​Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II: big camera, big lens​ ​, minor disappointment​: First Look

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Your phone's screen is ruining your sleep
1:03 14 February 2016
Staring at your Phone's screen might be hazardous for your sleep, unless you change the color temperature. Sharon Profis explains...
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Dell's XPS 15 takes its 4K screen to the edge
1:36 14 February 2016
This high-end 15-inch laptop has game-ready graphics and a nearly bezel-free 4K display.
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Take a look at how we test ovens
1:45 13 February 2016
To give you well-rounded reviews, we conduct a wide range of tests to measure an oven's performance. Here's an overview of how we test...
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Huge scientific breakthrough and a big hole in Windows patched
2:01 13 February 2016
Researchers find a new way to observe the universe. Meanwhile, Microsoft issued an update that fixes a major flaw in Windows.
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360-degree VR treadmill is finally available
1:15 12 February 2016
We take another run in virtual reality
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Google's future plans and Microsoft knows what dog you are
2:25 12 February 2016
A report says Google's next wearable won't need a phone. Meanwhile, a Microsoft garage project tests image recognition.
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JBL Pulse 2: This top Bluetooth speaker really lights up a room
1:46 12 February 2016
JBL Pulse 2's new, improved LED light show is a flashy addition that makes the speaker stand out in a crowded market.
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Crave's creepy-robot roundup, Ep. 230
3:29 12 February 2016
This week on Crave, we explore robots with elevated levels of freaky, like the cockroach robot that might someday find you buried under...
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