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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
This is the best ebook reader in the world right now. Providing you can spare more than £100 to read books, you won't be disappointed.
7 March 2014 11:12 am GMT
4.5 stars Outstanding
Nook GlowLight e-ink e-reader (review): Kindle Paperwhite gets a close competitor
While it doesn't necessarily beat the Kindle Paperwhite, the $119 Nook GlowLight is an excellent e-reader that's strongly worth considering if you don't want to buy into the Amazon ecosystem.
7 November 2013 3:49 pm GMT
4 stars Excellent
Is Kobo's Mini too small or too big?
The affordable Kobo Mini is a likable touch-screen e-ink e-reader that's a bit of an in-betweener -- too small for some and not quite small enough for others.
29 January 2013 1:40 am GMT
Kobo Glo: A worthy Kindle alternative
While the Kindle and the Nook get all the notoriety, Kobo's new Glo is an impressive e-reader that also features a self-illuminated screen. And unlike the Kindle, it supports books bought from multiple online stores.
10 January 2013 5:56 pm GMT
3.5 stars Very good
Amazon Kindle (2012) review: Excellent no-frills e-ink reader
Amazon's most affordable Kindle lacks the touch screen and self-illuminating screen found on step-up e-readers, but it costs a mere $69.
10 January 2013 6:07 pm GMT
3.5 stars Very good
Sony Reader PRS-T2: An incremental upgrade
The Sony PRS-T2 is a perfectly good touch-screen e-reader whose only sin is that it doesn't have any competitive advantages over the Kindle or Nook.
10 January 2013 5:57 pm GMT
3.5 stars Very good
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2012
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a great ebook reader, with a built-in light that makes for clear, comfortable reading, even in the dark.
18 December 2013 12:56 pm GMT
4 stars Excellent
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight
4 November 2013 3:31 pm GMT
4 stars Excellent
Amazon Kindle Touch
The Amazon Kindle Touch lets you intuitively touch the screen to turn pages, but its processor speed is sluggish.
20 April 2012 12:29 pm BST
4 stars Excellent
Kobo Vox
The Kobo Vox may be cheap, but its poor power makes it frustrating to use. While we like Kobo's ebook service, we don't like this tablet.
15 February 2012 5:55 pm GMT
2 stars Mediocre
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