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    Plantronics BackBeat Pro full-size wireless headphone takes on Beats and Bose
    Available today, the BackBeat Pro features Advanced Bluetooth, active noise cancellation, and 24-hour battery life.
    26 August 2014 1:40 pm BST
    An audiophile in-ear headphone that costs less than you'd think
    The Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE and step-down DX 120 iE are among the best sounding in-ear headphones in their price range.
    6 August 2014 8:36 pm BST
    4 stars Excellent
    One of the best luxury headphones you can buy
    The company's current flagship headphone has a comfortable over-the-ear design and offers richer, more detailed sound than the step-down P5.
    6 August 2014 11:22 pm BST
    4 stars Excellent
    The Samsung Level On on-ear headphones are bassy, plasticky, and disappointing
    Samsung's new headphones have enough bass to satisfy electro music fans, but don't do much to justify their price tag.
    4 August 2014 3:27 pm BST
    Grado Prestige Series SR325e: High-end headphones that deliver a clear and open sound
    While they aren't for bass lovers, the SR325e headphones deliver very open, detailed sound that makes them exciting to listen to.
    29 July 2014 6:41 pm BST
    4 stars Excellent
    Grado SR80e (review): Great headphones for under $100
    If you don't need the isolation of a closed-back design or a built-in microphone for cell phone calls, the SR80e is a great headphone for the money.
    14 July 2014 7:55 pm BST
    4 stars Excellent
    Powerbeats2 Wireless (review): No bargain, but still among the top wireless sports earphones
    It's a bit overpriced, but the sweat-resistant Powerbeats2 Wireless is both comfortable to wear and sounds good, particularly for a Bluetooth headphone.
    24 June 2014 8:15 pm BST
    3.5 stars Very good
    JBL Clip: A wearable Bluetooth speaker that sounds good
    JBL's updated $50 micro wireless speaker adds a carabiner-style "clip" at the top and speakerphone capabilities.
    19 June 2014 8:47 pm BST
    3.5 stars Very good
    On-ear Beats Solo 2 steps up its design and sound
    Beats' successor to its bestselling on-ear headphone is a distinct improvement over the original, both in design and sound quality.
    13 June 2014 6:14 pm BST
    4 stars Excellent
    Klipsch S6i: Ace of bass (review)
    If you love bass, Klipsch's latest sub-$100 in-ear headphones could be right up your alley.
    9 June 2014 3:42 pm BST
    3.5 stars Very good
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