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Salutron looks to take on Pebble with its new LifeTrak fitness watch
The LifeTrak BRITE R450 can track your daily activities and also display notifications from your smartphone.
30 September 2014 2:01 pm BST
The Basis Peak wants to be your life-coaching, heart-rate-tracking, swim-friendly superwatch (hands-on)
Basis has announced a revamp of its previous fitness smartwatch, arriving in early November: and this time, it gets smartwatch-like notifications, too. We took an early peek at the Peak.
30 September 2014 12:00 pm BST
Polar M400, an activity tracker with the heart of a GPS running watch
Polar's new activity tracker can monitor your daily life and help you achieve your running goals.
26 September 2014 3:20 pm BST
Misfit Flash, a waterproof sleep and fitness tracker, aims for affordable
A waterproof design, a battery that lasts for months, and a price of $50 or £50: Misfit might be setting the new bar for fitness bands.
16 September 2014 4:00 pm BST
Apple Watch unveiled: Starts at $349, coming early 2015 (hands-on)
Apple's first big leap into wearable tech comes next year. Here's all you need to know, and how it feels.
12 September 2014 12:42 am BST
Cross Country watch ridiculously encapsulates all of Android (hands-on)
What's big, bulky, and it comes with its own SIM card, Micro-SD card, and Google Play store? This watch, and it can be yours for $160 buckaroos.
11 September 2014 2:00 pm BST
Sony's concept EyeGlass smart specs eye up Google Glass
Sony's second generation of EyeGlass is a rival to Google Glass, but the opposite specs won't like these specs.
5 September 2014 1:30 pm BST
Moto 360: The first round Android Wear smartwatch is available today, costs $250, and includes inductive charging (hands-on)
The round Moto 360 smartwatch has been unveiled at last, and it's striking. But what makes it different? Here's our first impressions after having it on our wrist for a day.
5 September 2014 7:00 am BST
Is the Meta M1 smartwatch a sexier-looking smartwatch for everyone?
In a world of ever-multiplying smartwatches, can the stylish but simple Meta M1 stand out based on looks alone? We wore one for a week to find out.
3 September 2014 7:00 pm BST
Sony Smartband Talk is an e-ink fitness tracker that can take your calls (hands-on)
Sony's latest fitness gadget, the Smartband Talk, shows your workout activity on an e-ink display and has a microphone to let you take phone calls.
3 September 2014 3:45 pm BST
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