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Quick Tips: Delete your Facebook search history

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Quick Tips: Delete your Facebook search history

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Donald Bell shows you how to quickly purge your Facebook search history.

Did you know that Facebook keeps a list of every search you make on their site? It's kind of creepy, but then Facebook is creepy. I'm Donald Bell and right now I'm gonna show you how to locate your search history on Facebook and delete it. Log in to Facebook, click on the settings in the top right corner and then select activity log. This page alone is a revelation to a lot of people showing a list of everything you've liked and commented on or been tagged in. Now to get to your search history, head over to left where you'll see photos, likes, and comments listed and click the word more. A new menu will unravel and at the end of it you'll see an option for search. Click it and you'll be treated to an infinitely scrollable list of every search you've made on Facebook since you've signed up. It's frightening stuff. Now up in the top right you'll see an option for clearing your search history. Click it and your incriminating searches will disappear. Mind you Facebook probably still has a record of all this stuff but at least now it's hidden from any nosy spouses or roommates who might be able to jump on your computer. You're welcome. For more tips like this, head over to howto. CNET.com.

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