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Car Tech Video: 2011 Chrysler 300

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Car Tech Video: 2011 Chrysler 300

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The budget pimpmobile gets a ride uptown.

Yup, the old Chrysler 300. It's only been around since '05 but it seems like it's been around forever because it got reel stay along the vine. Partly because of indifferent ownership right about the time to 300 should have been refreshed, then the economy had some issues. But this has long been the iconic car of kinda petty thugs and budget ballers. It needed a refresh and here it is. This is a much cleaner, much more rich looking 300. Among the changes you see right away a smoothing of lines all around which gives it more mass. You've also got this horizontal bar slot grill no more of that egg crate stuff that they were doing, kinda large scale but cross hatched, that's gone as well. So, it looks a lot different. Much cleaner and smoother, pairing in of lights and other details as well. Inside quite a bit of a difference also. Now, even though I'm in a low rent trim level on this car, I mean I hope it is it's got this bad body glove upholstery. It's still nicely done. It's much more upscale than ever it was before and it was always kind of a pompous car. Lots of chrome around the gauges, almost Bentley Rolls levels of chrome there. Check out the screen, this is gonna be a standard screen-based interface for all these cars, 8.4 inch standard LCD, they say that's the biggest in the industry as a standard piece. Behind that Chrysler tends to do a lot of good stuff with their home MyGig technology, lots of good interface for different sorts of media, I see an SD card slot here, this is their latest interface knob where you turn and click to control a lot of things on the screen but not all of them. And the navigation rig will be powered by Garmin which you don't always see unless it's an add-on Garmin from the dealer. But this will be built-in Garmin nav. And overhead will be an available dual panoramic glass roof which is nice in a car that tends to have a high [unk] and high belt lines, at least she gets some relief form the bunker feeling overhead. Base power in this guy is going to be a Pentastar V6, 290 somewhat horsepower but it doesn't have direct injection yet even though it should. So, I might wait on that. And the initial transmission will be a 6-speed automatic but we hear later this year there'll be an 8-speed automatic. I might wait for that as well. You'll also be able to get a 5.7 handy carrying over from the previous 300.

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