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Best iOS apps of 2016


One of the best parts about getting a new iPhone or iPad is downloading new apps. But with an ever-growing selection in the App Store, it can be near impossible to cut through all the clutter. To help get you started, we've distilled some of our favorites down to just five must-haves.

If it's a specific category of apps you're looking for, we also have our best iOS apps for photo editing, our best apps for streaming audio, and our best apps for streaming video.

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Online videos done right

YouTube (iOS)

With its clean design, new picture-in-picture features, and improved browsing, it's hard to argue that there's a better way to watch YouTube videos on iOS devices.

5 stars Spectacular

Instagram (iOS)

With addition of 15-second video clips, Instagram is tough to beat for photo and video sharing with an enormous and lively community.

4.5 stars Outstanding

TV and movie streaming

Netflix (iOS)

If you don't mind the limited streaming library, Netflix offers great picture quality, smooth controls, and reliable performance.

4.5 stars Outstanding

Search at its best

Google Search (iOS)

With access to Google apps and Google Now, and Voice Search results that even Siri can't match for speed, this app is a must-download.

4 stars Excellent

Radio just for you

TuneIn Radio (iOS)

TuneIn Radio is one of the best streaming-radio apps available for when you want to listen to local or national radio. Most will be able to get by with the free version, but for DVR-like recording capabilities in the Pro version, you'll need to decide just how much you use the app.

4 stars Excellent
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