be really it's the product right. One and really cool thing that I thought. About it was that they see that the communications are the three G in the forgy. It's actually interchangeable. So you can take these zoom. Into a Verizon store and if you bought three G version you can they can switch it out and install LTV. In ten or something like that. And it'll still works I really act -- I think that. That's the biggest differentiator. Everything's gonna live in the -- -- -- I'm not so worried about whether to get that the sixty gig versus the 64 gig virgin anymore. All my emails that moment works ethnic I don't really plan on editing video on a tablet anytime soon. An -- and as -- on floor though -- But it but I think that the zoom is is a very distinct product really really like it. I think that it for me besides the Angry Birds we're going I can't stop thinking about. Just the -- other then the inside of your hotel room. What has been the most exciting thing here it's the well Andy printers and peripherals editor here at CNET please stop last. So -- -- rats and I saw the need of it or not the guys that make the argument yet they -- Swiss army that has a built in solid state drive you know that goes up to a 120 gigabytes. By -- not just talking like that blocked -- -- CNET but it is. Pretty cool and -- -- -- version and you -- to get airplane friendly ones without an I'm okay. With in his palace is it gonna hurt when you -- opportunities -- right you can buy the one without tonight that'll get you through the scanner. Just fine so that's pretty cool -- storks come along -- -- -- -- at says the drive and affordable it is the -- would he display. You don't -- No pricing yet. Hopefully we'll be too expensive when -- don't think that -- can write. But customers really mattered the it's like pulling things off my friend's hard drives. You know word files and -- -- them. I don't have anything like that anything -- -- the US no movie Baghdad. Nothing like hours of music movies on your computer you can have. Internet man. You guys haven't seen anything you've been on the show floor all of -- life. I wouldn't you think about I don't know if this is -- -- -- CES floor. But the the virtual remote. For a lot of these you know tablet that the iPhone and iPad. -- from falling prices so -- talking about. Couple manufacturers have come out. With the they're not. Virtual their physical joystick and on that is sort of like you know -- just like suction a joystick on to your iPad. It's it's cool it's kinda interesting I'd like a better leader there -- go on wow it's it. -- take up this photo of what we're dealing with. You basically adding nine you know like. Multi directional joystick how to cut your -- with your iPad will you know when you play like pac man on the ninth there's a virtual you know being in the corner and just -- wherever it is. And I guess you sort of to center that you stick hello -- completely cool it's it's -- little ridiculous it's like taking the most advanced product humanities ever you know hey Mac. And I all not let's bring it back to 84. Three. I'm -- -- is that. But there's two products -- of note. There's one from think geek. And that is the silver -- we think you see there -- -- company. I forget what a typical 110 design or something like that. They've come up with another -- in deep head -- device and one. And I think it's. It's a smart idea how long it if you're familiar with the way I feel about -- -- gaming I'm in you can you want the that's. Your -- I wanna I wanna attach some sort of casing flame bit like an avid directional than a couple I you know I think it's the I always like about the cracked the last time -- right that's -- -- play your -- Many people play I'd -- games. Because they are taking is alright -- audience you know you're playing a game with a virtual joystick and all of a sudden your thumb is like. Allen left feel like how to get over there it's very. We'll that's the point return to me that. And that as far as gaming is kind of what period a life -- -- posting anything else in the gaming world. Well I'm gonna go back to the three ES just because. You know no one really expecting -- -- of the year you know it's sort of leaked out -- -- they might be here we don't know what they're gonna have. I would like is that it was lucky enough to play with it. Be the cool thing about it I didn't really understand it's -- likely with it. The 3GS the top screen is the 3-D screen up. And it has an adjuster slider on it and you can control. I guess -- nor -- you wanna get. You know you can either eliminate the 3-D effect altogether. Or you can intensify it to the point where you're really in like -- In your face it that's the thing that -- that's a good thing you brought up. The three yet its more inside it it that the effect goes into the screen rather than hopping nothing it's like flying answering them right -- which is why I keep bringing up the magic guy. -- now on -- you know. And but obviously there's no -- crossing. That -- -- that happens it Nintendo -- -- -- talk with the story yesterday about them warning against kids under six using the three yes right did you ask them about that. Don and other and he wanted the media and -- -- of its gonna damages eyesight if -- -- -- gonna make -- go blind and hopefully I don't -- it was only the devices that kids -- I mean I mean look it's no secret -- just -- -- from the TV -- for five hours -- time anyway. Look with all devices hand held game you know in moderation. Take a break there's a whole magic world outside with the sun -- isn't Wimbledon -- still you know it's healthy to do that. Every every now and then and I think that's the rethink the way it's -- -- -- But the oil or just a little editor and place -- yet at the computer but the computer. Down. Those is pretty experience outside now -- there is. -- -- But we're getting -- them. Show we we should actually -- something to -- we've got the next big thing coming up. In that I believe it's the north hall right here. Some apps we have some have -- -- you can you can check out all the latest. CNET news CNET TV CNET review -- Absolutely -- the latest news coming from the convention if you're not here if you hear yeah I know you can't get around. Everywhere you can't be everywhere here convention hall it's it's really -- I was playing with the the CNET lie about yesterday. Streaming it was gorgeous video quality -- -- if I'm curious to hear how many people. Of our fans -- -- 44 listeners because you're listening let us know. I -- how many people were able to consume the shell and I don't -- -- guys tried it out it is the mobile app. Yeah -- got a little half and -- there. The Android and the iPhone. Right on an -- -- -- the mobile web site and go to cnet.com for you know. Absolute -- coverage from CES. Get the next big thing coming up at 3 o'clock that's with Molly Wood and Brian Cooley will be talking about. Life after the PC. And I. Untested and if we're gonna have and giveaways. -- -- -- if anyone wants. Alienware bad with or horse figures even -- Diggers and I mean that's the future of interactive technology. To make sure you do that again and see that's. Continuing a live coverage of CS 111. Continues. The next big game. Hollywood and Brian Cooley and talking about. After that. Back to the North -- right now. -- -- -- -- All the rest -- 2011 lets you guys tomorrow great show thanks -- everyone coming down watching us live on Jeff Bakalar. And -- -- you everywhere but -- Thursday we'll see you tomorrow live radio. -- -- --
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