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Nikon D750: A $2,300 full-frame dSLR with crowd-pleasing potential
For the D750, Nikon blends the old D610 and the new D810, for a camera that's likely better than one and lots cheaper than the other.
10 September 2014 10:44 pm BST
Fujifilm X100T advanced compact camera gets more streamlined controls, electronic rangefinder focus
Updates for the company's latest X-series compact also include Wi-Fi and a better LCD.
9 September 2014 5:39 pm BST
Fujifilm updates its wide-format instant camera for Instax Wide 300
The Wide 300 gets a more streamlined look than its predecessor while keeping a nearly identical feature set and price, while the camera maker also added new color options to its Mini models.
10 September 2014 3:03 am BST
Sony brings 30x zoom to your smartphone (sort of) with QX30 lens camera
At IFA 2014, Sony announced a second round of its lens-style QX-series cameras that use your smartphone's screen for their viewfinder and controls.
3 September 2014 1:58 am BST
Sony QX1 is a lens camera...without a lens
Now you can get a round, LCD-free version of the A5000.
2 September 2014 8:53 pm BST
Olympus PEN E-PL7 is sure of its selfie (hands on)
The company's latest entry-level interchangeable-lens model gets a makeover inside, too.
26 August 2014 10:53 pm BST
Pentax K-S1 sheds light on your dSLR options
Pentax hopes to attract a new group of dSLR buyers with some design flash and an updated control layout.
22 August 2014 10:39 pm BST
Fujifilm X30 advanced compact camera gains an EVF, tilting display
While Fujifilm hasn't changed much about the inside of the X20, its successor does gain some nice features.
21 August 2014 10:35 pm BST
Sony A5100 sounds surprisingly good
With high bitrate movie recording and the same sensor and autofocus system as the A6000, Sony's $700 Alpha A5100 interchangeable-lens camera kit seems pretty interesting on paper.
15 August 2014 5:00 pm BST
Pentax Q-S1 tones down the cute
Though it's still a tiny interchangeable-lens compact, it has a more refined design and color palette than its predecessor, the Q7.
4 August 2014 5:46 pm BST
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