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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious
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Buzz Out Loud: Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously Delicious

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Comedian Aziz Ansari joins us to talk about putting his stand up show Dangerously Delicious online. The House shoots down legislation that would prevent employers from asking for our Facebook passwords, and you too can make $30,000 a day from Pinterest!

Today is Thursday march 20 ninth 2012. My name -- Steven -- of I'm Donald bell and I am Brian's uncle welcome the buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate Blake it is episode 1587. And you know were were winding down the season but you guys know that we deliver the goods and today in the city -- join us via Skype. Funnyman Aziz and sorry all the way from the NYC as he looks up. I'm doing -- we're doing great so welcome to the show -- they so much for coming out and obviously there's been a lot of news surrounding new not only in what you're doing in the coming world but also on the online world without wanted to talk to about in. You know what -- even doing your starting your -- -- and also how is dangerously delays is doing. It's doing well I'm not -- release any numbers. That's okay so how about this weekly little kids aren't asking how much money you make here in -- you know public money do you make your disease. It isn't that exactly. And private thing -- But how's the response to dangerously delicious you're in the market. At the up and get response has been. -- is. Overwhelming thing I've gotten back is people are still glad that. Someone else has done the same thing we see it -- like -- more -- in this. Mom. This is so simple easy get a it's a fair price and that's been overwhelming feedback at. All. Everything -- -- background too long what this is this is your comedy special dangerously delicious -- offering from your website. As -- a five dollar download. The act is. Is get it directly from any -- -- dot com Spybot and he and you get that special there's no like. It's DRM free and you know I'm someone that. You know download media and you don't it has been frustrating sometimes gets your Michael I want I want gain ground does it on Netflix on titan means is that on HBO on demand we're rock and it's weird I get it from and and that image that. Is Selig is -- and -- So us us a have you on the this is a DR three things -- you're definitely in touch with what people want have in the past have you experiment in using. Some the benefits of the Internet has sometimes offered for. Content that you may not pay for. Well the old and it is this -- I -- I reported a special -- in June of last year. And I -- many people watch clips -- -- last status excellent mutant versions how many dvds Edsel. And it's clear -- more people are discovering this stuff online so I was just trying to embrace that. And while I was having different meetings with people about ways you could do some pretty unique digital released. I was actually saying you know at least -- -- news editing is actually tell me what you was gonna do. And I thought I was really interesting in us curious to ask you whether at work in it and it clearly did was a resounding success. And immediately after he did it people were asking me would you ever release a special this -- -- their -- will also. It is seem like why try to -- I optics and edit and broken it's in excellent people like and so far more likely mean. And that -- it's been a client. -- and that under that same like Louie CK model I know he he had a huge expense upfront like. But the production company -- the theater. Didn't do everything his own way was that still the same case for you yet -- it involve the production company and make this at the actual special. Million -- yourself. Yeah I mean I didn't back in June was what I did it to you before -- came out I paid for everything myself. You know you Paper ready to venue -- all -- stopping and Debian about roughly. 280000 dollars where everything. Yeah and that crosses as offset by people -- to get the shows that you film. But out your step when -- expense and you're gambling -- yourself now -- -- make things work let you know you also know like. All right well. It's this online thing doesn't work I'll you know I I only -- content -- would -- -- -- -- -- Are you -- are you happy -- -- the response that. You'll potentially do this for your new -- that's coming -- bird alive and you still have to -- starts I think April 10 is that when you're starting to jump on board -- -- fire around the country to do the store. Yeah a brand new torrent all their material and gap I'll -- released at a special a couple of years but you know who knows how much landscape will change by that time. I'm still not sure what to do with the -- -- -- you know this five dollar thing. The main thing I like about this is. You can Byron five dollar as opposed to a dvd is cheaper than it would be on iTunes and it's directly from me and I'll lol you know. Idol may be down the road I'll also want to put it on you know video on demand or whether -- should put it on TV like. I think it's like such uncharted territory. That no really -- any answers but. For right now for -- -- I like being able to release it directly to people from five dollars and just because it's way cheaper than a dvd I just think. Ultimately this is better than -- ED EE is more expensive and people just want the video anyway so. Or -- a got a question from the chat room here and I -- -- ask you doctor Carl. Wants to know and I if you've got any -- from Moore the corporate channels more than than the distribution channels that you might have previously put your content -- this many many backlash. From you know -- we -- worked with before for the method using or is it pretty much to win all around. Our move. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They can't technically a Comedy Central on a -- on what illness diseases -- -- Louis CK is doing it or -- is a in the sense that this is kind of the trend going forward. I mean I think they understand it you're comedian as. A big following. There's been some power that -- back and artist and and you know. They were super cool at me the last -- -- -- down arm based aware that special all the time. I had no no bombs on on I didn't understand like as -- -- releasing it usually that is what I wanted to do and what I've done but. You know I don't get -- any relationship -- Yeah that's -- some nice if you guys haven't just joined us make sure you guys can check out Aziz ansari dot com his special that we're talking about here -- -- -- dangerously delicious. Is available for five dollar download a really funny stuff but -- -- is also -- embracing the whole Internet technology generation he really active on Twitter. And I just kind of wanna -- may be what your thoughts are good or bad or some of your unique experiences you've had using Twitter. I -- you know I. Where I like about Twitter is it directly. -- a direct connection with people that follow my work so. I can you know not only just make jokes about -- stuff that. Do things like releases special. On all also download and rent and things like. So whenever people by the specialists ads like all you want to tweak and say that you liked it and it you know you can do that and -- -- and people we Saturday -- the spot actually enjoyed it so. Out planet random people like that and -- -- people last week long for starts only dialects and the like flowers and -- like. Couldn't do before like I don't know who I don't have anyone in bull Bob EV -- released last couple years ago you know like. We didn't they are treated like all of your new York new bot special -- public lands first and people you know this address. Like I will -- to pat will will get you launch and so. And people -- -- a hundred people you -- right away and we found like ten people that. Armed will be -- Whitman. We started new contacts -- where IEU's. -- -- -- -- dot com and hit the FaceBook like button. CNET has the most number of likes. And to do a three show there like a small pre show reflects well on -- -- -- Sprint's excellent thing. -- school you have access to direct connection people and buttons that really mean there's never meaning like Apple has one of -- times. -- your routine sometimes you've talked about some of the -- -- you've actually had. Based on feedback that someone might have given you is that all really your real -- you know some of it is a little disorienting you have those on raw conversations with. You know let's say a -- in May agree or disagree with your stuff. Yet and there in the -- -- -- it -- bit toward the end about marketing with the guy online and you don't know I just never engage -- things that it. Negative it's it's ultimately it dumb thing to do because laid out -- -- is like taking your favorite thing in the world like. You know what ever movie years you know from you like to backtrack and Chris Rock bring the pain like that's one of my favorite things -- I think it's one of the best -- -- -- ever and I could type that an excellent by eighty people -- it's a horrible rocks terrible that joke not funny. And then you realize it's like why am I even playing as -- you'll never win no matter what you do is gonna be people who don't like it and that's gonna be let's say -- -- -- than and it's like. -- -- -- -- pretty easily on so many people enjoy it just you know you be happy with that -- -- one person. This -- the edit and delete -- -- criticizing it. And that's up black in that it lacks about a one -- that something indeed that is 38 million light and bargain with them. And I just kept on back and port and and I it was really planning to start -- about eight minutes altered. Also led to all the that's -- -- Also there's one thing that you and I have in common and believe or not a love for our telly where did that start for you. You know I didn't candidates and you know the nineties building its own right and everything and -- my thin and through with that track the clouds and everything in that I went to this concert that was really insane talk about that the first national. -- -- -- -- -- what are our come out for on or whatever. You know people of our alien. Want it taught about and so I can't with the new bit about it and -- actually he's better than the person writing it in his actual. All to update people -- our. It very difficult because it out. -- had a one question -- -- the how involved did you get. And gaining back the special and this whole -- direct distribution model how involved to Begin with the actual like got the backing and -- of actually. Figuring out how you gonna go to deliver the video file the people and now the complicated mess that would with scare people like me off from doing anything. -- -- -- A friend that about it. Luckily it's like very unit with -- the less -- Canada at him and -- a charter but as really hands on everything I want it use all lit. Site and like. See all the pages in all the stuff you read like when you get an email from -- -- -- that's like I wrote that email unlike nature all the words out of my voice and you know. It can actually get like naked really sound like use like when you buy special you know it's not on -- only where you get like they do for most G splitting. -- -- -- -- on that -- Alex's mind I got study mountains who got emails awesome. Add people really like that happen you know -- what everybody expects it is like a digital bullets -- August on. You know photos in the tour different were bolstered -- And it's like a -- like make your own dvd cover like the Photoshop -- that you need to like make your own dvd cover using all the photos in materials. NASA's we give -- on people and sending those on Twitter and that it it's really cool we can do stuff like that the only can be with a traditional news release. Awesome well Aziz and always wanna say thank you so much for your time a believer or not we actually have an earthquake drill coming up in two minutes via I EE -- not. -- -- And I added that's that's excuse for the Alberta you know congratulations on your success will keep on following you and hopefully have you back you know sometime in the future but -- -- -- and thanks for coming out. You are an awesome -- yellow Aziz ansari an -- reveal also gonna take a quick break. We're getting stuck under dot cover enroll if -- -- due solely back in a few moments. Roll -- roll you know standard that's able all right buzz allowed them -- -- -- a -- This -- out about how loud. But -- -- protect what you bought. The -- Not a lot of love since -- summer some bullets started off the -- of their love different start out really nice -- guys buzz allowed back in the house brands on your Donald bell. And mr. Stephen -- -- and -- just finished up with -- On a little factoid that you guys may not know listen to show he installed -- specifically. For that in -- -- -- No one out of his -- so we know we appreciate that you know you guys so what does not very funny -- -- -- Ali come on if you seem parks and rec arts and rec is like I've I've been I. I don't actually get on television -- I don't have that. That box TV it's high time we get -- about Netflix late -- finance solar action kind of -- -- -- out of we've gone to -- -- Netflix seasons of parks and is waiting for another year so they renew their contract is an Amazon is and -- are something that. -- you could pull various BitTorrent to be your friend who again just for viewing purposes and then pay for later. Aren't too much work for me and it is it is it is the -- -- of -- on the magical box and then it works 99 cents give it to me. Our guys -- -- -- the show we're gonna hit of some the news stories that are happening. As of -- yesterday. The house. Of represented as the US -- -- as representatives has already shot down legislation that was offered. By democratic congressman Ed Perlmutter we know about this whole FaceBook thing about employees. Asking for you to give up your passwords and user names that they could look -- your profile potentially see. While you're up to you what they like what they don't like there's a piece of legislation I was offered up and was. Surprisingly enough. Completely voted down. The vote was 2360184. With only one house Republican voting in support of the change. To make it's you know to prevent companies from asking for this information so. You know as of now. Companies can ask -- way for your face. -- in a -- people if you if you feel like you're -- employers doing that is only worth your time to find any job and I guess I'm now. It's. Inoculate that's maybe it's the best. Feature of FaceBook is like a way for them to tell you that your employees here it's actually here -- -- And and you know that you should quit your job -- SP if this had passed the Federal Communications Commission. Would have been able to step in and stop any employers who asked for that confidential information. As of now that's not the case it can be -- again down the road. In new legislation but. This this initial proposal was completely shut down. This is completely lame I think it goes against Facebook's privacy policy also I think they're arguing -- -- there and I think so but tomorrow reporters' roundtable were doing a complete discussion about this that's the whole subject of the -- -- -- 10 AM. Pacific time with reef Newman tomorrow way to get in their Stephen via a got -- that -- -- man I. I think that's I think as an economic opportunity here though there can be some kind of FaceBook app that you can install that would make it look like you're the best employee in the world. Dahlia like we don't ask -- -- -- -- and password but these other guys do just let FaceBook be the place that your employer thinks year posting stuff on and then go to a different social network actually. Do all your dirty stuff Google+ needs you yeah that it really -- you -- -- On Google+ equipment that's a -- people around -- -- Dennis. That's to be their slogan. I think it it's -- -- market for them to -- a deal ST in the chatroom did confirm he is our resident but now a lawyer and he says it does violate Facebook's privacy policies. That. When faced with the company. Not larger than the government. So you know in that case even if it violates FaceBook policy -- what it's -- to FaceBook and and reach out to those companies and tell them to stop. By the government probably at this point them at the hubble's the other IPO finally shakes out and we're not there yet. But we're getting in there all insane -- you now take years take your interest steam. Social status updates elsewhere. -- And now. Google+ down and dirty they need you are right -- in other stories kind of a little sad trombone story but -- the changing of -- E-commerce is changing things up best buy is starting to feel a little bit of the Amazon squeeze and is playing to close fifty. Of their big box stores. And that the news behind this is really an -- experiences. Sometimes gonna feel like when you go to these retailers now. There the showroom. For these e-commerce sites right you look at what's there I -- play any of people who have said. You know what the best deal to buy your TV is from Amazon. No attacks in many cases free shipping cheaper price of what's in the store aisles go check it out the best buy and then buy it from Amazon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I could figure out what I'm buying and looking at. Yeah I I don't know I've not found myself in the best buy many year so I it does come as no surprise me that they'd be shutting down stores but. At and then again. I don't think anything I do reflects one must keep an eye let's say that that's a good business right. Like especially around like the holidays and this is talking about in the crazy deals at best buy and yet it still feels that it's a thing. I mean how. How long can you take the approach of like let's have everything from Michael washer and dryer too like a new self owned them all under the same -- -- try to get the crazies deals possible. And have everything in stock at all times that's the things that. Amazon is rare to run out of stock on something that's -- you know. -- it feels that way to me -- actually it's an infinite. Warehouse of -- fair. An infinite warehouse and I understand. You're still like hand making your coax cables. That's probably why you don't go to best yeah totally opposed that I I make way I -- them exactly and you -- the fibers together now here's some just news about best buy as a whole. Today they reported their fiscal fourth quarter net loss of one point seven billion dollars in some of the changes. But they've outlined to do is they will cut 800 million dollars and costs by fiscal 2015. Closing fifty big box stores that's kind of the big news out of this they're also planning to open 100 best buy mobile. And Smart stores this -- of these would be dedicated we've -- the mobile section in a best buy. These to be pulled out on I think there's -- a few out there but they would be investing more in the mobile mobile space. Obviously that makes sense and also boost their online revenue by 15%. -- -- -- a set of best buy turn until I can sort this if I click on -- Circuit City -- music a mall kiosks or something when they are. -- at -- until they are egg at the time to watch -- keeping them all like you see this tent over here. It used to be one of the biggest stores in America and -- of Mozilla you know justice that little bit -- -- -- what's happening out there but it's. Honestly it's sad because you have a lot of people are going to be pretty much -- losing their jobs but it is showing showing the transition of how big box retail -- -- a hard time competing with Amazon I love -- that they -- comes not full circle but whenever a -- trajectory -- is like. The big box comes in to eat up all the small mom and pop stores and smarter than and then there is that big outcry. And initiate. And you know Internet commerce wipes out the big box store and in this -- -- it's lake. I remember when Barnes & Noble moved into my town and hasn't -- like all -- -- -- -- are getting put out of business. Malware like we're talking about you know on -- includes the -- -- here. -- we have to find out a creative way to use all these big box spaces -- rain we'll do have you know what it's testing you say that item put in the show Rendell but bouncy castles. -- -- -- -- Very good very good idea trampoline may bounce houses get real you the trampoline warehouse opium dens made -- -- Well there's a story coming at a South Korea how some of their they have a concept market now that's happening -- where. All the goods like let's see walk into a target and you lock down an aisle and you wanna see -- -- It's literally like eight card -- Representation. Of the detergent does so with and you have -- this scanner where you obviously. There's a there's a place to -- UPC codes and none of the merchandise is on the show floor it's basically. Cardboard houses with pictures on it. You -- you click this little device and then when you walk to the front to check out all your goods are there. -- -- that sounds like a really complicated. A version of shopping online this is a particular high grade -- the next generation -- punishment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tired on that whole display and then replace that. When you do -- that. And now are they better people -- us that they don't do that I don't know. It is I can imagine like the books although we are walking around with all the cardboard slabs that represented the books and that's that an -- and added. And then it gets beamed over to your Kindle somehow. Why don't I it's just. Artery not mock tank hit the -- was that this is this is showing your evolution. As as a as -- insignia on his person I -- like. No don't -- -- I wanna order online so it's the gradual transition I don't wanna go to store and write and copy eat only on line word by word. It's -- also in some stories -- -- and I'll be Smartphone market according to Nielsen wire Smartphones now. I tell for half of all mobile phones dominating new phone purchases in the US it's almost that half 49% of US mobile subscribers now own Smartphones. Also new -- 36% -- mobile subscribers own Smartphones. Is driven by the Smart -- adoption. Not necessarily a big surprise there. Added I -- -- via their the other 50% here's just a prison population you don't want need phones you know the smuggled in -- and they're using as little starts acting -- doesn't mean anybody can -- -- with the. They can only hold so my -- phones are much smaller after. Now on the and it stories related to this we've seen how Smartphone growth is taking off and -- was playing these days ago. But Dell has decided to end their Smartphone sales in the US so you have one trend. Where patient -- Smart -- sales be doing well. While not for Dell they've decided to stop selling Smartphones. In the entire United States. As it tweaks its mobile strategy to focus more on emerging markets and higher margin products translation. They were able to sell. It. That sucks -- down. Bullying via via I don't know I feel lake -- That it had yet built that -- manufacture -- capable of making. A Smartphone. A K I like an actual decent Smartphone and does not being able to find a way to get to hooks -- to this clearly successful trend -- The fact that I was alienating half. And also the dole venue Dell venue pro ballot that was one -- -- phones that launched with Windows Phone. OS on it right there out when it first came out there like three phones dole is one of the phone that supported it. So they're completely taking all these off the shelves -- -- really had a hard time. Being able to catch on with consumers with just their mobile mobile products in general not -- -- laptops -- They had the streak series right now and a tablet series is such a notice -- -- because we're all talking about like the Samsung galaxy note right now right. The five incher hits like. They must just be like that fits -- perk like Dell's this must mean -- permanent. Old -- grumpy man position to make and that -- -- The Atlanta now audited Malaysian -- -- the streak to CNN -- -- doesn't clever advertising without which they did. Once again it's boot. Yeah. Welcome to puberty Donald -- that I I've done that before Hillary. Her alright guys and other news -- this is good news for. Music streaming fans Spotify has decided to extend their free play honeymoon period indefinitely initially had -- to offer their free listening package for six months. But now the ad supported optionally available for longer they have not disclosed. How long that period of time will be. But this is great because we that we were thing you know okay they're gonna -- everyone in. And then start -- now you have to pay but that's not the case Spotify announced that it had reached 2.5 million paying subscribers. It's probably helped them out a little bit. Common they're all also offering a bunch of new services and apps kind of are round the Spotify. -- -- I don't wanna call and ecosystem yet but the Spotify world -- things like. This tool called classify allows users find songs based on compose and -- and hum right now the 499 an unlimited plan. Is still out there it -- all the ads so -- still be exported and then the premium plan is 989 which I used for awhile. Which allows you did then use Spotify service on a mobile device which I thought was really cool but then I ended up. Sane world. 989. I personally I'd buy a lot of music so I was and I just killed it Nia and the -- went back to. By my own music and I liked the fact that my music is on my computer wherever I go oh yeah and -- I don't see this is -- -- a sign of them being successful and they're taking note taking on the US because it's. If things are really great they could -- like now I need to pay yeah I set it down right now they we got you hooked now -- need to -- out and if there and to keep the free option. Around and not as that restricted them they probably -- still trying to. For more subscribers I do like how Spotify here in this article they're not. They have no shame about taking other ideas you guys -- remember -- cycle hot or not you remember that website. Here you can like -- people they've decided to -- one of their other apps. Hot or not where UGE listening to songs to choose which ones that are. -- -- -- -- It's not making nearly as much money. For its all cash he had just feeling the buzz around music services is now kinda. Petered out people kind of figured out. They gave it a try but then at the end there and I'm not for me it's like this paradox of choice for it's like looking Google's -- -- maps and he's out there RD and Spotify isn't so many choices that you. Finally just don't field that. Excited about one -- kind of waiting for a few of them die off down in -- like yeah the F path. -- Acting ultimately it that when that thing that'll save -- is just going buying music and that's what that's what I ended up doing after about two months -- -- you know let. When it when this whole Spotify thing goes away. How -- -- get all my music back -- like I'll have to buy it. And it'll be in the lane six -- later when you had let's say what. 200 songs that you lighten that are on your Spotify and I have to go on trying to find them and re collect them that's a pain in the -- that it has bought them on the spot. -- It's all right -- you know what music music doing better stalled and okay music doing all right. The RR IAA has released its official figures for 2000 -- And music -- posted their first dean. Since 2004. Now you could say this increase really. An amount to a whole squad and not been it was a zero point 2%. Increase -- it's going out of revenue O. To seven point one billion dollars for this beleaguered industry but let's be honest. Accident they probably I would argue that our -- did not want this story to be spun in a positive light because there -- whole argument is that. Internet piracy blob blob live digital distribution. Is taking away sales -- -- where -- -- -- negligible. Increase. It still in entries. And the CD sales still eight -- -- 8%. Down in dollar value for eight point 8% down in new shift downloads. 17% gain -- -- -- and vinyl I read that Myles coming back man by the ends up like. 31. Way UI is very little but I percent ya know -- -- from. Take -- percent increase from -- you know nothing but it's. Well not -- so now. In the larger scope -- -- vinyl LP is represented only 2.2 percent of the total music market now. But it was up 31 point 5% have to ask ideally Jack way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Disney he makes -- finals -- it's a no sell out RI AA -- stop complaining about the Internet a little out a little -- not really. When I just like that had the headline is so awesome because as reports first revenue increase in seven years and it's point 2%. But the headline makes a summit there they're not bad ideas via their latest and title yes the industry media industry not quite -- pointed at our guys are gonna take a little click add wrinkle we come back. We're gonna talk about this new PlayStation -- for Venus orbits whatever it may be in some of the features that. Are being rumored also Apple here you have one in your home. You're probably not alone. RI will be back in a little -- guys. Welcome back to buzz out loud cnet's podcasts of in the determine link. Back -- the stories coming up the next PlayStation you guys believe it now Xbox and Sony. Have both said and denied. Publicly that there will be any new councils announced. At this year's. IWWDC. IPhone whatever announcement. But the next PlayStation according to sources deep inside. This is reporter Michael talk -- says the next console be called orbits. -- a little a little giggles. There -- trying to connect some of playstations product lines because places in this release are handled called the vita. Nervous. The day you terrible. Mean it sounds like windows inmates -- -- those phones to get them into prison okay. Combine that Zune. Mean the circle of life. And there's one way to enter it. So. For this to play it it's this is amazed you know every once -- -- to and I -- -- continue. You know this is great so anyways -- -- -- it'll come out in the 2013 holiday season some of the rumblings about it though is the fact that it will not. Be compatible PS3 games. Which of the machine -- and it looks according to this inside source that has been. Very actor before they they put out a lot of details not only will -- their already been releasing the developer kit. To a video game developers also used games everyone's been talking about this how the -- -- trying to prevent this they're looking to have some sort of online authentication system. Where you will not be you'll you'll have to pretty much. Authenticated as they used to prove that you can play this game so they immediately included a pain in the ass. For us and also the trying to kill the profits -- gains in stop I always mix the two -- -- -- I am I'm -- against that 100% but whatever they can try to do whatever they want an exciting in my hands -- new markets. It's called the PlayStation four I think people get way more excited if they -- places -- sports and knew what it's for it's this is that these are all code names but and a new iPad came out of the well you know I -- I talk to hardware developer whatever behind the scenes at -- -- -- they they laugh when. You know -- and outs. The actual code name and then they'll just change the code named the next day. So it really doesn't mean anything less is open as the four I hope they changed to something -- even worse register via these soon. A -- and Apple. -- -- Our guys now also in news where T-Mobile right we saw -- deal with AT&T felt new T-Mobile is reportedly. I mean sales of their wireless towers again. The carriers hired an advisor to help sell its assets and raise cash that this according to Bloomberg. -- -- -- of north of roughly 7000 wireless towers has been on the block before. They're looking to sell some of those to make little money there on the hunt Prakash. They really there but there's -- -- like we're gonna give you a smaller network look forward to strip the copper out of them and sell that on the -- black -- there's a huge black market for copper -- I've seen these news stories it's crazy. People like Digg and -- -- up partner like -- the trains. This whole underground copper wire black market is something we might be different. It's a matter time before August riding on the backs of donkeys that there. You already are now ER DR Donald. Pots and -- -- aside. It's alright also -- Apple in a survey by CNBC they say that Apple products. Can be found in half of US homes. I gotta say I'm not gonna disagree with that in general media there dish will get hands on today announced -- could be like Ed Mann now it was yeah true true. It could be -- the Apple TV this can be any kind of I hide the original anti. -- -- From me when your an elementary scare or. Yeah me via media brand in peer pear and Apple white earbuds. I think. Microsoft added counter this survey was -- There's a Microsoft product in 100% of households as a Microsoft product being hidden. It can address or somewhere. In -- market council and you needed since that's the same facilities that come out with their own report. But anyway is an independent study by a CNBC. According their demographics. -- -- from those surveyed. They estimate the average US households have one point six devices made by Apple one -- -- of those that don't have an Apple year plan to gallon. Inside the next twelve months. Aren't. Aren't. Can be -- the screen on there a period thinkpad -- other Apple product will break. And on the new one you know it now that we've been about three weeks out and you know you reviewed the tablets. What is your what's your overall take on the iPad -- is still the same because I have an iPad three -- like how it's heavier the -- a little better but. He's exactly the same. Yeah it's it's night. I think it it's it makes things tougher on competitors I think. And probably confusing for competitors -- it. -- we -- we are trying to get fit and we're -- a lot of time around we were trying to get really thin and light and now it's the screen. -- -- it I feel like it's a really might I add. Beautiful. Move in terms of -- the competition a business is a really good businessman right now I -- and raising expectations for people but not you know not a really huge. Difference from the last generation. I think it -- -- -- see the fact that they lowered that iPad two pricing it's gonna hurt. Some of the sales of -- because like that -- mania and price point is still that's the price of kind of -- Lot of the Android you know ten -- competitors out there. He's so little bit hard to I don't know -- -- -- its not them I don't think it's this is the iPad knew that eats up the -- market. Also we know we talked about that survey how one -- -- of households planning at some sort of Apple here. By 2012. They might have to wait a little bit because and use a new report. And people -- -- a jump on board with this says that according to the research group C -- Leo who knows how these things. We believe it's our own research group -- -- we could. TP BP TDB. -- -- -- To -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay so we have this out of their notes -- that they think the new Apple TV will now come out in 2013 and I wanna save for the record on our predictions show. The BT analyst firm said that it would come out in 2013. Around after the launch of like CES and -- like that that's that's my guess so. Hold on to sleep for at. The -- a little while for you one of ten households. 2013 will be the year for you. All right okay good and another last -- -- is wrapping this up the iPhone four antenna gate issue we all know about that where there -- given out the bumper case. -- there is a new web site that has gone live called iPhone four settlement dot com. Allowing iPhone four customers who were hurt by the -- issued -- collect their fifteen dollar settlement. According to their site. Man go get your fifteen dollars and and I season. And then the UP out of the cost of the bumper and the fifteen dollar Jamaican some serious money cannot mean fifteen dollars that's a -- data. Whether that's a -- -- market -- -- -- -- girl out the Boston market. And a core bread with a -- in the butterfly. And found my very first job on what. Honestly I'm a fan -- the market and I'm not -- -- and I was sad to much like how best buy stores if the of them were closing now. There is a point in time -- a lot of bossa markets were closing at a drive like. Fifteen minutes the final and unacceptable. I was working there when it was called boss checked in and they -- sign I know. I I can't ever -- -- chicken restaurant. Sent -- -- You know we don't cigarettes if necessary and that I -- you had assigns a source that's like. Non disclosure recently got the combination of spices I regularly on our finest signs something like that he -- meet -- dream of opening up my own chicken restaurants the rest of my and I must display a -- -- -- -- that. -- But the animals chicken and waffle and you Boston -- -- now I can not think about it. It's still ST says not enforceable in California a job and -- -- do it until the deals say. Facility -- that's an unenforceable -- one. -- six Philby -- Kindle beat the can be to stick to inject sick again -- -- its. Its. Stephen becomes more become -- becomes. -- some new business model go for it. It's. Alright guys -- -- on line is that we're gonna take a little transitional break and give you -- -- you put. -- Are you ready to know everything you do on -- Google is offering you more insight. With a Google account activity. It's a new feature that they've announced its Google account you can sign up for an annual report you with insights of all your activity all the services you sign a -- tool for those of you that really wanted to attract what you're doing and Google services. And I never got my. Is have asked -- around on your Google account that does it say yeah I let other does that tell you that other people early -- -- your activity I it is generic as it is just like it it shows you what a big Google UGU wire. Odds are discussing a site here Google performance and saying this -- a data porn for your Google use ITI is really need to look at this. This is the world this is -- -- -- -- -- go outside things like all errors. I haven't got my report yet maybe there's something really important -- -- -- How many emails Donald bell read -- and Gmail. Amaze me and him feel proud of myself its actual Tommy how many unread emails at my you know I count emulation of click. -- -- also arm to -- -- a quick update over the week. There is announcement of all these new apps sent the Xbox buffer was getting Comcast's expanded -- -- for their TV app HP go and MLB TV. Good news. Bad news if -- Comcast or Time Warner subscribers. HBO go is not supported on the Xbox-360. -- is -- Come -- -- some Time Warner. Cable Internet carriers service providers to -- bulletin settlements and who gets it done well you know we retire in the -- -- you're likely -- those Internet service. There's there's some -- direct and -- com. Media come AT&T some of the big boys AT&T Cox DirecTV dish but I need firm. -- how many of us here have Comcast. Think I mean in California I'm pretty sure we Algeria got nothing you -- you have that NT of the rabbit ears -- and I -- AT&T and I mean that a game I -- in an -- it's okay so -- you're okay and are angled and you don't have anything to complain about the exit diet and the money and saving -- up putting into HBO -- subscription. So it's only in effect idea. I guess this is a bigger story for some less because it affects -- -- -- Verizon rcn. If you -- in Bend, Oregon bend broadband. It's a small town a great town has been -- -- -- okay the pick people up and -- and and I hear. -- bachelor -- -- live -- a beautiful place here at the have been telling ya its alright guys that. Also -- as the new business model right right did you know that interest spanning to make you money. And now it's 44 year old -- 44 year old guy who calls himself Steve's. -- in this story in the daily dots makes more than 1000 dollars per day. -- -- -- Amazon product links on interest. Brilliant idea this. That's what I wanna know I'm in the wrong job right now. Also he finds like dress is basically on Amazon right. Yeah had a transit by and the prettiest one than any pin them on interest interest to get them -- -- referral -- get the referral hitting -- -- the referral fee from people actually buy them -- alien. This I I I do it B I wonder of his friends judge him but then hear how much he's making it's like so what do you do for a living dual. And -- -- women's dresses on the Internet. -- -- -- -- We yeah I make a thousand dollars so when he heard day. Humans could be shoes and purses and I mean he's not doing shoes and purses and indeed that this is so Smart though so it is I love his quell. -- talking about how you know his success. He says. Purchase is by far the date easy -- social network to spam right now quite possibly. The easiest -- -- requires almost no work to get started and no money to invest. You just have to know how this is the -- and you can fix it to your advantage. We do in making actual content. In mixing peoples lives and we could just -- -- interest all day. Looking addresses. If he's he's made up to 1900. Dollars a day. -- says I fully expect next week's earnings to be 2000. To 2500 dollars a day. As a genius in right now unit at this -- and follow the referrals guys get on board now interest has been one of -- main problems as spamming and they've been trying to like curtail listened. You've got imagine eventually the algorithm or whatever they're doing and being used will be changed and -- but. Steve has got to go and on. -- And Amazon ultimately he'd do this and don't like -- -- -- monitors keep -- -- he's done a lot of that. It started I have of this one. Uniforms school uniforms -- micro chipped in Brazil. -- there what's the big deal about that apparently it's it's a way to and curb. Absenteeism in school. Because they -- deal to track went out to kids in school is like what they do for pets when they put a microchip and your cat thinks. So. Editorial nickel piece that Brazil and like this image it says the and it -- and act can be embedded in Catholic school girl's skirts that actually. And he had in mind -- that coat of arms or whatever on the on the jacket -- that it. -- The -- automatically send parents a text message as it is their child enters the school grounds of their child is late for more than twenty minutes. This is a horrible. It's that. Would it be -- I don't know -- the -- -- meaning. He makes me think that they're the parent just there's their -- need to be at the school right to do you this could be the thing that unleashes a wave of Macon school kids running through the streets with their -- sitting at school. While on the detect that offenders list or announce if you're on it and not and is okay if that's essay in the easiest part of -- fooling the system as is making sure -- entered GPS tracked. Letter is that -- -- lockers well if you wanna know where your taxpayer money might be spent. The -- day confused -- government has spent 670. Thousand dollars design team and manufacturing these shirts. For the first 20000 students if I can you watch them if he got -- let's just say kids descriptive. Behind here in their sleep and espanola like the neighborhood dog or something like that is just scare the crap out of mountain. Anyways the -- city officials plan to make more so that all 43000 public students. In the city from ages four to fourteen. And -- -- high tech shorts and now I don't see this where -- Could work it's pretty amazing. -- guys that enough from us. We told you we'd read and have you listened to some of the honest feedback -- you guys -- we're also gonna save some for our show finale which will be next week. On April 5. Jason Howell Tom Merritt Veronica Belmont will be in the house for the finale. Maybe Donald -- easements. -- but up. It's a series test samples and crew -- I know a -- notes right. -- and we're not gonna Laney sat violence -- -- -- we -- wanna get some into the heart of some your feedback. Com this voice mail she calls us and she wants to know what else you can listen to. -- we appreciate it -- There are. Actually. It'll. Ship it. Out. Are a -- I I think she leaned on each share at. All. -- -- -- -- -- She is not in the minority because every email they've gotten -- -- a commuter and I need to long form idea podcast but. The -- -- -- is -- continue on so if you wanna subscribe to for a -- please do so for a before afford dash of podcasts. Dot com check that out and also reporters accountable continue on as well -- and I think we will have some of our new shows will be on audio. You'll have audio versions but it. Unfortunately -- they're gonna have a little empty dead space for a little while as we transition over and for enough money I I could just call only decent voicemails you want attendance that the car. Like a 3045 minute -- -- Let's look at that's pretty long. Love how much money we -- and it depends on how much your work time that's for you to decide. Which are right also Chris skulls in with the niceness -- we actually have some really nice team -- voicemails. -- -- we appreciate that if it. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's gonna go ahead and express my condolences are on the conditions -- Chris Carroll managing editor of byte dot com. A wanted to go ahead Dolan also a star indicate that you're really need to keep the audio portion of -- -- it is you're gonna produced -- going simply because. I'll a lot of people have booking meeting -- drive -- that they use to listen to the show and went out. -- audio only. Is going to be a lot of lonely dragon currently training going on so thank you for your time in your show in and everything you guys have done is doing a great job. -- Banks and looking forward to the new -- Lot of lonely drive and then only train in now without the man was a mostly lake clean. Message that -- means -- inflection I'm only sounded a little bit like what are you doing to our little dirty hands blueberry or on the train to. These have seen a lot of merely -- on Intel -- All you also -- real quickly the worsening -- back to where is -- in our I had heard okay it. I thought this lady commuting right now listening to this -- to know you everyone has. Horrible commuter stories once in awhile I have this ladies sit next to me and then all the sudden I was like toll -- normal regulating nothing wrong whatever. Also takes your shoes off. -- -- Then her silliness like her bare feet like they were not nice -- they were mainly -- upbeat I can't think but it and it was a hot day. It was sway. To sit cross legged. Lake Indian style home like everything needs to breed and -- at her. Feet were touching my -- Follow. As YA. And I'm just saying it's. Come on guys see -- to nail files for it until it ran it would though the would have been nice it would take necessary chewing your own toenail. -- -- -- impressive though and didn't happen everyday you have to see a lot of fun stuff from public transit OK guys I was gets emails. About have you read this first you know you get for that now -- in an Australian patent that's all read the military goes -- tells us from -- in Vegas a buzz group. I can't believe the show was coming to it and -- sort of watching -- couple days before Tom want to show. Due to this I really can't say that time period -- back to me that much. Then re posted may initial fun is an excellent journalists but this last time period a deal is what truly made the show -- Molly Brian -- -- as a perfect mix of intelligence fun and entertaining. -- a junior high school I'm in I'm a junior in high school. And when I went to high -- I really didn't know what I -- to do when I grow up. Now because volume I know what I want to do with my life I wanna be a journalist and hopefully a -- one. Think all you guys for me in the last couple years great an impact in my life I will miss buzz -- -- but I wish you guys. Look and all your endeavors for the last time of the show. Journalism that's -- lot of us are backgrounds of from antiquities saying to is that this last period of buzz out loud his. Targeted the mentality of -- high schoolers. But that's it I've got I'm not gonna deny that there are some our listeners will agree that you know to get demographic -- English. To set of journalism it's always -- your -- out of my past -- and help you out. I and -- -- -- -- -- if I can read Brian. I don't wanna save the thing that's next was -- habit maybe that's what he wants to be referred to as the fat and -- may be Ozzie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Christie made me had I kinda want -- week to -- this that the buzz out loud while walking. And now you get it may be -- how much -- look Smart when I don't have tech news. I can't stand up for moral line and the video is no -- meanwhile walking so please recommend some other CNET tech audio podcasts -- -- -- -- All the other -- to audio podcasts -- will still remain before we transition will be. -- for the silly love for a vote -- for Democrats -- and reporters' roundtable forum hosted. Little did they do they do crack me up to I think -- wants a little more tech news that's all that's all that's -- -- and mean. Where people gonna get -- tech news from CNET -- where well what other places could ever possibly go and Brentwood are highly dementia and political iTunes and look at the podcasts like every single thing has the word -- But in the title and -- Every podcast seems to be tech podcast maybe iTunes it's just intelligent -- serving -- those ones that is true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is CNET so determined to get rid of its podcast listeners like to listen to podcasts at work streaming videos too distracting. Watching web shows on my computer at home after starting a computer all day at after staring at a computer all day at work does not appeal to me. So -- guys you often felt like family. Of the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try this one is a more expressive -- how some people feel. Ron writes dear Stephen Brian Molly what dubbed belief I mean really what -- believe it. I've been a loyal listener for believed any ons I live in massive bleed and use -- I drive five believe -- days a week -- -- but 128. Before you believe it -- believe -- we keep format. I believe in afternoon drives were filled with -- -- great technology news you see. -- -- -- -- nerd I did not leap in nerd news but you look at -- -- -- we keep format. I thought I can handle the beliefs -- one fine. -- -- -- -- about my ride home anyway -- -- and kill your friend. Run the -- it and -- for Massachusetts. Johnson in a video or so before it's where I am ready sure this is the -- on -- thank you. -- that email and half it was much -- seriously and was able was it basically dropping of bombs the entire time is actually all beliefs and -- came in -- made -- work out between the -- on that that's alright guys so just remind you next week will be our final final show that's. There's the huge. The rain is coming to an end to end though we will be here -- 10 AM Pacific time -- 1 PM. Eastern time but the nice guy as things are coming out on -- you can check out our show notes from today's show take out the interview with Aziz. Below that you can call us. -- all 809 as 616. 268 that's -- CNET the NM buzz at That's gonna -- for -- friends. Rights act all right we'll see you guys.
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