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Crave: Blood clot bot steers around your head, Ep. 133
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Crave: Blood clot bot steers around your head, Ep. 133

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A blood clot robot has a steerable needle that can turn corners inside your brain. Plus, we take a quick hearing test on YouTube and ponder whether Facebook is making us miserable.

They might have -- -- -- and here's what's up. This week on cnet's crave blog. The virtue -- -- gaming treadmill is around concave surface designed to let you walk and run around in a virtual gaming environment. It's now -- for preset. 499 dollars gets you the treadmill the -- -- little friction she used as well as tracking hardware and software. The -- ex army can be used with any game that uses keyboard in place. But it's best to use with the populace riff which is currently only available for 300 dollar pre orders as a dev kit. The virtual ex army started as a kick starter campaign with the goal to -- -- 1151000. Dollars by the into the campaign the -- -- staggering 1109351. Dollars. Listen to Wikipedia is an open source project the speed of -- Wikipedia's recent changes speed. Turning additions and atmosphere at bells that's attractions to soft guitar strumming. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit. And green circles represented anonymous and it's. Purple circles indicate and it's like box. And white circles art and it's by registered users. Creator Stephen Laporte in Mahmoud Hashemi. There are also responsible for the site listen -- its place -- sound for every real time between transaction. And -- A recent study found that the more you use FaceBook to more miserable you can. Moon. A okay. Using FaceBook. Now you can give yourself a hearing test on YouTube. These steps science created -- how old -- your ears hearing tests which plays a series of tones and increasing frequencies. And gives you the average age groups you can hear them. Make -- you use headphones to listen and watch the video of the highest video resolution for maximum result. Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the UB interactive is out of beta and now on sale for consumer. BUB interactive turns any wall -- surface into a touch screen what once was just a prototype is now the real deal. Using a projector in a 3-D Kinect sensor. You be interactive is able to differentiate between clicking an icon on the surface we're just covering your finger over but. This also allows for multi touch gestures for zooming in and out of images in collaborating with other. You be software comes in four different packages ranging from basic which costs 149 dollars to enterprise which costs fourteen any -- The Kinect for windows sensor costs you wouldn't -- all. From the blood clot bot is this durable Neill built by engineers and doctors at Vanderbilt University. The robot can be operated by a doctor to carefully navigate through the human brain avoiding vital organs to find blood clots and suck the blood out. The robot has a special telescoping needle they can go around corners. And uses -- sound and CT technology you see inside of a patient's brain. As it is operated. The blood clot -- was originally developed to seek and destroy brain tumors but -- -- quickly found another use for the machine removing -- -- cerebral averages. Which have a death -- a 40%. Hey guys thanks for watching that is the show as always could find all these -- stories is cnet's crave blog crave at And maybe you can watch CNET on this week's crave giveaway this being creative is giving away and LG PA 4542. Inch plasma TV. Go to the blog and enter to win. -- --
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