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Buzz Out Loud: Best of BOL: Hackers, dangerous cell phones and worms from hell

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Buzz Out Loud: Best of BOL: Hackers, dangerous cell phones and worms from hell

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This week on our roundup of best BOL moments, Lockheed and PBS join the roster of recent victims as hackers motives expand, World Health Organization says cell phones may cause cancer and 'Worms From Hell' unearth possibilities for extraterrestrial life.

Today is Tuesday may 31 2011 my name -- Steven -- of I'm -- some and I am Molly Wood -- of buzz out loud in a podcast and apparently -- episode 1479. So -- back on as elemental back -- around say we just we teased you with separation enough have a happy reunion. Ambulance and the band is back together now Molly was -- in Vegas. For little fun and at the topless show that we actually will learn things from this but -- just tell us what you did out there. Area 51 actually in the late eEye guys wanna now India had not been following that the Twitter I got called. Out. Few would do this story -- -- -- anyway which is totally weird and then got called on Wednesday and -- by the CBS early show and they were like a this is not a conversation can you. Tomorrow can -- flight of Vegas to work on a story with me about area fifty -- yes. And it. Guess I -- Yes I can definitely do that because there's a new book out about area 51 by this woman any Jacobson. -- declassified a lot of information about area 51 and -- she was able to interview. 75 people for the -- 35 of them had lived or worked at area 51. So it was like the stuff that they were dying all the stuff they didn't know like that it -- it's just amazing how much -- the happens there and how much of the still secret and how it's really like a story about people out of control with absolutely no supervision exploding. Bombs that are like 75 and a hundred times bigger than. The harassment are -- -- that having a having a playground in the desert -- Q what ever they want and they did some really incredible things like they've built. Very valuable impressive technology into spy planes that probably did in some cases keep -- out of war. But they -- these those pipelines in some cases to like totally aggravate the whole -- called worse situation like you can Apple. So what's in the deal with the name of the book it's called area 51. And -- -- like the -- like an uncensored look at America's top secret military installation analytic and any battery what is one of the more fascinating details. That have come out of that book or from you know from your experience there. And so it was okay the most interesting play for hours and -- Because there's all that's just crazy stuff like about the planes in the thermonuclear bombs and you know whatever. And then all of them at the end -- -- I mean there's there's UFO -- without doctor -- you can't talk about it are areas that you wonder about at some point landing at Europe I interviewed one of the guys these were actually moderator experts. And he's like daddy you're uploading had a cracked me up I just tell people we were the it likely that we flew 3000. Different missions with spy planes that were flying at altitude 40000 feet higher than any commercial aircraft. And -- like you could see -- Wii or any but they weren't. Though -- at. Perry to know which doubles or -- -- -- and -- in depth but basically her answer to the Roswell story right is is and this is coming from. The one source in her book is anonymous because most of the stuff that -- holders still highly classified. But he told her that the Roswell UFO. Was actually a disk shaped airplane that was built by Nazi scientists that fell into the hands of Stalin. And that Stalin sent it to the United States with these. It was part of a disinformation campaign Mikey was trying to capitalize on it all -- the war of the worlds story about the big broadcast -- not that. That actually because there had been -- panic but they might be able to send a fake -- to the United States. Get all of the United States in such a panic over a potential invasion that -- our defenses would go -- Atlanta nuclear. Which actually. Yeah that's out with the kind of mentality of the -- our opinion on -- would definitely like the master of propagate psychological. You know some psychological warfare in honor while totally that's amazing so the story is that he's -- that UFO. To the United States supplier the United States and -- it crashed in Oslo. And that inside of that craft were these like child -- aviators that -- anonymous source thinks might have been like about thirteen. Some people thought they were older but they had been either genetically or surgically modified to look like -- And that it crashed in 1947. They took the remains there. Including content possibly two of those pilots were still alive but comatose. And I think brain dead. They took them to area 51 in 1951 and that's how it got its name. -- -- -- -- -- And that the reason that we did not go public and say like oh my god that -- -- -- trying to figure out of here with like surgically altered children inside. Is that. The guys with zero oversight right zero answer ability to anyone even to the president in terms of need to now decided to do either on -- That went online and area 51 at least up until eighty now when -- -- Well it's fascinating about part of the book template. Stirred up all this controversy -- and in some of these guys that I interviewed who worked there. We're like yet now we don't think that up and they and so even they were feeling like it was really controversial and they weren't sure that some believe it blah blah and the author Simon look at one. My source -- still anonymous Tuesday is one of them you know they've got this road -- group at Lincoln reunion club. -- they're doing and now the -- is doing an oral history with these guys. That they started about ten years ago -- -- greatly that there actually working on stuff now on government they're like reinventing the wheel. Re discovering things about stealth and radar and aircraft. That these guys discovered on -- for 200 years. But it's classified so they didn't know that they -- like doing the thing work -- -- responding they're talking to them trying to get as well you know. And they just said like like we don't want to believe the -- -- defensive about her time there because we believe we were like cold warrior. Cold War -- with cold warriors. But they all agree that the work they did there was like so segmented that you could be -- it fit next day at lunch and have no clue what he was working. It was -- And there's and like you said there's just like a little baby town -- and would know if you wanna call a town via a road with like a little. Hotel motel. Cafe and that's about it so if your hanging out there either think the aliens are near you or you work for the people that are hiding -- -- It's totally. Is there's a new type of people going to be there yet they say they're going to does Ian Blair yeah I mean it's like. This whole little mini town called Rachel -- Q&A half hours north of Las Vegas. And it's been greatly -- as little in in the cafe and then like a -- little trailers. And maybe like one really nice cabin with -- Land Rover discovery on antenna sticking out of it because it. Yet that's the irony in the show dialing only completely alien hunters and lived there and that ever there was that we we -- we worked -- shot -- effort prime -- pictures and hours that day and all day long as the steady stream of people from all over the world were literally coming to violate in the and souvenirs and asked questions and they even fell a little map. To the gates. There's like two days they can have a few and I got maps where -- like -- and I would like okay if you line it. Knock on -- -- -- though and Will Smith might show up. And as the leader of that -- Anyways like I gotta say even -- -- at the gate I mean you -- felt -- I think there's three separate art houses there's a big. Camera on all I'm sure there were cameras all the way along I'm sure they knew everything about it -- giving it a half mile -- road and I am positive. That they knew every single detail about all three of us in the -- -- we've got to negate you know cameras with the rocks -- I mean rocks with cameras wort until it rocks with cameras -- -- space command. Anyway you freaking. Often as -- the cool assignment that the government on with a fascinating and scary -- if the bush man in San Francisco can do what he does. In area 51 is probably lot of guys out there that look like -- -- there's. The San -- the stuff happened -- there. At that that -- that demands that it is alleged to have happened there and that we definitely don't have -- there and not only the tip of the iceberg in Italy declassified like. This much information I'm holding my and that in the form of like an inch. For those of you listening and anyway -- it is -- -- the we shot for the early show that -- we think it's -- -- on Thursday morning in new notes let you know that changes reveal meals you -- than and then we're gonna do some longer -- And little cut applicant were gonna do -- little -- -- like the outing the journey there is if you want the chorus of -- that will run on CNET. And I hate site also -- on the Internet. Is that beleaguered I'll believe it personally I knew I can't binary -- I can't you can't. Some of the stuff you just can't make up no one you know when you hear like. Little rumors I grow over time you just can't make some of -- Yeah -- some it might be a little shades of the truth but for the most part it probably there's -- lot of truth in it I mean we don't we have done human experimentation as a country within the Catholic I respect fears Hillary Clinton apologized to the nation of Guatemala. Because we -- pulling people out of -- insane asylum and injecting them with syphilis -- to see what would happen. In 1994 that the crazy thing I was -- I was in a Guatemalan prison back and -- that explain things that. Noted that -- it's not that -- in 1994 actually Bill Clinton ordered and investigated then President Clinton ordered an investigation into human experiments that may he power happening out there. At the Nevada Test Site in area 51 involving radiation and things. And the system of classification for area 51 is separate from the rest of the government. And they where they were literally able to say to him with Atomic Energy Commission sorry mister president you don't have a need to know. -- And now it's it's seriously think -- so we giving you got no interesting that's. Molly those amazing trip we film ten minutes of our show and -- -- People like that lose data that we're. You get there but you after you does not act now for the all right under the stars ripe yet. -- a hack attack just went on and on and on a plating works it's like a world that are all of a sudden I don't I don't know exactly what's -- on but. There were apparently over the weekend. Incidents at Lockheed Marten defense contractor Lockheed Martin which by the way -- the use Edmonds. And many -- -- -- -- admitted on Saturday that it had detected a significant and tenacious attack against its computer network but -- that the payments to stop the attack or any data itself and. -- with Lockheed Martin's attack they were wondering if this was potentially related to and her an earlier attack -- RC security where. They have these special kind of -- USB key chain type Bob's not USB that -- little key chains that have an access code that changes every thirty or sixty seconds -- it continuously rotate so that. To get access to it you know with their security to different areas in their arm in the facilities you have to have this -- RS say. Was hacked I think about -- two or three months ago. If -- -- and that the crazy thing about there exploit was it was a Phishing attack where someone had sent out a spreadsheet. That include and once someone opened up the spreadsheet. It threw it through in you know at a remote administration tool that allowed someone to then get inside -- two administrators computer and then navigate their way through our -- And potentially get some of these data codes or how they do some of their security right so they were wondering if it's silly -- Lockheed's. Hack was related to and potentially either methods or some information that the -- acquired from -- because that's what -- -- in their security system. Right exactly and now they're saying that almost anyone in the target. Potentially because of that -- as they breach or just the fact that there is sort of a cyber war on I mean it if inching its -- -- saying that bowl right then. That at all and don't look over here. Things cyber threat to get you to ignore what's really important and -- to give them an excuse to locked on the Internet can. The -- their reaction to this is gonna be literally interest in so -- not just Lockheed. That was -- it was also -- like Catholic serve up a whole conspiracy theory mindedness and -- and it's all -- C alien spirits. So -- was able to deflect and say no data was so and we certainly helped that that is the case and there are major defense contractor in math and potentially very dangerous pack. On the other hand PBS was also hacked. All we know so far is that they use that there. Access. To put -- I -- they act that got me actually we did you see the headline on -- out of the -- -- like a minute after both Nile like but -- retreated out like real. Our diet. And add and delete it you get the link that -- at anywhere they put up a fake article that the -- -- Hunsicker. -- miles were still alive in tiny little New Zealand town. Combined if anyone believe that in the day and age of the Internet I'm not talking to them more. That's absurd. It was pretty good third I rent -- on. PBS's website that's absurd that's what happened actually -- it was on PB has been like. I mean I -- you know the Apple are you know maybe not critic is even if you think though does not abandoned then the group that -- -- PBS. You get immediately corrected it and then now you know with a -- then they posted a string of Twitter messages that the hackers which took credit for the breach. And that photos snapped into bumper with the -- -- what happened that PBS. What's wrong with PBS subcommittee database with these -- their passwords cracked that they. Is that not enough just act in the. -- at the top and the this you know this whole thing is. Well we now all it really confirms. But no no site -- -- network is safe lucky lucky was able to shut things down base they said that no data was anything they say we hope -- we help. Now they say but we really don't know yet if any of the data was actually taken from -- -- and they wear they -- it the Wall Street Journal points out that the attack is likely to ripple through the defense industry because -- -- -- big. Big contractor and there wondering if is you know if if the defense industry is about to become the next target or -- really -- you know. Anyone on a network anyone on -- network anywhere whether that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hacking into our networks in China tree has been up to that within the North Korean South Korea there's been accusations -- in -- you're starting and now see multinational. -- Internet. Crossing in targeting countries for for their information and data like this offensive formation at. The potential to unlock -- it's it's going to get a lot bigger area now you see these big profile -- more people are gonna just jump in the party definitely because as we learned it's. And no one -- un hackable you -- learn from each other right each -- -- kind of told them new things that they can learn about the next way to target other types of packs -- it just becomes this knowledge base that they have. As amongst themselves. And it's -- and it's just an increase in that mentality to that that the sort of like. Folk vigilante mentality right -- PBS report according to Boeing Boeing -- that he gets -- according to -- was the work of the hacking group lol fact. Which is under -- appears to be some kind of a spinoff from the not really -- group anonymous group. But members of lol fact apparently are not very happy about a PBS Frontline show that -- called Wiki -- secrets. And didn't show WikiLeaks in an entirely favorable light so that you know I mean. Let's be clear admit they'll come up with any justification that they can but when it comes to picking targets of these sort of kind of show off the attacks it's just about right like we're not have -- that you set a bad thing about our group. I think that is obviously very true motivation from attacks against Joaquin and those are the ones that -- -- -- more concerned about. -- others an article that -- just recently surfaced in relationship to lock -- being attacked where the Pentagon is now -- that computer hacked. Could be treated as an act of war right. Yeah I mean its -- -- its -- -- that person entirely fed you know it's an attempt it it can distract you from what's really happening to people -- if you select on the Internet that is the other major concern comes out of this is like the very often we see that their reactions to these kinds of things -- are that are the really scary part to think that. The thing happens and kind of scary -- gets attacked and then -- the government then -- surpassed. A super reactionary. Knee -- that have laws that say for example that hacking can be considered an act -- our and then the next thing you know it's all happening in its just like. Well oh look you look at this -- definition like according to Wall Street Journal. Pentagon -- any computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act horrible what is defined as computer sabotage -- you start getting into the nitty gritty. Of what that actually is the you know you can either go away over the edge. As they like yeah you you've accessed my username and password -- And your from and the country's right. I mean. I guarantee you -- in the in the future -- they come out of this will probably go away over the -- and then we'll collected anonymously in the really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the government's gonna have to try and finally to -- these hacker groups often doing this stuff yeah someone's going to have to pay and be used as in the example are the poster child. Or something or something of that nature that too clueless yet definitely you know I mean. And there also gonna have to like really ramp up I mean they have you know. -- know I'm gonna I'm at work -- we have an entire cyber warfare division but I think like many many experts is that over the years that the government's. Resources and knowledge when it comes to cyber warfare are woefully lacking and they're gonna have to get serious about it in her. I we're gonna take -- also I was really pretty -- unit packed with. -- still making great music hope springs eternal still making great music. They're -- -- a little break when we come back we have information on what we believe will be discussed at WW DC. Online exam -- the end potentially hidden software so Samsung also. -- -- Given Apple a little bit belittled his government is trying to get a -- candidate curtain and that the Intel will -- book critic Liu. -- -- -- -- What up was down. I always like that little because I can't believe -- baby your favorite -- -- but this. While waiting on industry it is it is a little bit when you tell you about CNET you know content and now coming -- straight and my related how straight ailing gangster alien gang -- -- -- him here right in the show as usual. Guys back the stories Apple just announced today their press release official press the least of what we will be CNET to -- -- DC 2000 limit they're planning to unveil. The next generation software for Mac OS-X lion -- we probably knew about that I IOS five we've been talking about their next version Apple's advanced mobile operating system. And the outright said the -- cloud Apple's upcoming cloud services offering they've been looking on locking down others deals which would. Indicate that they have indeed for the most part a -- locked down three of the four labels that the other tidbit if you wanna parse through this is in the hat topped the announcement. Apple CEO's Steve Jobs. And a team -- they -- -- will kick off the company's. Keynote address and that that. In the -- that's one thing we didn't know like no surprise that all the W -- -- worldwide developers conference is gonna be about software not hardware. But the fact that Steve Jobs will be there hosting -- -- as. But typically means it's a big deal when he shows up now but if they're launching the -- cloud and that makes sense and I'm very curious to see. Really how much better -- -- music cloud service will be. Because of their relationship with the labels I'm wondering what will be those they've got it instead of just. -- -- can download to my computer I wanna see something that's a real differentiator if they have agreements the labels via they'll give -- some like. Hodgepodge has some lame Alia we have the labels so we can give you dvds -- -- -- -- -- give it to meal. And I mean athletic abilities like has to -- -- they'd definitely have to step up because they've been touting that the whole time it and and it does look to me this -- the -- opportunity to put up or shut up -- -- like unless you are actually willing to deliver. The big deals that would let consumers how do -- what they wanna do -- re download music from sites in and any other like feature that you're currently blocking. If they don't. Make that stuff possible than they did then you know what go to. Like you don't don't come complain in about how Google didn't talk to you and Amazon didn't talk to you when you just been like anti consumer and -- about every single feature. That consumers would -- want with respect to digital media. I mean this -- -- right this is their low kind of their last chance to show us that. They might actually -- be listening Terry I don't. I had I would never put any faith that they that they would hope I hope so you know one of the main things is that. -- digital distribution music they've sent out models of how much the labels make from a song sold. But with this whole subscription model it's never -- Sally so that kind of -- -- Paving the road for Howell much revenue they'll get from a cloud based service -- and if this is the first step or the first negotiations. Typically it's not going to -- the consumer. -- they're gonna look to get as many cents. Out of this is they can't and -- And it does and doesn't usually. But and -- -- and everyone's like what well what about one more thing what will we see I. I personally don't think we'll see any iPhone five hardware tackle -- now I don't think and I even said on that people are going crazy one more thing -- -- -- If they announced the iPhone 51 of you can have -- Content. But I didn't say iPhone four arrests. Okay. Now I -- Nolan is seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although the people who might get a look at the next icon. Turns out that done okay if the last week we reported and and -- blessed -- -- Gillespie in the chatroom our resident like lawyer in house. -- -- They're really -- him that. Told it like yet perfectly normal in trade secret cases for companies to get a look at the other companies' products because they're trying to make a case and -- that they copied. And so -- -- Apple was able to get a look at. Samsung's next versions of the galaxy and -- again talent -- that we heard we were shocked but apparently it's only normal. But that doesn't mean it any less shocking. -- earth that gunmen to turnaround -- -- like alright. How about you let's start out here how about you give a look at the next iPhone and iPad. Boom boats -- there was -- Samsung also on. It has lawsuits against Apple for violating some of their patent -- so -- it's Apple started this. With the same that simply copy them Samsung that's Italy Europe -- summer patents that Apple said. Well for our initial -- the issue we wanna see your hardware to see where it violates our design -- copies as the symptoms like. Eight we want to see your designs to see where you violate our patents and the only way we can see them -- at the newest software running on a day. -- -- -- Today. It was a running on the iPad three. The iPad Lawrence of that but by day -- -- that that -- didn't sell me I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- -- -- and actually that is hilarious. Gillis the image and says it is like litigation is -- and. It's sure it like it's like nuclear wire -- and valued Logan moved its that the -- by -- that would be pack and I. I also -- thanks who yeah -- you wanna watch out. -- -- That again. It is pretty it is not unusual as with the Apple request to -- -- and released products that -- request asked only that Samsung's lawyers. Not the company's product teams be allowed to see the Apple devices -- however. They say the retaliation praise on the element of surprise which is historically one of Apple's biggest strength. When introducing new products because -- -- come becomes part of the public record that Apple turned over. Prototypes of the iPhone five and prototype of the next iPad. Then we will definitely Knoll. That those things are in the works -- works so you gotta admit that -- things that Negroponte at straight out. And the head of -- -- let you know what let's just let's just go right back data I meaning generally happens from this I just wanna see it in -- let's do that. And then again now getting goods and again and again raise the about it they are still partners and business. It's not like they don't. Samsung provides the components and parts are a lot of the devices the screens via chips wonderfully -- -- in a blink here. They're at -- at the -- the -- both still making a lot of money so this is almost like some little. Petty thing for those legal teams to find out where the product teams may not really care right there like we're still making money. Well but the thing is. This I think of the planet which Apple and would. -- -- -- Read to me there's no way that Apple wants anything in the public credit records indicate that they have prototypes -- the app on by the apathy that whatever and they are gonna fight this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't start none will be none at all day. And -- -- and then again with that one. So and about a day in viewer -- viewer into playing classic old school games like from systems like Atari Nintendo 64 and Sega on your Android device. While the -- are understood to -- unity. Gas L bunting emulator is on interest -- which did not provide the roms it is the actual games. That's really more of the illegal activity where you have these roms -- -- plane on these and you leaders. It a lot of evidence taken actually all of them have been taken down off the Android marketplace now so young saying has been pretty popular with his up PlayStation emulator is. Those are taken down also. He lives in China they took down his Sega Genesis emulator last month. After getting complaints from Sega he's now looking into those you know -- loading stores or in other app stores. Third party off the side of -- marketplace Rican again as emulator but they're not haven't it. Now not at all and impacting game makers have been contacting Google which -- and making a stinking Google which is -- Google. Presumably just -- and took them out of the market come marketplace completely yet. Which is a bummer. I think now it is I mean. And -- of the company -- Offer an alternative. Wired -- Sega their -- -- have you been doing lately little sitting there trying to rake in money off of the -- the royalties that you own on these games like making it make your wanna. People love these products this is the perfect example of the you know the free market. Even when the free market is engaged in piracy coming in and filling a void now and showing that people want these things. They have like sonic for iPhone but really only have to do is just create an app and then load all its. It's almost like the formula to care for them -- to -- makes an emulator and they get the roms Sega. Make an app they provide the game's. Put him in your app. And then it's just -- -- It got -- Is also love if you're looking to find out if there's any improvements. And neither view our. Mac that -- -- sense of I don't out like an easy guy talking in a -- and -- right Nielsen -- Nielsen. The I the mobile operates the market is kind of flattening where Android lead over IOS may have stopped growing. This is based on their research Smartphones sure -- increased in popularity but and they represented the B 7% of all mobile phones. But -- after -- -- the number one spot less than a year pretty much kind of held steady at 36%. In the last three month period from every April Apple's held steady -- -- -- 6%. Pretty much in line with -- going up or down a couple percentage points and Blackberry even though they were -- -- significantly they start to flatten out around twenty to 20%. And I was adjusting everything's gonna cooling off probably because there was that early Russian and everybody has signed -- contracts are not that many -- Are buying new phones right now. And then I think a lot of people have been hesitant to into the Smartphone market are waiting for things to come down from the -- -- -- -- with new adopters. The numbers and indicate also they've just -- of PL which. The type of user has the outlook works for the rank. The only surprise that apparently came out of the Nielsen report was that Android users use apparently significantly. More data. Then iPhone owners and other smart partners that there they. Let's see they consume an average of 582. Megs of data eat a lot but -- -- -- that's just you to -- I don't they don't say that's -- they say that's Wi-Fi -- he got to know that's an analysis of cellphone -- Though it's just over the carrier's data network enhancements a lot compared with 492 megs for iPhone which is -- allotment. That's its actually. You know tonight when a ninety minute differences but I thought it might be a little David and actually might -- yeah I hate when it what's happened is you know what I is likely that the -- ninety megs -- All right so now -- now that's good news. Or whatever that's news. You know lets you knowing -- we need -- Slovenia and grain out there there it if you -- let's look manipulated some human experimentation on you do it uses no comment below. I did -- let's move -- the -- -- -- We haven't seen any official report yet but rumors were ahead of the that's coming today that Twitter was about to launch its own photo sharing site that would -- place. Why frog and twit -- And and we don't know yet what -- of terms of service that would offer but if if that does get announced today we will give -- all the details tomorrow. Also Sony's PlayStation. US but. It looks like the recovery in parts of Asia including Japan Hong Kong South Korea. They're still going to be delayed so they haven't said when they're gonna. Bring those back up to speed but at least the PlayStation store for US owners will be. Ready to -- by the end of this week and they haven't said why the delay in the other Asian countries -- the Japanese delay we know is because -- -- -- to comply with all of the Japanese government requirements but. -- -- -- -- -- What else -- going on according to Verisign. The first quarter of 2011 closed with almost 210. Million. Domains on the -- on the net. They're so. The all the dot com and eBay user whenever there almost 210 million different domains and registrations of new domains I mean generally thought everything -- name was taken at an alert. Up seven point nine. Percent for the year and that even though he ran out of I PV four address space. And that's what any damper on the worldwide market for Internet domain. I wonder if that day dot com is still available and only and for that I hope -- looking for that realistic and also Alaska airline pilots are -- and lean and green. They're now using ipads in -- the first major domestic airline easy ipads to replace their flight manuals. Of those big chunky books via they'll be swiped it away. -- They led they had been looking into electronic flight -- exams are presently -- -- found a device that they really like take this out the one and a half pound iPad replace up to 25 pounds of paper flight manuals. That pilots are required to carry when they fly wow. Pretty crazy that the initiatives that it's been replacing paper manuals and they're also looking into replacing paper aeronautical navigation charts. Because every pilot currently have to carry his own copy those initiatives together are -- -- by by flight bag. And they will they have about 2.4 million pieces of paper. Although I would still like it if they just have -- one paper aeronautical navigation hurt in the -- -- in -- either -- at the same time so they're always gonna have wandering. Hope springs and this I'm sure they think of that would be Batman and dangerous -- -- to Mac and I didn't -- the the world the -- world with kind of abuzz this weekend about the new. -- the new first thing that's coming up in gadgets. It's a Monday Tuesday guys have you got it's a Monday Tuesday -- the app that makes sense actually goes in Vegas -- like a month. You narrowing the longest trip for some -- and did you realize we actually did -- when he shows without -- here and might have been because. Of the brain like until now it's actually I guess they have -- -- -- the lighten. -- Intel announced its new ultra book which will combine the performance of a laptop with tablet like features in this. Pretty crazy and it sounds like -- in light elegant lined. There are hoping that people will buy these instead of tablets based in -- targeting. Com a design of somewhere around point eight inches which would be the -- -- And you know that ultra mobile MacBook Air style competitor and what -- they -- that Intel had those when they were trying to roll out something that. You know they -- had equivalent power their laptops. They were using processors that really didn't give on much. Advantage from power consumption and they were kind of slow. During this kind of traditional netbook area where -- -- -- -- processor that was. Better than netbooks but still gaining some of netbooks when Apple consumer market kind of almost built itself. -- this is their answer of how they're gonna try to address this now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A headlight and -- -- avocado and -- -- to fighting. Atom chips because there they're trying to you know kind of like that and increase increase the speed and the potential of these tips link even faster than. Normal so that -- impediments -- these machines and make them really. Because -- think. What people -- -- the post tablet ages that some people do you still want keyboards. That and the functionality and power the comes of the laptop but that these sub two pounds. Form factor is Jackson who -- it in an -- like not only way to live. And so they're trying to get -- and it's you know it's a significant engineering towns are trying to make it powerful enough to be a full fledged laptop price them under a thousand dollars. And to make them as them has -- and you. -- will be available sometime around 2011 for the holiday season but they haven't I don't know if -- -- -- -- which manufactures are on board yet. You've got imagine people like this season -- out the example below that they're showing is the deceased UX 21 ultra book and a so they -- this topic copy text and Taiwan. It's pretty hot and but it did it it's definitely interesting because this market has lagged. Because likely point out they've either been too expensive or too slow and if they can really -- if not then I can't -- I'm combat local. That's super tiny left nothing really trust me -- -- MacBook Air -- -- it. Only mineral really and also if you guys been taken -- best buy -- site recently the Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point one. Is available on their website with the -- -- soon sticker. Then -- gotten so there is no dates but it it should be rearing its head just around the corner and then. Does the -- -- that for another gadget that -- personally still. X I I really wanna see this and display with that the touchpad. Is according to rumors planning to also launch on June 12 that's going to pre central dot net and it's also. On best buys web site as a coming soon. But you know an upcoming and its nothing I just if if they really are strategy until you would expect the -- -- -- a little more. Yeah you know maybe the deal you'll like the need to really had been up to the market still isn't there or the product -- -- -- -- -- -- The touchpad is out I'm excited about -- I'm excited about Alan -- I mean to me that -- been saying this for a year now existing one to me is the dark horse. Of -- and you'd think together or meet demand there but something buzz more than just committed showed up on HP web site in an. Although this of that that's centric -- that that the the company immediately. Got their you know that on on the design talent of the Project Runway they -- Google HP tablets on -- and that's right they're pretty good product placement. I don't know I guess we'll find out maybe I mean is less than two weeks maybe. -- to announce the date. That's what I -- -- if you wanna get people fired up by -- gearing up -- -- like sneaking marketing is at the palace -- coming program on this smacks of how they're gonna blow it like -- -- with the pre. Don't blow it. Now valid and even -- -- honestly don't why -- -- with these webos devices don't I know to be too little and you. I did maybe they don't have enough developers on -- academy today compelling argument. Like hey here's -- -- but we have no games. Meaning. There's there's no way we're definitely don't lines. Whatever you don't do it and look -- on your calls and B and -- email Sally. It a list together better than talk anatomy than -- Monday accused me we have our first voice -- today comes from of a longtime friend of the show yet we're currently in a chat room. -- -- -- its kind of technical. Reading an article beacon about a whole group on has been hiring. Highly skilled writers for the copy in danger. Do we open houses -- differentiator. In an older. Of these groups. Based discount services. -- I was thinking -- that's the differentiator as an actor and features trouble because. I've never read the copy on one of these ultimately look at what they're selling it and delete or -- The post as there's -- approach and sign of how close they are and how unique they truly -- While the -- -- -- Could you. There hasn't been any company that is touted the fact that they're hiring copy -- printed copy I really think about that. Although I do happen to know that Google's doing the same thing. For her one of -- -- -- products. That might be of the -- that they are trying to hire. Journalist's words and it's wordsmith you can help craft -- kind of marketing materials -- more real I only read it. And I actually just went to my email and although it's in group on the -- features you'd like to read -- thing. And if there's not damaged copy in actual emails -- the more the green thing with the deal. Like these and you -- yeah I like it or idle at it pretty much -- -- And and in fact now that I look at that's accurate 50% -- that's our flower. The breaking of bread symbolizes peace and partnership -- if you think back together red symbolizes the boredom of a small -- on a plane -- -- -- had to finish the feeding pigeons who weren't and then dot that I and indeed that's the least serious death like -- -- I know that sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person -- pictures of pretty bread. I don't I don't highlighting group plus but that's the first example that I pulled out of their super superior copyright I couldn't believe that vegetation on my own -- Ups like but it. Apple have a living -- now does -- And now on the other -- -- -- that's half off of a bread making workshop day and on the other -- living social has forty dollars or eighty dollars swimwear. And they actually also have just a -- politely declined your mom's FaceBook friend -- you can say no thanks unflattering it with today's summary -- from that spot. How about you know it -- mean this is all you have to do you want political that -- no amount of good if you show the deal -- -- like swimwear. But I that would illustrate how it actually -- -- -- clever copy of the book you. -- -- -- -- -- -- I gotta read -- -- group and -- the -- curious moment teeth okay 67% up at Piedmont dental. -- must be able on stage and gleaming through a press observers which is why George Washington code it -- -- with white out and glitter was not. -- -- Group on. Long Island that violated conflict of the big ever find you shed tout that you are getting copy editors to view and -- I let go hunting via the email geared -- -- in the router in Marietta Georgia. Also a friend of its own interpreter and now -- -- -- it. As you mentioned this new discussion of yourself -- -- your wallet but I want to point out that this idea would be a bad deal for servers and ballet. An industry that -- a large amount of salary from pure tipping would be hurt big time. Yet that there is worth of what can add a tip to the total that we find that their countless other areas of the tip is just that gift given for -- services rendered. I could -- -- really struggling this idea was widely adopted amendment and check on their plates along with -- credit card. All along cache has had its place as well as light cast -- remain an option I'm cool with the virtual wallet but if Google things and give them a -- presidents for them they have another think coming. Yes I'm not biased because the McDormand in -- hotel and it. You know. I would find it better you weird unless you wore a belt. When they touch scanner. And someone just caption to give -- -- -- -- -- protests it's. In a -- meant at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No tipping into that room remember that paper acknowledge that and there's definitely a no -- Though they could just stop I mean we -- we can you know and I'm not saying like. Just stop overnight -- -- week. This is the kind of thing right technologically as a whole societies are changing the -- -- cash that leads to for example like okay we just changed the salary structure of -- in Norman. We don't need to being more pivotal scenes neighbor -- -- -- in and a then we'll think. We'll see how it -- -- but that's it that's certainly good -- for now. Jason has put aside neither justice's national. Title that'll take -- for now a restaurant. And conference -- -- Jack W rights and a buzz -- I love the idea and -- -- -- -- -- see the many potential benefits become realities. In response to what one. NFC payments payments and issues with these payments. Would be handled through credit card companies banks just as they are today its -- -- but it would just be a digital object -- -- of a piece of plastic just because you use and it seat. Doesn't mean that you become a client of the AT&T bank -- -- share could also be argued that NFC is not. May not -- -- -- -- but the -- -- of Smartphones make it much more secure than plastic credit cards into true that. We asked if -- your feedback and you -- you delivered little deeper. Anonymous points out gym in Vegas went out -- -- -- put -- an obvious opportunity for Apple thinks the beef between PayPal and Google quite simple Apple it's Google. PayPal probably it's Google the one of the two hooked up computer loves -- -- -- -- again and again. Apple will eventually have to have NFC in their -- to the big new player like PayPal to work with them. They would be a serious contender in the and -- theory. Cool cool idea yeah I like that's all I Logan and hub of communications -- football. I don't don't don't don't don't and I did like the beginning of summer has -- I should think about the Bali and. I'm all -- the basketball guru ram I can't stop it -- -- like tennis and next here I'm going to different. Really mark my words I hate to say it -- -- six okay. Eight dollars on the show brand try to bring up an example of an app that exists on other platforms like pilots -- they wouldn't mind paying for more. On windows phone seven. You mention Netflix is an example a windows phone seven already has had Netflix since it was launched but what about any -- yes I know the release date was pushed back. You -- -- on IOS it's free on Android and Chrome OS and probably might end up costing more on windows phone seven. However it'll come -- Xbox Live achievements with -- make it sell like hotcakes. There are a lot of things that would dispose -- it comes -- -- you don't need an -- for like FaceBook. -- just -- -- everything isn't just about the number of apps for the people that really care about that though. Windows phone seven has over 181000 apps which is a more than Android in -- had when they were that age and it's going up. Exponentially. Love the show. Oscar from El -- taxes. Also. Oscar Oscars I hear audio on site or email address of Microsoft dot com how windows phone seven dot com doesn't work and I. We're giving up though yeah yeah yeah no -- what we're also saying that shows that although they may be the same app on. Are the app is on multiple platforms that windows phones of an app that they wanted to -- -- cost really would have to have differentiating features. -- -- -- -- -- -- Differentiated features like Xbox Live -- That might make -- paper but that's what it would have to be I don't know some really cares about Xbox Live achievements that much when. Just the same games the world's -- it would not be even more compelling than that Hermes yes absolutely we like email but thank you for as. Saints -- the amount and then thanks to Paul the board -- teeter on an awesome band -- at that and -- up on beyond boring Friday. Because that helped the company -- -- forty weekend and I heard -- that porch isn't it by the Brian couldn't get the Lady Gaga files or KF seats in the super awesome coupon deals. So I made a little Photoshop and it's showing what Brian cant get and he -- and I'm calling it born this chicken. And a Baghdad draped across the -- Lego of these -- AT and in camera. It's I mean -- biting into it and it. -- you know what -- -- paid attention to details he used the grilled chicken which was in fact the promotion. The devil's in the details ball and I saw that and I recognize that -- and you -- an -- -- -- little. Old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll -- stated that stated that -- back dated a barbecue salts and alright guys can't. -- asked Asia and I don't wanna point out -- it is never ticketing again. On Twitter. It's -- -- today there's that -- called would birthday dot com TW -- Niagara leaderboard. I -- my Twitter account was born on this very date or years ago. In regulatory settlement later today if you'd like to -- -- -- me and to order accomplice Molly Wood. Amazing -- all I know labor pay into it retains our Brian Tong is Brian -- -- -- to have in the Twitter and even beat them is Steven Beecham with a PH. -- -- In a beats spelled beats. -- AM AM. He had outfit that oil is actually much like -- hide and looked at -- -- blog yeah although CNET asks us astronauts help ya there are a lot stated they were abruptly via. -- guys he calls at 80616263. CNET. And still you guys are given as good voicemails how well one new improvement as we streamline this process down. Don't hand me via the website -- from earlier represented by because you actually give us good information. Vote this is not an advertising words and have a conversation they let -- excellent and yeah mainly to make the said the -- And it didn't come and we love to hear from -- -- -- -- would love Allegheny mountain amount an antique that was a really good again again and it's really. Buzz at cnet.com you know how to get to -- we will see you guys some of them. -- -- --

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