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WWDC 2014: Apple overhauls photos on iOS and OS X Yosemite

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WWDC 2014: Apple overhauls photos on iOS and OS X Yosemite

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At Apple's WWDC, the company announces new photo enhancements for both iOS and OS X, including better organization, as well as a new pricing structure for iCloud storage.

[MUSIC] We all take a lot of photos. Increasingly, with our iPhones. And we share them with whatever device we have handy. Well now, we're bringing together photos with iCloud. So that every photo you're take, you take are available to you on all of your devices. [APPLAUSE] We're not only preserving the common organization edits you do to all of your photos. For your consistent iCloud photo library. But your device actually has access to more photos in the cloud that it physically store locally. So you can get at them all wherever you are. Now of course, if you have this many photos, you want great search. And so we, now on [UNKNOWN] save photos. We give you great search suggestions. For instance, of locations, photos taken near where you are right now, photos taken a year ago today, photos taken in your home. But we also give you search, and so that search lets you match on things like location. Time and also on albums that you've set up. Now we also help you perfect your photos with great new Smart Editing Controls. So we have special Smart Controls for light and color. And also for things like auto straightening and cropping. I'd like to give you a demo of our new photos app now. [APPLAUSE] All right. Let's take a look at photos. So here I am in my large cloud photo collection. And I have great search here. So I have all my suggestions, but I can also start typing. And you notice I get matches on location and time period, but also an album. So here I have Beach Day with Mandy. I can tap right in there, look through these nice photos. Let's take a look. Those are some good ones. Now, that's a photo that I think has potential. And it's really quite dark and kind of washed out, but, fortunately, we have these great smart editing controls that I can use to fix it up. So I'm gonna up our levels, and you notice, I have levels for light and color down there at the bottom. I'm gonna tap on light, and I get this great smart light meter. Now I can just drag this across like this, and it lightens up the photo. Really nicely. So I dial that in just the way I want. And what's happening under hood is really amazing. You notice that to achieve the lightening effect, it brought brightness and contrast up, exposure highlights down and shadows up. Based on detailed image analysis of what would achieve that effect. Now I could go in, and I could manually try to tweak those parameters, like have that level of control, but I don't need to because it does such a great job. Now I also have that control for color. So I can just drive up the color, for instance, bring out the sky and the skin tones. And now look at the difference of what we've been able to achieve. Before. After. It's really awesome. [APPLAUSE] Now what's really great is that my edits, of course, immediately went up to my cloud photo library. And so they're available to all my devices. So let's take a look on my iPad. So here's my iPad. Now I'm gonna go into my favorites album, and we notice that, right now, in favorites, I don't have that picture, because I didn't favorite it. But now that I've made those nice edits, the picture's looking great. I think I'll make it one of my favorites. I'll just tap on my iPhone, on the little heart, and you notice that it appears automatically here on my iPad. So I can go into that photo right here. Now we have those same editing controls tailored for iPad. So I'm gonna go in to do a, a crop. And do kind of extreme close up crop here, like this. Hit Done. And of course, these changes are gonna go up live to my iCloud photo library. And they go right across to my phone. [NOISE] So of course you may be wondering, what about the Mac? Well, good news. We are working on a new grounds up photo solution for the Mac built with iCloud in mind. Now it's gonna be shipping early next year. But I'd like to give you a sneak peek now. [APPLAUSE] All right, so let's take a look at photos. See, see I get beautiful, buttery scrolling here. I have my moments right here. I can pinch out if I want for moments. To collections, and all the way out to years. I can scrub through my photos, like this even in year view. If I find photo I like, just let go and zoom right in. You watch as I magnify this photo, the interplay with the title bar is really gorgeous. I'm gonna go ahead and, browse through these a little bit. Now, here's a photo that it looks really like it's got some potential, but it could use some brightening up. It can have these same kinds of adjustments. You notice here, I have these light and color meters, so I can just close these controls, so we can watch what happens. In real time as I make the lighting adjustment. And notice how some of these are going up and some are going down to create this effect. It's really great. I can do the same with color, let's just boost the color. Bring out the sky, bring out the skin tones. And it's that easy. The new photos app to really create beautiful images. And that's quick preview of photos coming to Yosemite in the future and, to the new photo solution with iCloud photo library coming with iOS 8. [APPLAUSE]. So now on IOS 8 you get all of your photo's in your organization across your IOS devices and soon with your Mac and via the web. Windows as well. Now this is all your photos and also your videos. And these are in their original format. And they're full resolution. Now, this uses your iCloud storage so your first five gigs are free. And we have some great new affordable plans coming where you get 20 gigs for just $0.99 a month and 200 gigs for $3.99. So, we can all afford to get all our photos safely up in the cloud. That is Photos. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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