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Panasonic's 4K camcorder looks pretty feature-packed for $3,500
A new prosumer run-and-gun-style camcorder has tons of entry-level pro features -- it's just missing the three sensors.
3 September 2014 6:16 pm BST
Sony streamlines its Action Cam to make it Mini (hands-on)
The Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1 is smaller and lighter than Sony's top Action Cam AS100V without sacrificing too many features, and it gets a new and improved Live View Remote.
3 September 2014 4:00 pm BST
JVC brings quad-proof protection to traditional camcorder design
With a 40x zoom lens and a body that can withstand water, drops, dust, and cold, the Everio GZ-R10 is a good move for the family camcorder. Too bad the video quality isn't better.
5 August 2014 9:55 pm BST
Polaroid's XS100i action makes it easy to capture your family adventures
Lightweight and waterproof with Wi-Fi and a nice accessory package, the budget-friendly XS100i is just enough camera to make it worth checking out.
18 July 2014 11:16 pm BST
3.5 stars Very good
Versatile JVC Adixxion XA2 competitive GoPro alternative
With sharp video, easy mounting options, a solid feature package, and "quad-proof" protection without a housing, the GC-XA2 is tough to beat.
14 July 2014 11:56 pm BST
4 stars Excellent
Sony tackles the GoPro giant with the AS100V
Third time's the charm? Sony's Action Cam AS100V has plenty of features to beat the GoPro Goliath at its own game.
1 July 2014 2:15 pm BST
4 stars Excellent
Canon workhorse camcorders double their zoom
The lower-end ENG XF series gets two new models with 20X lenses.
2 April 2014 2:03 pm BST
Dimika Action Cam offers good full-HD video in ultrasmall, inexpensive package
It's a full-HD action cam, a Webcam, a car DVR, and more in a body that's about the size of a pack of mints and costs less than $70.
28 March 2014 11:30 pm GMT
3.5 stars Very good
GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition gets you GoPro design, solid HD video quality
If you like GoPro's camera design and are willing to sacrifice a few features to get solid HD video, you could save $100 over the $400 Black Edition.
28 February 2014 11:51 pm GMT
3.5 stars Very good
Socam UltiMate changes up action cam design
Not quite the little box or bullet-shaped body styles of other manufacturers, the UltiMate looks like a nice blend of interesting features and design.
19 February 2014 7:35 pm GMT
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