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Canon 7D Mark II: The long-awaited $1,800 prosumer powerhouse
The update to Canon's aged midrange dSLR has some really nice enhancements, as well as some disappointing omissions.
15 September 2014 1:00 pm BST
Canon G7 X is Canon's first with a 1-inch sensor (hands-on)
The newest addition to its enthusiast compact line seems targeted at drawing buyers away from Sony's RX100 II.
15 September 2014 1:00 pm BST
Canon brings 65x zoom, Wi-Fi to PowerShot SX60 HS
With a wider and longer lens than its predecessor and some other needed improvements, the SX60 HS brings Canon back to parity with its competition.
15 September 2014 1:00 pm BST
The $900 Panasonic Lumix GM5 remains still a small but pricey ILC, now with EVF
The small but notable change of swapping a built-in flash for an EVF is welcome, but the price...
15 September 2014 1:00 pm BST
Samsung NX1 offers enthusiasts 4K video, 15fps and advanced autofocus for $1,500
With a lot of new technology but some interesting implementation choices, you should keep your eye on the Samsung NX1.
15 September 2014 11:00 am BST
Nikon D750: A $2,300 full-frame dSLR with crowd-pleasing potential
For the D750, Nikon blends the old D610 and the new D810, for a camera that's likely better than one and lots cheaper than the other.
12 September 2014 5:01 am BST
Fujifilm updates its wide-format instant camera for Instax Wide 300
The Wide 300 gets a more streamlined look than its predecessor while keeping a nearly identical feature set and price, while the camera maker also added new color options to its Mini models.
10 September 2014 6:00 am BST
Fujifilm X100T advanced compact camera gets more streamlined controls, electronic rangefinder focus
Updates for the company's latest X-series compact also include Wi-Fi and a better LCD.
10 September 2014 6:00 am BST
Sony brings 30x zoom to your smartphone (sort of) with QX30 lens camera
At IFA 2014, Sony announced a second round of its lens-style QX-series cameras that use your smartphone's screen for their viewfinder and controls.
3 September 2014 4:00 pm BST
Sony QX1 is a lens camera...without a lens
Now you can get a round, LCD-free version of the A5000.
3 September 2014 4:00 pm BST
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