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E3 2014: E3 2014 quick-fire wrap up

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E3 2014: E3 2014 quick-fire wrap up

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Jeff Bakalar and Scott Stein blast through six questions that wrap up the story and final word on E3 2014.

Hey, everyone, I'm Jeff Bakalar. I'm here with Scott Stein. Hey. We're at the show floor at [INAUDIBLE] 2014. The show is kinda winding down so I wanna bang out six questions, wrap up the entire show in a few sentences. Number one, who won out of the big three Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, who was your winner? Sony. Sony won. They have everything. They've got the hangouts, they've got the [UNKNOWN] technology, they've got the games. The console's the best right now. So across the boards. I agree. They've knocked it out of the park. Best press conference by far. Way to go [UNKNOWN]. All right. With every winner there's gotta be a loser. Out of the big three, who was the big loser? Microsoft. I, I feel like I can't even really remember much of what they said. And it's just the X-box one again and just the games. So you just kinda feel like it drifts away. Yeah, I feel that their messaging is a little off kilter and something's out of sync. So we'll have to see how they rebound from the P3. All right, what was the biggest, like, surprise game for you this year? It was like a tie. Mario Maker because I feel like I could open a whole world of make your own Nintendo games. Like, imagine that for Mario Cart. And all the V.R. Games [INAUDIBLE]. That if you saw project Morpheus or Oculus, they're getting really good and you feel like this can come sooner than later. Right. I guess this game is not really a surprise for me, but I didn't know enough about it. The Order 1886, I'm legitimately losing my mind over that game. So for me that is my. It's a beautiful looking game. Yeah. All right, question four: Who has the best booth? I know it's like, sort of a silly thing, but who has the best booth at E3? I think I'm going with Sony again because if you only had half an hour on the E3 show floor, this year. They cover everything. You want to play handhelds. You want to do VR. You want to look at their interesting Playstation TV stuff, play with tech. And, then you have a lot of games from a lot of publishers. So, just like a great catchall booth for the show. I'm gonna piggyback on that. I agree, I. Even just from like, a logistical point of view, it's laid out very logically. Yes. And it does appear like, they have the most games that you play. That's right. And also indies. If you like indie games, they're probably the best way to get checked indie games, besides going over. [INAUDIBLE] Absolutely. All right, so that's the best booth. What is the most disappointing game here at E3, for you [UNKNOWN]? It, it keeps erasing from my mind. The Game of Legends [INAUDIBLE] A game that like, the moment I saw the trailer I wanted to check my email. You know Sable is an interesting franchise it just got to the point where it feels like, it feels lost. Yeah. What is it? There are more interesting adventure games out there. Fable Legends. People are gonna give me a lot of, a lot of crap for this. My most disappointing game is kind of like a tie. Really. Okay, it's Sunset Overdrive. I can see that. I can see that. Look, like, I'm not, I'm not calling it out and I'm not saying it's not going to be a good game. It's like- It's not wild Right. It's not that wild. It's something that I'm just not, I'm not buying into it as much as I used to. Yeah. And man, I don't know but like Metal Gear, is, it, it really needs to deliver, because- Yeah. The way they're sort of pitching it right now, that what they're throwing at the wall, it ain't sticking right now. So, it, it, you know, I, I got to see it. Hopefully it will. It'll live up to the hype. Somebody told me it was a, a game about an old man with an eyepatch who was sad. We never seen it, yeah, we've never seen it before. Alright, finally, what is the game with the biggest amount of buzz? What's the game with the most happening here? Right now, I would say, like you said, The Order, in terms of a game you haven't seen, you go, wow, this is like. A really interesting, amazing looking game. And I think Destiny because I think just, it, it, it viscerally, like the trailer looks great. The game looks really good. Right. Sort of like Mass Effect but I feel like it's one of those big exciting next gen games. Excellent. For me, hands down, it's gotta be Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. I. I saw a demo of it, it looks really good. Everyone and anyone is talking about this game and they're like dude you got to see this, its like a super hit. So that's the game to check out. Scott Stein, thank you so much. Thanks. That's a quick wrap up of E3 2014 live from Los Angeles. Thank you so much for watching, we'll see you guys soon.

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