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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1486: Franken-mouse and up-skirting Roombas

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1486: Franken-mouse and up-skirting Roombas

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On today's show, scientists discover that shocking tiny artificial brains with electricity produces the equivalent of short-term memory. Apocalypse nigh. Also, the Supreme Court rules against Microsoft in the i4i patent case, Apple goes Calvinball with a NEW RULE that says they won't take a cut of in-app subscriptions. Plus, Citibank got hacked ... a month ago. Thanks for the heads up, guys.

-- -- 2011 might even though I'm Donald Bell's I have Hollywood -- -- allowed fitness podcast of indeterminate length episode 14186. Brian Tong was supposed to be on the show today but he is -- -- -- -- guy that thought that from entering and you catch up on all the work any influence on -- which does sometimes happen that we -- many other shows here today. But I do this in -- ago. View now Apple tired old equipment that's. But being comparable Donald bell has agreed to put aside his own other work and -- at today and Thursday that there is they've been allowed appearances like my my standard I feel it uses. My name -- rock it's a thing yet it did you look forward at -- at all week long -- baton payday I hope it. As if the Fed up with the amount of -- Lithia really -- to play him. -- curator because we have got the -- -- planet ever thought it doesn't but it's evident Billick all the tech news -- out party last night. And stayed out really late and just rolled out of bed at like ten -- that just keeps contrast enters them and ignore -- nine things that just popped up on Twitter. And go -- the stuff we discovered right before the show alone. Which is that among other things the US Supreme Court. Has ruled against Microsoft in the I four I patent infringement case and has let stand at 300 million dollar ruling. My job is going to have to pay the 300 million dollar rule the a three in a million dollar fine. Though authority levied against them I four I with a company that says they own the patents covering technology that kind of covered custom XML. In word and so it's been an ongoing legal battle -- -- -- had to modify some functionality in word at one point. There was like an injunction that was gonna bar them from even selling the word program. In the -- it's a big deal damn well you know economics the world programs. Economic probably does it wasn't just XML -- there was like a really specific custom XML document creation process super wouldn't even lake. We've only you know -- Patented the idea of -- -- -- -- it was actually in the process by which you would manipulate the architecture to create custom XML document. It was a little confusing. But it was -- it was a big one because Microsoft had really. Argued for watering down some of the standards when it comes to patent infringement. On. That actually you potentially a little bit of -- -- at some pretty big bummer for -- -- -- whether big government can. Absolutely. But is a big -- -- in for -- software patent. Accusations in general I wish that actually it's funny -- Gillespie is our legal advisor in the chat room extraordinaire is here in San Francisco today. But -- in court -- they can't. -- and a chat room and he was -- gonna sit in on the show we would totally put him on here to explain this would happen if he's suing Microsoft and probably now. -- currently in under US law a patent this is what -- -- had attempted to change and this is where they have far reaching implications coming. A patent is presumed to be valid. -- so if you are accused of infringing the patent. Then you have to be the one to prove that you did not infringe the patent and establish clear and convincing evidence that you didn't. Microsoft is hoping gaming you know which makes sense obviously the patent office approved the patent and so -- underlie its perceived to be cracked. Microsoft at wanted to have that standard Lucinda though so that they could establish the in validity of patents by eight. Preponderance of evidence. But that had to be their -- -- Well all those are -- -- obviously been with the proponents of -- evidence is Microsoft and other bros come up with that I know Camara and probably we did this. Before these guys in the patent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really know that flavors -- ability is that the broad standard or -- actually a preponderance of evidence that early. And -- -- -- not by -- it. Even a little bit. -- -- -- to nothing decision in which Chief Justice John Roberts did not participate. -- up Amy -- -- Also Steve Jobs blinks. Pretty big news this June as we know was the deadline. For in the big the -- in -- subscription policy to take. Effects -- Apple had previously. Changed its terms of service. Giving app developers with this June deadline by which they had to change their apps that they offered subscription. But they they -- gonna be able to they had to offer. Subscription options within their Vaio desktop -- right at the -- price or better. As they offered outside of the -- so that Apple could take a 30% cut of any subscriptions. Or purchase I think purchase options tailored for buying yeah yeah definitely that. They and they ardidi data Ingrid pagan Kennedy an -- that had -- that was the -- it -- if you had to yet exactly -- to sell the books or sell a subscription. Or sell the music or whatever from inside -- I -- that. Give Apple a 30% cut. And you -- gonna be allowed to link out from the -- to like an alternate store. Where people could -- or subscribe. Amazon ala Amazon so pandora was freaking -- because they were saying that rarity pay licensing fees we can also offer -- you know purchase. Options for song and -- -- you -- of that. And that Amazon was of course like the big one that everybody was saying well okay so they've got this Kindle reader -- Apple's -- -- you have to let people buy books. For your Kindle reader app. From within that happening can't link out to the Amazon store. And then there was some -- that they might not even let those reader apps continue to exist. So that like. All content like if you if the could obviously that -- you'd want to deal with the developers to have people go and get. The content like that's that's -- this subscription content or abuse become subscribers outside of the app that. You become a subscriber -- near your home computer something outside of that IOS. Like -- interface or experience. And then -- -- on the content instead of having to give up 30% cut every time someone would subscribe within the Apple purchase something with in the -- And so that they also those I was like don't try to hide the features of being able to buy within the app to. Yeah which it would figure actually -- to do sadly yet -- -- to so the new two terms of service the new rule how they backed down -- at a Red Hat to Steve Jobs or manage it exactly it's. For one thing they did it. Very quietly they dislike instead it says are hundreds and like why do you have a press release that -- like where meet in friends with third with -- you know our subscriber. Clients here like -- Forbes were buddies anyway. They -- quietly rolled out the new rule which says apps can read or play approved content specifically magazines newspapers books audio music and video. That is subscribed to or purchased outside the app as long as there is no button or external -- in the -- to purchase the approved content. Ranked as the first part of -- and now you don't -- than the new rule again. The -- and then the second part of that is Apple will not receive. And obviously any portion of their revenues for approved content and subscribe to your protest outside of the Apple. -- -- Figures spell that out actually you know I don't get -- cut if you go buy some stuff that they -- If the latter now I'm I'm -- worried that somehow something ad -- somewhere. They had to pay some money over to Apple though they're not and I'll probably though they're not -- they're not requiring people to. Give them a cut or sell itself via Iowa -- from within the -- but they're not -- I mean so I don't understand right now the Kindle reader app on the iPad or the iPhone does have a -- out right that says. Go to the Amazon store are -- not gonna be allowed to have -- model. Thinks I think it means a lot of these apps are gonna have to be like reader only apps and that the content you add to be connected to you outside of the -- Sandbox. Athletic -- in the ludicrous but seems ludicrous to little silly at least you know -- -- having to complete the tweak these apps so that. Like apps like pandora necessarily have to get at whole version of Apple's iTunes inside of pandora just that I am yeah yeah exactly. Which which many people that without was totally untenable there were some developers were saying we're gonna leave over that mean. Even now like it. In a way I'm almost sorry that Apple is playing their usual game of Calvin ball here like he -- all -- -- -- numeral. Because like forums was saying at some plainer in the Financial Times -- -- -- of the the Financial Times announced just a week ago that it was developing a web application rather than a software client. -- offer its content to readers and you know you know me like I'm. I am totally pro like I think HTML five and the web should solve somebody's weird App Store balkanization issues and if you are -- -- -- company that makes -- money -- subscription. -- does don't play. -- -- -- not fun for anybody except Calvin. No announcement at no idea but I like the idea of the change in the rules as they added the old cartoon about Donald of the comic called counter -- my -- -- -- -- Calvin -- the. Area and I -- count. Yet though -- and then there was a game and help -- out on humans is general agreement. Okay now we -- knowledge a -- -- and I enjoy it more now I'm gonna go back ha ha that's a. While allows patch and I is a good -- Anyway the good news they get for everybody is that like all of the apps that you love aren't marketed with like bolts from the platform. The bad news is that name you won't be able to go to the Amazon store to purchase more books for your Kindle I would assume. Via those IOS -- Or maybe that is applicable texting and says hey you know maybe you should go and just go in safari and -- Amazon in the netbook that way. But there's no link here but let me explain -- you -- -- it and at. I -- get like a little pop -- like methods like. In order you can get new books into the out by going to Amazon.com though in some ways that has dramatically reduced the what what they're doing is attempting to I think. Dramatically reduced the functionality of any app that offers services that compete with Apple's -- services. So -- -- at that that that's a fun game so unlike Apple to do that and than and a I'm sure Android users there are -- -- in the -- probably. Citibank and other news -- -- has announced that. Apparently it has become the latest profile high profile victim of a large scale cyber attack in which a lot of customers personal information was stolen. Some 200000. City -- cardholders -- -- The only good news about that. Is that they. Information it was stolen was mainly names and email addresses not. Social Security numbers birth -- card expiration at and TVV card security -- Although that seems to suggest that some credit card numbers themselves -- all -- -- -- -- to be an extra like. Phishing scams like Intel values it was something that looks like a Citibank official email to get that actual log -- and password information the user right. And then they can get -- information. The other thing that flashed -- pointed out is that apparently this happened a month ago. And Citibank is only now telling people that it went on well -- -- at Sony. If you will. In the that delaying the notification thing but they're just -- one of you know growing number of companies that obviously suffered attacks like that lately me. So if -- that -- card holder. Change your path -- I don't and your privacy questions like Yuma here -- name yes. Take your dog's name change your dog's name is that if technical fix that yeah they're very confident that -- -- kick back in time left for violator is -- and also changed the name of your first that -- And where you -- -- of them. But on that note actually this is really interesting a court has just ruled the district court in Maine. Has ruled that a bank. Cannot be held liable for hacking -- and which I think 300000 dollars was stolen. From someone to count them from once -- countless. -- -- Good for them for having the money it yeah anyway. They found that the user in that case the person -- account with compromised. Was the person who was responsible for securing that account than it that the -- it's not the bank's fault. That the the password or whatever was hacked it is that up to the victim to. Maintain security and take accurately haven't been that your password as password you deserve to have -- money taken away. -- -- your password is like. Perfectly good but these security questions that are offered so maybe the bank for example doesn't require like a capital letter and the numbers -- And their security questions are so easily guessed that -- like available via a Google search ray and that's how someone was able to break in the turbulent. Yahoo! mail account when that happened because they were able to Google information about her. Find out some stuff like where she went to high school and where she was born -- mother's maiden name was and then use that took him retrieve. The password from Yahoo!'s system in so eight the fact that it was the burden so. For one thing it puts the burden on customers to an extent that it it potentially -- the bank from having public. Actually -- decent security protocols. And also they're saying that it may not that those are the kinds of things where. There's a lot of discussion now whether over whether the industry's recommended practices are a -- are relevant at all. In a world where. Your PC. May be completely under the control of them and -- -- if your PC is part of a botnet the entire machine has been compromised. But it doesn't really matter how good your password is a -- keystroke logger on your. Machine when you get this when the grandma -- I just wanna run for the old -- -- yet that's -- and it knows it. And -- -- unplug and it's gonna unplug. Yeah it. -- there really is an interesting ruling -- being. Potentially a pretty. That well then -- -- get to the whole thing of like long and make a really obscure password that even I'm going to forget anomalies in the last path. To remember it and then last ethnic. I write better bet violent -- -- cops already -- I mean that is like now on -- -- Europe and that doesn't make sense accurately okay in the old days would banks for started it's not like it was the onus was on -- to use that a stand there with my pitchfork. Outside of the -- -- I take it to the bank because the bank is the one with the -- And they're really really good at. Blocking vaults via like an that it makes no sense to me that there could be a court ruling -- RE DD seven better password like. That -- -- -- or easily trigger it. Meteoric compel me to make a better -- -- like some of -- -- don't even they give you guidelines are like. I arguably I get frustrated sometimes when when the site wants me to make like. Password has a special character in the LBE numbers and I feel least eight characters long and -- -- only guys serious -- had to do all this is that. Register a password for you know whenever gas -- -- prisoners -- a fairly. I know I would seriously like them then they play a part you -- like our Internet password requirement. Are more onerous than my bank ridiculous there's not on an out two factor authentication they don't require -- have a number in there and then the security -- -- -- the -- in your town. Yet like they -- that no it can't put that -- back on. -- In the golden hills -- and butter and -- -- are ignorant and then Danielle I'll mention anti technology probably can better and better. Just to barter a -- and a -- point if you got out of the -- -- big points right. The future of the -- and -- about it beyond me to protect my money that I use your money you like me now -- Put it -- in corn stock. I am reading on numbers Delorean out simply -- -- I can probably in the blink of. At this vitally speaking. Six apart that is ripping the bars speaking of security essentially had to admit that security -- in its Movable Type of product. Are to be blamed for the recent hack of the PBF dot org website. While long -- and they have released updates to plug that security. It's like the first followed just just now they said they issued the first Movable Type -- and the PBS hacking case. They're at least they're mandatory security update to popular -- museum Hadley no -- I like and telling people -- about this thing up pretty excited about that -- bummer hunter. They of the companies -- the impact of the vulnerabilities in its product did in fact allow hackers to quote create read or modify the content in the system under certain circumstances. Suggest you update an ftp that -- -- understate the hopefully Anderson you. If that's all bummer right. -- creek had 2011 really -- the year of like massive security fail you now like maybe eleven the year when that when all of the really smart people in the darkness does relate. It. Let's go a little. Trying to do well. -- auto the painful enough pretty fantastic you yet made it FBI will get -- people who actually know things about technology instead of putting people in charger is like. I am not qualified to do this member that's -- announcement in the history of the year after I'm not qualified to stop hackers. The teacher but I needed jobs thought you'd hear it and say I wish the FBI would stop making me be the candidate yet and you -- factors that an amenity that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- but when we come back. We will have even more is scary news about all the -- -- with your webcam is spying on you you personally are probably gonna cause the airplane to crash. And then this pattern around then hopefully some good news about forgiveness but he at least you got it bad enough that it. While the maximum allowed everyone I'm Molly Wood joined by Donald bell and -- beat him at the control. Just sit back bigger and more and more scared of LAV and yes -- -- I also want -- -- the Internet I don't like this job. And make everybody happy. It's -- me doing well breaking on my microphone -- felt like crap anywhere on the employment of what of -- I don't know got hacked. Love facts. And all of our excellent like -- -- I'm excited empty enough on them a little bit about. -- -- -- -- -- re enact into oblivion. -- not a -- -- today. Remember that Philadelphia school district that was embroiled in controversy because the teachers -- right I think. Had to use the student issued laptops to secretly record. All kinds of images. That's still going on -- death now -- -- there's more coming out I -- -- -- -- even part of the same case. Or if it is. Yet another instance. Of that recording but apparently. One specific boy has filed a new allegation saying that. That one laptop collected more than 8000 images of him. Whatever is appalling -- -- -- this thing of like -- creepy Kirby groundskeeper Willie from Simpson's -- from -- involved in packing -- Kids' computers and spying on and that's really keeping the it deeply creepy -- -- -- -- -- the latest lawsuit I think it is related to the -- case it's not like they issued another laptop. But they said that this is the the amount of photos that were found. On at this point it at this is awful because as part -- -- FBI investigation and a lawsuit brought by a different student. A judge contacted this boy's parents informed him of the -- And then showed them that they had 4404. Webcam photographs and 3970. Its content captured with this one. District issued Mac but the largest publicly known -- number of images secretly recorded in the webcam scandal. Imagine how you'd feel as a parent -- -- an 8000. Images of your child. I should return his laptop with but if -- It was free can't scroll. I thought it was buying a bit if that it was recycling. That there is -- -- left out real real cheap. Mean while they didn't care military today that -- Orange County California Mac technician who apparently rigged the women's web cam. Indeed every the MacBook webcams -- what that it now -- to allow him to spy on them while showering and interesting. In their homes he with twenty years old and apparently had thousands and thousands and thousands of images of naked women on his laptop. And computers and you admit that thing is. It wasn't just like creepy spying peeping Tom dot com. Heretic and that this guy went so far as you install software -- a little bit code on these -- that would send error pop ups. Instructing them to this is actually this hypothetical matter -- -- Imagine like telling -- friend that he it would fit that pop up would say oh you need to -- your internal sensor soon. One of the troubleshooting techniques you could use is two -- your laptop near hot steam. For several minutes to clear the sensor. -- then of course all these men would be like well I don't -- -- think we have water running I get that level of wee bit about their let me Arctic shower. I. Think this sensors almost fixed please rub this computer on your moves right now. Almost there. Political love aren't -- malfunctioning -- they'll malfunctioning a little bit. Maybe if -- debris actually inch hypocrite. At that guy. Right next week next week is good news story -- -- -- -- rumors to like molest you while you sleep. We're like. I'm gonna go away from that happening chatter but regarding -- -- already. Blake that's dirt up skirting the room but scandal of deep down June -- -- -- and how much worse could it get. Not there is nothing funny about thank them for help but. -- be -- -- -- would double its -- evil. Wow you -- Jonathan in the world and you're steam since he's been re calibrated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also okay I don't know I'm gonna start with I think I don't -- However ABC news is reporting the result of an investigation. With Boeing with a Boeing engineers specifically it's something mainly -- one source. And pilots and engineers saying that they've identified. 75. Incidence of problems on their aircraft and that they think are specifically tied to. Those people who don't turn up their phones and electronic devices during development Molly Wood. I put in an airplane mode. Same -- and now -- knows that the thing though there's one Boeing engineer did get it. Is the screen not on. Among the problems that they identify that they think they think are linked to signal interference. Auto pilot is engaged by itself. Left GPS is not reading correctly and that -- and -- Rapid changes in cabin altitude and altitude control well. Boeing engineer David Larson -- interference occurs when signals hit highly sensitive electronic sensors hidden in the passenger area. That's in -- about it in the act and that the sensors are particularly vulnerable in older planes. Which this. So with the Mythbusters -- on a couple years ago because they were investigating this as well and they they did as much testing as they could the FA wouldn't let them tested natural airplanes though. What are they trying to hide. We'll -- what happens right like. If it's all true. Aren't they just put out -- -- has -- -- video it'll happen. Don't you -- That -- -- be like okay well I also like how many more stories to we have to have about how phones are trying to kill us before -- Fish -- I think maybe it's a bad idea that our Smartphones -- Yeah I don't we're gonna look -- we -- acquainted yeah that's phones that are trying to kill you. But that but admit that's as -- said yes in an older and very small plane the electronic interference can affect the system's of the plane. That but if there's sufficient shielding it shouldn't be a problem. But then that leaves -- so that -- -- I mainly put the story in here today because. Of this the voicemail that we got that kinda goes right along with it the have a parent yet you. It. -- went through this is -- and Minnesota. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he -- -- the -- about damages where it basically says Apple's popular isn't intended for use in aircraft or situation of people to. So those same term -- iChat right. And I remembered that Alaska Airlines and decided I'd -- all their light candles which kinda seems like a violation of you to -- And like you kind of a moment for me and -- wanted to share of the show. The two day that are often at that line actually learn information from mile reading by deep respect that and I hate -- the -- of metro Manila. The whole -- -- we all mile island -- really well you know there's Narnia. Matt Freeman indexing and internal. Is -- and ready yesterday yet. But also -- a feeling there's a disconnect here like why isn't there are more clear information -- its lineup. Why does why not just be like this is a deal this is why here's the white paper on it. I don't really get the human they've got an iPod we've ever had and we of the culture need to like re embrace the magic. That that that the the fact that air travel is already. A -- middle finger to guide that humankind can pull this off right. Now we have to get so lake. Like okay with that and like that that that's just we take that is for granted that we have to have. In an area our phones on all the time -- -- experiencing the miracle of human flight. Can't that be enough. Without -- -- killer cells. And down the plane with a Smartphones. Think -- American or whether it is a numerical. Outstanding. At big I think hit that they may think we're gonna have to move on the cricket and now we can put. If you're on windows XP and you are super excited to start is in the -- cloud features that are available in nineteen view my friend are. At bella and its message left I mean -- it was around Microsoft unit cute but Apple. Says the past has no future on our Internet asunder -- -- at the registers that and that iPod users will not be able to use when that the. You ought to be had been Vista or windows that it made that what -- -- that are Nike teamed up. -- how can I think I know a little weird to all versions behind hello. -- windows eight. Would jump onboard when does -- maybe in this little deadline has been -- on when we get windows it pro and they'd probably about how -- ago. But -- -- negative and -- another and other Apple App Store guidelines they did it among other things that those new guidelines they also banned -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- which is a positive via -- -- -- thank -- -- -- they -- you know. As that it -- management approach is I actually gonna work forests probably okay yeah. And then in it absolutely necessary updates yesterday show and also kind of a little bit of a thank god the FaceBook -- women. Is a hoax. Back the women who supposedly got energy to your FaceBook friends unarmed should have known they were gonna if you sharp looking you know -- all the little photos -- to the too much detail in the video with like awhile produced the video was surprisingly -- that through and also -- at several people pointed out. Her arm of that read or anything like area around the -- -- -- them for her red. It is apparently a stunt for a local Dutch firm that specializes in making gifts out of -- -- profile pictures. -- It outcome -- from its usefulness and -- -- People. -- it also Netflix has redesigned its web site. And it's making everything a little bit more focused on -- instant access the bigger emphasis on the watch instantly online better video offering which. I would argue at this point in the video and watch instantly game. Maybe not the best idea for them because it is spotlight. Tiny little -- -- -- -- -- There is a tackle the anxiety of gab gab as on the watch instantly and that's good man and a not get -- -- Hamachi which McIntyre diplomat. But it sounds like the battery is happy mainly -- they think the iPad design. The at any of bad on -- or something -- it's quite someone wrote an infant dazzling how much I hate the new look and feel the Netflix. Might be a great idea for people on tablets of histories are dealing with remote controls for input but those of us that keyboards. And my eighth you've made navigating this I consider -- I think what it does the price mimics the way it looks now line Michael roku. Which -- basically a lot of cover from dvds and TV sets -- added a little bit weird I remember using -- yesterday at -- early. The little. Images scrolling left and -- and logically one at the -- Finger through them with the mouse -- it wasn't quite. Canada I was an annuity that the and actually I really like I don't like a waving -- navigated on the -- it's totally confusing link you to search staying in -- the search results of that but another thumbnail right next to it -- they're taking that design -- I gotta go -- I'm not think -- that the amount of right now. Of panic and work. -- -- I'm -- I'm we have some how exciting Japanese. I am excited that the HP touch -- finally has a dates are you. July 1 July 1 and divers -- with and then I waited for Donald -- date. And that's it and now we know there were all these rumors that it was going to be June 12. Which. Is distributed the way that -- -- -- to -- that it. But they haven't bit of marketing that badly right to it in fact -- -- -- -- the billboards and things. Pretty soon it will be port ID nine for the sixteen gig Wi-Fi only model and five -- and for the 32 gig model pre -- -- June 90. I -- the hand that's exciting is that the parties seem like always Android honeycomb tablets -- the 403. The port -- Reaching towards 400 dollars. And now in the makeup free speech and again and again the potential to -- I hope -- I I am eternally optimistic asked him to how much optimism be out of me and it public. And back I feel. A hold on -- hope. It looks like -- next edits -- has been updated do you. Inaccurate status them -- -- lineup thank you very much Lou diamond -- the -- Scientists have created this seems like a good idea a tiny artificial brain meant. That has exhibited twelve whole seconds of short term memory it's actually a tiny artificial brain that is storing information and retrieving it. They were graft being like brain proteins off of my -- embryonic mice right -- this piece of silicon and then it is in all they were expecting nothing out of it. Except attack have a better understanding of how brains make connections and then they applied a little bit of electricity do it. And it kind of -- to signal around for a full twelve seconds before the signal disappeared and they are expecting to -- have like that. Less than half of the second of antenna -- is entering that electronics signal. Great so we can go back to like Frankenstein -- I recommend not exactly like that so you're saying they harness the lightning and the adapted and -- it like the -- -- -- box. -- -- story ends pretty great. Well with you know there is -- greatly actually -- -- -- And it's fascinating interview the research potential -- trying to adults and who I have mechanical life forms that are gonna -- and -- average. The killer makes movies that -- -- -- come. To learn ranking melts they essentially create different can this could. Smell up our shot god does. They essentially they created short term memory in -- on a tiny tiny tiny artificial brain. -- oddly like the the new Apple building to -- the that weird little circle little island area. It may be Apple's -- headquarters is connection and. Well. There's a funny they were like funny headlines today that were at that link -- the Cupertino -- Cupertino -- that he has no intention of saying no to Apple's plan has -- -- -- -- -- Okay I know what the Cupertino -- and wait to bend over older talk facility of course will listen to an evident. Cupertino man never read more in love with the idea of a building -- love that idea of this building. -- edit mode and now it's happy ending time. Best Google doodle ever ever ever. -- -- -- The most interactivity. -- -- doodle ever Lesotho aren't the what would have been the 92. I think -- -- -- Paul. Google has made a virtual. Little playable. Guitar on their home page with a record button. Because left while not only being great innovator for guitar collector to target technology also -- -- and the -- a four track recording multi track recording so. You can record your performance in the Google doodle and then play it back end it'll generate a link he can send to people about it. The so that they can be -- a little composition. Yet when we meet some recordings and -- and analysts here the landline or does it or not as -- -- -- so -- for a second mine mine meanders and Donald and completely but I didn't know how to use the keyboard to plant I was using my mouth as an also ran into with actual keys and -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- with a mouse only. Math only is a terrible horrible. -- -- -- -- -- until now and this is really late last night when it discovered. It. And let -- this has -- write -- listening to right now is now an. All and and less. Hidden. And her minions out. I think we've got a new. Buzz out loud the inside and out -- Only balding and really -- -- -- all of -- I heard that there's actually latent over dubbing that you can be few if you're hitting record while you're playing back. The people who -- that you've -- -- -- -- at about that a completely out of -- politically adults to get through I tried to I don't think any port act without their -- could use the keyboard that's like Hulu are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It in the but -- got a little shoe -- is the. Well -- LE -- and S and and and the lovely. Food and lovely thought but really not -- good Google did an interactive -- -- are the way to go. As data link that didn't have anywhere in the coming in and everything coming our idea I left -- -- -- now all together right she didn't know I know -- Where it's like if only our computers -- could output balance you are mixing board than we can have a -- in -- -- and it. Although I am gonna go template -- It intimidated me -- -- -- -- -- poop them. Out. Local -- -- typical I had to your calls and -- -- We had so much voice -- today like that we even played one in the regular part and we still have three day. I was on yesterday and the black phone people who can't -- and they can't wait to Colin correct Donald not significant benefit. -- -- was out in an ever answered -- -- -- awesome that's great so we got three coming up for the first to basically are like. Point counterpoint on FaceBook facial recognition. -- by her I love the idea of this facial recognition -- Imagine walking down the street is beautiful girl. I'm looking woman intent of picture upload to FaceBook on -- is. Accidentally. -- complete stalker. Course kidding but that's what's going to be useful. -- -- -- -- -- Also FYI this I never wanna live -- on an island started -- that I'll actually love that he might not have to -- -- had to pick -- up. Like many high morale is likely related and you don't really attractive woman -- -- -- hollow again -- it. Not that irony that secretly -- a picture. Right leg it like -- -- lady who is done I put her back but it is -- their -- Atkinson and now that I have any inside knowledge about anything like that Stockard down we -- have a segment. I'm below -- show its docket now there could be some really cool music and it in the train as doctor tan and injured -- -- -- I mean we don't know yet if it's gonna be. I -- I can only assume that if your FaceBook is profile is public or inadvertently public right there. I mean even that sometimes the -- movie I have secure their wall. Still can't figure out how to secure the photos because the photos -- like a whole other set of permissions per album which is -- So I don't know how possible it is to just upload a photo to your FaceBook profile and have -- like reach across -- FaceBook. Even if that people lead -- is not possible now as -- is just a switch that FaceBook could flip tomorrow night so totally and. And then speaking flipping a switch like that our next tolerated and if there is concern. In book group. All of a whole new look mutual englishman who we -- all that only and the oral. More domestically then let something like a tractor -- touted for them -- trouble. It's pretty English people who -- -- that they really don't want touched people from. Like. For example. -- the picture. Of what someone has an excellent work and my mother not. She doesn't know and I should are -- so well. I will -- should really patents will. Think about if they put it just a metal -- suddenly you could print -- the picture. Basements and how people are pretty heavy as -- -- that but but also. I mean for day -- two -- -- point one. -- if you ask your friends bridge via -- and hope -- -- I mean mechanic then like if you're worried about that but. The kids these days -- -- tag whoever's in -- you don't think about it but it sort of like to become Catholic etiquette question to a certain extent. But -- yeah I mean. Hopefully. FaceBook will not then take the next step of automatic tagging but frankly why wouldn't -- -- there so close. They have shown that all they care about is creating these connections between people or stepping over the line and -- apologizing for it. And -- -- -- the time all of them are in agreement. And finally it on a totally other topic. Did the that the upcoming new Bravo reality show digital orders that -- -- at -- and the. -- -- load. Erin -- One thing to worry out with all I'll -- -- digital forty. Look at Oracle. -- -- -- in a guy who actually bought all or intra net -- hundred at all we met the caught. -- pretty great. Or what a joke it. Digital -- -- is a -- that probably the the backlash of when someone and visual -- collection gets deleted you know via the idea would tailspin via. I have a friend that that has -- records of -- voice -- like its -- ones that you believe him that he thinks are funny commitment studios like and we. I have maybe like fifty of record from that -- with -- -- The voice -- yeah right here if you're paying for your own storage. In that case and this is digital hoarding it weigh less than a fire hazard that real hoarding its children well am proud to know -- -- billion per share a. You -- -- and keep all of that stuff and have it be like searchable. If. I'm not a harder but I'm -- and now if I was gonna be a -- -- -- the diesel and -- help iconic Apple corps agreed. -- -- with battery generator of thing. I move it -- your email but that email and. -- at CNET dot comments or email address and by the -- of iPhone vehicle. Allen right then and says listening yesterday's podcast again a little worried about like Molly about the if but using facial recognition to tag people -- photos and -- -- it perfectly plausible -- governments could use it to track down supporters of government protest. My next thought was what country would want to do that kind of thing and then it hit me. China -- might be incorrect from what I have but from what I remember China -- still isn't in China right. They've had conversations in the last few months managed and -- be a little hesitant to jump on the -- but train -- that FaceBook and Twitter work. In valuable tools and supporting protesters in Egypt and elsewhere. So how could -- sweeten the deal. By making -- dead simple detect an anti government protesters that's how. State already knows where you eat sleep and Pope how much easier would it be a lot of people -- -- -- tells you who they all are and -- for conspiracy theories. But if if a good -- to reach some agreement here soon. Then you knows that we keep it down you -- lose windows right. I didn't really know anything but -- Iran -- wrote Michael. I think in Bethlehem -- From -- thing as a forty year old videogame -- completely agree with this. They'll look because they're agreeing with the -- yesterday's thing on the average age average -- at -- Look at what we've had access to since -- seven needs at least but I had access to I had pong Atari 2609. A -- Odyssey clinical vision. The T -- 99 for a and remember that one but. -- 1660 or 128 Nintendo -- -- second Genesis Nintendo's if you buy a PlayStation 2 Xbox we. At 5350. While he -- both. The vapors. The house on day hound and there are so many that I didn't have but I knew about or rented in the ninety's and -- dad of three plays games that might make -- or embed. I also play games with and we -- -- Brothers togetherness. Middle portal to co -- I occasionally use import target practice and if you get. At that. I have grown up with the systems. Splashed -- marketed that -- in south old enough to watch my six. Six TV channels and go through the department -- through catalogs and pick out Christmas and birthday presents. And now that I am the oil with a disposable income I can get the games and systems that I want almost. I know that there -- many of us out there and you may not be the best on the leader board but I'm sure there's many of us out there and my wife also want -- to add. She finds my video game playing completely and unequivocally. On sexy. Elected merely view it in email that's an and you better health and I -- -- broad. Outline. -- an active college -- -- -- -- look -- the in fact it including target pregnant. Gonna make him feel when they grow up -- I will plant that I have -- adult man in the middle of the video game bandwidth like that she does next laminated like only will consume food on a stick because they got there it is definitely about it -- expected -- that it. Really can you make me -- not gonna need is one -- the controller. The minute finally -- in Redondo Beach right -- into the nuts are the had been following declined last heated but -- do Nate. It's now worth 32. Dollars per bit when not and we talked about anti Wi -- only seven dollars -- point. He that a company can cash out -- spend big points dot com. Many in a hundred dollar Amazon gift card for three point one bit lines at the moment is quite amazing if Adobe has got to BitTorrents arrived with bubble. Actually I didn't -- have and he said he -- he would have held onto his point 200 declines which it now now would be worth. 6000 dollars. Sixty -- -- It kind student now -- -- but the future. -- -- I'm on big and I'm only going ahead with it yet on -- finally have an act now and I can't afford need them to subsidize corn -- with outside. You go by and other big line -- his retired city. -- -- Other separate and everyone keep -- -- -- we love it -- at cnet.com money -- -- -- -- Dixie has makers and them that are beyond us cnet.com is where he can finally shown at and you can comment there if you so desire. And Brian -- at the feels better. Should be back tomorrow for completely the elegant and we know that in entitled I was welcome for computers and I think you might think -- -- then. Obviously at my desk -- My bushel of corn. Nothing like about acorn eight bit color at -- It can. -- new market speculate the farm billboard it or it. Off but it all or any of -- -- problem it. But both they get to -- -- bucket.
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