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E3 2014: Come meet the people of E3 2014

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E3 2014: Come meet the people of E3 2014

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Jeff Bakalar walks the show floor in search of the most interesting people at E3 2014.

[MUSIC] Here at E3, there's all different kinds of gamers. I wanna go meet some of them. I wanna become friends with them. I wanna perhaps put my arm around them and talk about the good old days of video gaming. But most importantly, I wanna see what they're waiting to play here at E3 2014. Let's go make some friends. Hey, I'm Jeff. What's up? [MUSIC]. So what are we? In like, half an hour? Half hour? About 20 minutes. Okay, you're on line to see and play Sunset Overdrive. This is Microsoft's. Biggest exclusive of the show, I would say. Right? Would you agree? It's probably the only Microsoft here that I gotta see. What about the game are you excited about? Are you, like, how they make fun of like the extreme sports sort of culture? I'm gonna be a little childish and I'm gonna go ahead and say all the pretty colors. Wow, you're a color man. I like that. I like that. You're a pretty color man. I like that. If you put Sunset Overdrive aside, what's the one game at E3 that you're absolutely nutzo over. Oh, mine was definitely Smash. Smash Brothers. Super Smash Brothers? Yeah, same here. Really? It's amazing how many grown men like myself are just nutzo over this game. What are you most excited about with Super Smash Brothers? I mean, there's a lot of new characters, like some I have no idea what they're from. I'm not gonna lie. I don't know where they're from. Willowmack from Pan and Cho. I'm excited about Evie. I guess he was announced yesterday. I always use Mario. He's my favorite. Who did you play as? Marth. Who? Marth.>>Marth? Yeah, Marth. Who's that? Marth. I don't, I don't know who Marth is. He's got a sword and his name is Marth. I've been playing Nintendo games for almost 30 years, and I don't know who Marth is. No one knows who Marth is. He's a mystery. More people are waiting in line to play this than, than anything at the booth. Why do you think that is? People like, beating up on each other with Nintendo characters. It's the only game where you can have Mario, like. You know, actually beat up Donkey Kong. Once they show the teeth, they mean business. Nothing will stop him. He is playing as Princess Peach. I'm here with Link. Thank you for taking time out of your seemingly busy schedule to be here. Yeah. That was. What was that you're Link imitation? Yes. Okay that was pretty good. What is the top franchise besides Zelda? Alien Isolation. Yeah. Destiny, and I'm really hoping they say some more about, Project Beast. Right, oh, Bloodborne, you mean. Oh, wait, that's it's, that's- It's called Bloodborne. Bloodborne? Bloodborne. Oh, that's a good name. Yeah, yeah. We're here at the line to, play Destiny. I'm here with Jared. Jared, how long you been waiting here, dude? We've been waiting in line about 25 minutes. Yeah, what, what has you so excited about Destiny? It's the next Bungie game. They've been boasting that it's been built on the Halo grounds, but it's something far better and far greater that they're gonna span over the next ten years. If you had to pick one game, aside from Destiny, that you're really psyched about, that you've seen here, so far, wh, wh, what would that be? No question. No Man Sky. No Man Sky. For sure, I'm with you on that. Hey, we found out where all the cool kids hang out at E3. [NOISE] They're really good at dancing. [NOISE] They're also really good-looking, inexplicably. Why are they so good looking? If you notice his GoPro, looking down at the controller next to him. He is cheating, and he is trying to hide the cheating with a face of determination and excitement. Blink. I dare you to blink. Just blink once. Blink So there's a lot of people waiting around at the triple A games. But also a significant amount of people here at the Indie Expo at the Playstation booth. So why are Indie games sort of blowing up? What about them have you hooked? I like them a lot because their inexpensive, easy to get into. If you pace them out, you know they'll last a long. time or you can just marathon it through all at once. It kinda has that old school flair that kinda goes back to, like, my NES SNES generation that I started with. I just want everyone to know, I, I tried to talk to women about games and they don't want to talk to me. Just so everyone knows I wasn't just trying to interview men, I tried interview women. I don't know if it's like a smell situation, or, not a bad breath situation. I don't know what it is. Perhaps just a general like ugliness factor. So what did we learn today? People really like Super Smash Brothers. We learned about skill, patience. Determination, but most importantly, we learned that women don't wanna give me the time of day. From E3 2014, I'm Jeff Jeff Bakalar, and I thank you for watching. [MUSIC]

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