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The Lumo Lift is a compact wearable fitness tracker for your posture
This magnetic tracker clips to your clothes to track your movement and posture throughout the day and sends that data to your iPhone.
28 August 2014 6:44 pm BST
3.5 stars Very good
Real smartwatches have curves: LG unveils rounded G Watch R at IFA (hands-on)
At IFA 2014, LG will launch its G Watch R smartwatch, complete with a 1.3-inch circular display.
27 August 2014 9:42 pm BST
A smart hearing aid that works with your iPhone
A 'smart' hearing aid that built to work directly with your iOS device via Bluetooth.
27 August 2014 3:41 am BST
The Star.21 takes a different tack on fitness bands
Yet another entrant in the ever-growing fitness band ecosystem, the Star.21 from Oaxis has a few points of difference from the rest of the crowd.
22 August 2014 6:12 am BST
A great watch for the casual runner
A GPS running watch combined with an activity tracker, but with one major flaw.
8 August 2014 9:09 pm BST
3.5 stars Very good
Timex fitness smartwatch don't need no stinking smartphone
The Ironman One GPS+ is water-resistant, stores music, can send alert messages, and has its own cellular data via AT&T, and is coming this fall.
6 August 2014 5:25 pm BST
Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart fitness tracker hits the gym in mid-August (hands-on)
Adidas doubles down on its MiCoach wearable devices, and releases the a heart-rate and fitness tracker known as the Fit Smart.
27 June 2014 5:35 pm BST
LG G Watch review: Not the Google watch we need
Android Wear is Google's wrist-worn vision of the future, but LG's smartwatch feels like an early prototype. Read all about it.
3 July 2014 9:01 pm BST
Google's new Android Wear in a familiar Samsung watch design
Google wants the future of Android on your wrist, but for now it's not a future that's not all that great to experience, and Samsung's Gear Live is all-too-familiar hardware.
3 July 2014 4:23 am BST
An accurate and affordable activity tracker that flies under the radar
The Zone C410 is priced cheaper than many of its competitors and offers more features.
24 June 2014 9:09 pm BST
3.5 stars Very good
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