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WWDC 2014: Apple shows off Continuity for Mac OS X

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WWDC 2014: Apple shows off Continuity for Mac OS X

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At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, the company shows off new Mac OS X features that make it possible to send voice calls and SMS messages from an iPad or iPhone to a Mac, and use Handoff to access documents across devices.

[MUSIC] Something entirely different. It's called continuity. So now at Apple, we believe you should be able to use right device for the moment. Maybe your phone when your on the go, your iPad when you want to kick back on the couch. Maybe your Mac. You're trying to get some work done. But we also want the transitions between these moments to be absolutely as natural and seemless as possible. Now, our continuity features start with something simple. And that's AirDrop. Because now AirDrop works between IOS and the MAC. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] It's really convenient. But now we have something where we really take it to the next level, and It's called Handoff. So, turns out now that when you're working on your Mac, your devices around you. In proximity are aware of each other and are aware of what you're up to and so if you want to pick up where you left off on your Mac on your iPad. Well your iPad is prompting you right on the lower left of the screen. Just swipe up and you can pick up working on what you're working on your Mac right on your iPad. [APPLAUSE] And this [APPLAUSE] Now, this works for the other direction as well. So, let's say you're composing and email on your phone and you walk up to your Mac, well you're Mac will notice what you're doing and prompt you right on the dock. You click it and you can pick up finishing that message right on your Mac. [APPLAUSE]. [APPLAUSE] Now we've been able to take the same proximity awareness, and make the process of creating a hotspot easier than ever before. So now, if you're using your Mac and you're away from a network but your phone is nearby, when you go up to your w-fi menu. Your MAC, actually without any configuration ever having been done on your phone, sees your phone, and prompts you. So you click it, and it automatically sets up a hot spot. You never type a password, and you're on the network that easily. [APPLAUSE] And, and this works even if your phone is across the room sitting in a hand bag. You just never have to touch it. Now the next area we really wanted to handle is SMS. [APPLAUSE] Now we all love iMessage. We can continue our conversation seamlessly from device to device. But then we have these green bubble friends. [LAUGH] And, you know, they have inferior devices. [LAUGH] And they insist on sending us messages. And we don't wanna hold it against them. But the problem is that those messages don't show up on our other devices, until now, because now. [APPLAUSE] Your phone is able to act as a relay to automatically and transparently. send your messages between devices. Now, believe it or not, we're able to do the same thing with phone calls. So now, when you receive a phone call, your Mac gives you caller ID, and you can even accept the call and use your Mac as a speaker phone. [APPLAUSE] And believe it or not this works even if your phone is across the house in a charger. You never had to miss a call. Well now that your Mac is all phone savvy, it's also a great way to dial the phone. So, if you're in contacts and you want to dial a number, you can do it right there. And even on a web page, you see a number you want to call, you can call it right from your Mac. So I want to give you. [APPLAUSE] So if you're up for it, I'd love to give you a demo now. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] All right. So let's check out continuity. And we're gonna start with hand-off. I'm gonna pick up my iPhone here. And I was composing an e-mail about our karaoke night does anyone want to, you know, by, I'm by my Mac so let's use my Mac here, and you notice my Mac actually is aware that I was using my phone, so with a click, I bring up that message, it's right where I left off. Does anyone wanna go? And you know, to give these people some inspiration about what they might be able to experience at karaoke night, you can just summon a picture from last year's karaoke event. [LAUGH] Now that ought to get them going. So, I'll send, send that one on its way. Now, of course, this works in the other direction. Looks like Andreas is up for some karaoke. And he sent me a URL that's to a good place to go for karaoke so that I can pull that up here. Now if I want to show this page to a friend, maybe pickup my iPad, you notice that I look up my iPad lets put that on the screen. There at the bottom is Safari. I just flick up. And it takes me right to where I left off. It's really amazing. [APPLAUSE] Next up. Phone calling. Hold on one sec. Well this is from my mom. Now she, she surely wants to grill me about the newest fourth tier LVM compiler in Safari. But this is not the right time. I know you'd all love to hear from mom but I'm going to scr-, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. She's a wonderful, wonderful woman. But it's. This is my space so so but you know I would like to show you how we can make phone calls and so, I can dial from web pages for instance if I wanted to go dial a phone number like this one right here. I could just select and hit it just like this and you notice I get a option to call right here inside of Safari. But you know, I wanted to make a phone call to a, a new Apple employee that's, that's joining us, it's something we do from time to time. So let me just bring up [LAUGH] Here we go. [APPLAUSE] A little welcome card. Its a WWC welcome. So let's have my man dial via my iPhone. I, I talk to people like him all the time of course, it's very normal. Hello? Wow! Hey, it's Craig Federighi here. Hey, how you doing? This is Dre. Hey, hey doctor you're on speaker phone via my Mac. With over 6,000 amazing develops at WWDC we all want to welcome you to Apple. [APPLAUSE] [UNKNOWN] I want to thank everybody here for creating such amazing apps. Yeah, they have created some amazing apps. I'm glad you called me in early. What time should I show up for work? [LAUGH] If you wanna beat Tim into the office, it'd be about 4:30. But I think you know, orientation, new employee orientation starts at nine. So and you don't wanna miss the free t-shirt, so I'd shoot for nine. [LAUGH] Sounds good. I can't wait to get work with the team at Apple. Well, Dray, it's been great chatting with you. I'll see you around campus. That is correct also. Alright. Bye. [APPLAUSE]

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