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The 404: Ep. 1450: Where we play by ear
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The 404: Ep. 1450: Where we play by ear

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You know that story about the shipwrecked woman that was spotted and saved by Google Earth? Total BS. Today we'll tell you how Weblore spreads online, an app that uses "algorithms" to transcribe any song into sheet music, how to game the hell out of Spotify, and a new teen pregnancy text message campaign sweeping the nation!

[MUSIC] It's Friday, March 21st; I almost said February 21st. [LAUGH] It's March 21st, 2014. Thanks for tuning into the 404 show on CNET. I'm Justin Yu. I'm Bridgette Carey. I'm Mario Nunez. Thanks for joining us this Friday afternoon or whenever you're listening to it, cuz we're not live anymore. [LAUGH] But Bridgette, you're back. I am. Thank you so much for sitting in on another episode while Jeff is away. Such addicting. It's a very addicting game. But even more addicting when you're manipulating blanking doges. Much procrastination. You have to use your arrow keys. SO it's kind if like a tile matching game. Very simple and you can play for a while. I've got, I've gotten to about 7044. Is my, is my Then after that, we're gonna, talk to our musicians that listen to the show. There's a way that you can actually extract sheet music, just from watching a YouTube video. Really easy. So if you wanna cover a song, there's an app called Cordify that lets you do that very easily. It's a crazy time to be a musician right now, with the internet. There's a lot of technology. So, there's another story about how to make money from Spotify by just streaming silence. It's kind of this hack that a band came up with to make money on Spotify, which is really cool. And then, if we have time, we'll talk about a pregnancy campaign that this company is running to sort of turn student cellphones into crying babies. It's like the modern version of giving a student like an egg to cope. Oh, oh, yeah. I in, in school some, some people actually had dolls- Yeah. Like, that like And if you accidentally poked a hole in the flour, that means you would be a terrible parent. Well, flour's a really bad you know, cuz- [LAUGH] The bags themselves already are filled with like powder dust. Yeah. So, so like you can't really have good evidence that... And they're filled to the limit, too. You could poke it with a toothpick and then [INAUDIBLE] And you can fit it in your backpack. No, no, no. You, you, I, I like these like robot babies, they give them now that like Yeah, and I think, I think that most of us though, are into this missing plane, you know. So these kinds of hoaxes are like really? Right. You know. And there's a lot of hoaxes though, out now. I mean, everyone's believing everything that the see on Facebook right away before like looking into it. Because we just What would you call it, you know, just have your guard up, yeah. Yeah. You know what's funny like the other day you brought up that, Malaysian Airline that was still not found. I saw a story that claimed that [LAUGH] oh this is so weird. You know how they have this open source website where people can go through screenshots of, popular. Right. Flight pat, patterns and things like that to maybe spot the, the, airplane in the sky? Mm-hm. Well Courtney Love, you know. Saying worth if you were looking for, you were gonna see it. Yeah. Right. And a lot of people sort of believe in, and it was like, Courtney Love totally discovered Malaysia flight. [LAUGH] And then I was like no, flight 370 isn't gonna be found by Courtney Love. No. That would be the most, the biggest traversy. [LAUGH] But you know what though, I mean, the, the fact that everyone can like pitch in. Alright, I want to talk to you, Ariel, about this. Because, you're a musician, you have your music online. Mm-hm. You on Spotify, yet? I know you're on SoundCloud. Yeah, I'm on Spotify. You're on Spotify? Yep. Mm-hm. How much money have you made off that thing? Is it a decent amount, or not at all? Well, I don't have. I only have, like, one. I guess they're making the 70 cents, yeah. I don't think you make much money, so it doesn't, I don't really care. But I wanna figure out how to make, like, an offical MySpace. Yeah. I don't know. I don't get it. You should get in touch with Spotify about that. That's pretty alarming. They uploaded like your entire album? So actually on a side not I was talking to Steve Guttenberg yesterday. I don't know if you've heard of that guy. And he was telling me about this really legendary venue in the East Village that was only open from '68 to'69 called Fillmore East, and obviously I wasn't around for that, but he said you could go and see a big band like Led Zeppelin play. For five dollars. Wow. And, if you count, you know, like, the minimum wage at the time was $1.50. He was saying you could go and see a band like Led Zeppelin play for two hours of work. Right? $5, $1.50. Um-hm. You know, a couple hours of work, you could go see your favorite band play. That's totally not the case now. Because, good luck seeing Radiohead or another big band. Everything's $90 and up. Yeah, exactly, so It's kind of funny how that model has switched now the music is free, but you have to go and pay to see a show. Right. Yeah. Where that band name came from. But they're basically trying to gain Spotify. And so according to Spotify the rule is that as long as somebody listens to a track for 30 seconds, you'll get the revenue stream for that song. Alright. That's the minimal amount of time someone needs to listen to it. And so to pay the bills they're actually employing their fans and gaining Spotify at the same time. Here's what they did, they recorded a 10 And the album can be streamed about ten times within a five minute span. So when you put that on repeat, the goal is that if you sleep for seven hours with this on, and repeat it the whole time, Vulfpeck gets about five dollars per person doing this. Wow. [LAUGH] And then multiply that five you know, about a hundred people doing this. You could probably get a hundred family members and friends to do this much less your fans. That's 500 bucks right in their pocket. Soothing. It is kinda [INAUDIBLE] Amari to have that relaxation type thing. It's like having like a painting going on in the background. Yeah. It's like a crackling plastic or something. That's interesting. Weird. You know, I think when I, before I moved to New York I was into doing the white noise thing. But now, now that I'm here in the East Village. Like just white noise. You just get noise period, like noise noise. And so I actually have to sleep with earplugs in now. Really? Every time I go to sleep. Oh, wow. Oh. This news story already. And you would think that a company like this would shut it down, and be like you guys are trying to hack the system. Screw you. But they're not trying to stop it. They're actually saying it's kind of a clever marketing technique. And they have no plans of putting the boot down on it. Hey, it gets the word out for Spotify. Yeah. Spotify's not that big in the US, No. Compared to Pandora. So, you know what? If it's getting the news out there. You know, if it gets people clicking and trying it out. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. It's basically free marketing. Any time Spotify is in the news. Well, here's the thing, is if they get enough if they get enough money that they make off of it, they're actually gonna do it fund that tour with the money they make. Hm. So I think that's kinda cool. It's kinda like this ecosystem where Mm-hm if you wanna hear their music in your town, I'm the exact opposite of everyone else. I just, whenever I want to sleep, I just knock out. Yeah. Yeah, it's easy for me to sleep, and I sleep through everything. Yeah. I can sleep with the TV on and the lights on. Yeah. I, I usually fall asleep, though, on the couch, more than anywhere else, so [LAUGH] See, I'm the same way, but that can work against you when you accidentally fall asleep on the subway. But I want to keep talking about music here, because this is a really, really cool app called Cordify that I wanted to get the word out on, and you know how there's, if you go on Youtube and you type in pretty much any song, you'll get the actual recording of the artist you typed in, but you'll also get 1000 cover songs of people playing it on pianos and guitars and things like that, and you always wonder, like, man, how are these people finding this sheet music that they're using To play the music off of. Or I just figured they're, they're just good enough to figure it out by ear. Right. Yeah, you figure like man these people are just talented to do this, but you know, for struggling musicians or people just starting out, maybe it's not that easy. Mm-hm. Well, there's this new thing called quartify. Its really cool. And Hercules. Like whatever it was, at the time in the 90s. It was just, it was just. Yeah. Like I could pretend, singing. I could never play in front of people. I could but, I never wanted to. I always wanted to close the doors and be like, pretend I was a Disney princess singing. [LAUGH] Uh-huh.>> I feel like, I feel like they should Start kids out on that. They should do it the reverse way, right/ huh. Like start them off by covering music they want to play, just to get them into the idea of playing music. Mm hmm. And then later on, refine their tastes by having classical [UNKNOWN] Well, I think when they're young enough, they kind of do that a little bit. Yeah. Like, like the really Who cares about Mozart's Minuet in G [CROSSTALK] But like now as an adult, you're, like, oh, Yeah. I know that stuff. Yeah, exactly. And I appreciate it. When I was young and I was playing piano, the only thing that I wanted to do was play piano publicly at the Nordstrom's department store. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Do they have Nordstrom's That this company called has come up with. And it's sort of the next evolution of all those campaigns we had when we were younger, that basically teach us not to grow up too quickly? Oh. Remember we had like those Rachael Lee Cook commercials where it was like, this is your brain on drugs and then she destroys that from And the text messages kind of range from light hearted to super serious. And so here's one of' em they give. And babies can't talk, This is super embarrassing. so what, who are these texts. What. This is gonna be embarrassing just to read this. But one of the texts says, I know you're running late. And then there's kind of like a gurgling sound, It says, Oops, sorry about your shirt. Rapper spit rhymes, I spit up. [LAUGH] you [UNKNOWN] Yeah I- I mean cheaters, cheaters, you know, know it Which corny is, you know? Like, clearly written by like an 85 year old man, that has no idea what kids talk about. [LAUGH] Kids like rap? How do you like spit? [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] I'll teach you a thing about Spitting rap guy, for like, I don't even know. Did anyone ever say that? I spit rap? No. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] It's so bad. I don't know anybody that would actually volunteer to sign up for this, but, you can. The campaign kicks off March 25th. You'd think that if a kid could answer maybe a few text messages, maybe they'll have enough sense not to get pregnant and use a condom. Yeah. That's the idea here. Did you guys ever, ever have anything like that at school, where you had to like take home a doll or something? Like, I didn't have a class, and I'm glad I didn't have the class. Yeah. But yeah. I mean, people had like the dolls, and then they would cry, or. Yeah. I mean, I, I know that they you, it, it's kind of even a theme on like those those sitcoms growing up, like Saved by the Bell. Someone had an egg to take home, it was always. it, it was. Yeah. This is, this is a Theme of American culture, where we have to teach our kids, you know, here, take home this thing. Right. Cuz, you know, babies, a lot of responsibility. Yeah. I feel like that was actually encouraging young kids to have babies. Cuz once they're successful at it, they're like, I can do this. This is no problem. And now, it's not so much how to be a good parent and not to kill your kid, it's just not to be a parent at all. And now we have the MTV series, Teen mom. Right. People argue that's good and bad, so. It's kind of encouraging people to do that. Yeah. And, and they say well maybe not. I don't know. I think, I, I, I can't, I can't make the call on that one. But, yeah it's it's part of our culture to keep trying new things [LAUGH] to scare kids. My high-school program, my high-school hired this program called SADD, sad. Uh-huh. Did you guys No. I'm wondering if anyone else. It was a big program. [CROSSTALK] I had DARE. There was DARE. Drug, I, drugs, Dare to keep Abuse. Kids off drugs, yeah. Resistance education. Right right right. We had DARE. I won my 5th grade DARE contest, so. No way. Totally. I was totally, you know. I was also hall monitor. I was the good. I was the best. [LAUGH] Gosh, you're such a nerd. [LAUGH] You were the class president as well. No, I wasn't cool enough to ever be the class president. No? Though I did run. Knowing that I wasn't cool enough for president, and I ran for like, historian, and, I had all these Posters I put in the hallways of like- You would. Sonic and Tails doing this. You would. [LAUGH] Like, vote for Bridget. [LAUGH] Oh, man, I tried. THey, they just didn't knwo what cool was. I think of this, I was ahead of my time. Yeah. I was ahead of my time,. For sure. No, my, my program had this company called SADD that was called Students Against Destructive Decisions. Okay. And it basically came to school, To their family and friends explaining why they drank and how they're remorseful for drunk driving. And then at the same time the parents and the friends of those kids also had to do the same thing like writing goodbye letters, right? And then after a week everybody in the school came together, the kids the parents, the teachers. We all came to school in a assembly. And then the kids had to read the letters they had written after a week of not seeing anybody in front of everyone, into like a microphone. And then the parents did the same thing, and people were crying. Did you, is, is this the same thing that you guys had to do? We just had the accident. We didn't have all the letters and everything and all that, yeah. This seem. Oh my god. That is so crazy. This seems almost like That's like a heartfelt moment, because it was so real after not seeing them for a week. It was like parents legitimately crying in front of everyone because of. Over something that didn't happen. Very real. Simulation. Mm. So weird. I don't think that would fly anymore. No. 'Cuz it was a little bit, like, on the edge. I, I, I, I appreciate things that kinda do a wake up call. But that seemed like, you know? Take you out of school for a week... Yeah. And pretend you killed someone, yeah. I mean, it freakin' worked, because now, I'm still remembering it now. [LAUGH] Like, it was... I guess so, I guess so. Pretty traumatizing to everybody. Um-hm. That, that we got, and Right, cuz, cuz we don't get voice calls any more, and. Don't get voice calls any more. And, yesterday, you know, we said that I could at least try to speak the e-mail. Yeah. In place of the voice calls. Because, you, you know. Right. I'll, I'll, do my best. I actually printed out this e-mail. I was gonna give you my laptop, but. Yeah. Yeah. We actually only got one e-mail. Bridget was gonna promise to read it in the voice that she imagined [LAUGH] the sender

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