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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 090: Bionic boots, future concert tech, Khail chugs Surge, and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 090: Bionic boots, future concert tech, Khail chugs Surge, and more

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On today's show, we check out a guy who's running in bionic boots, a DJ who's taking his concert experiences to a whole new level, and a game that only lets you move once per day.

On today's show we wonder what it's like to run really, really fast in a pair of bionic boots. A deejay is adding a future tech to bump up the craziness of his concerts. And a cube that has a game in it only lets you make one move a day. The GameCube? No. It's Tomorrow Daily [MUSIC] Greetings citizens of the internet, welcome to Tomorrow Daily. I was just gonna keep going and see how long it would take you to, to chug that Surge. wel, welcome to the best geek talk show in the known universe. I'm your host Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always. Sir surge. Sir Surge, Sir Surge. Khail Anonymous. [LAUGH] So- This is, this is gonna get real interesting real fast. Do you guys remember the announce, the announcement of the return of Surge? Well we, we didn't get any early adopters. No. But I'm pretty sure Logan was, was nice enough to go and buy all of these. For me to drink on this one episode. In this one episode. So we're gonna, we're just gonna barrel through it, so you have to finish that by the end of headlines so let's hit it. You good you're feeling the surge? [LAUGH] Yeah, it's gonna explode. It's really surging through my body. It's not good. So tell me things so that my brain works properly. All right, well you might not need these after all those Surges. Okay. But there is a pair of bionic boots on the market [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] That can make you run 25 miles an hour. Are you gonna be okay? I gotta finish this. Go ahead. I'm really concerned for you. This is really cool. This comes from an inventor named Keahi Seymour. He's in San Francisco. And these are his bionic boots. You can see him running in them. It's crazy. They're a prototype gadget. He's gone through a bunch of different iterations. This is the newest one. [LAUGH] He looks like Groot. Does he like [UNKNOWN] running down the street? It looks amazing. He was actually inspired to make these, after seeing ostriches run as a kid. Mm. And he wanted people to be able to feel like they ran like ostriches as well. Of course. So, the way these are built are they have these really big springs on the back, that mimic the Achilles heel of animals, like ostriches and kangaroos. So that you have additional downward force when you run. Which means it propels you forward, faster. So he is running faster? Oh, yeah. You can run up to 25 miles an hour in these things. Whoa that sounds incredibly dangerous! Okay, yeah it is. So he, he unveiled this version at Maker Ferret this year. And actually this comes from one of our viewers. I, I'm going to feel really bad. This was submitted by a viewer? Yeah, he sent it to me on Twitter. And I want to say his name was Brian, and I hope that's right. And if it isn't, I'm sorry. Oh yeah, producer Logan says it's Brian. Okay, good. producer Logan says it's Brian. I'm pretty sure it was Brian. But I'm going to tell you the story about the hazard of going too fast on a device that you are not prepared for. When I was a kid. Is this your second can? No, it's your first, okay. No, still choking this one down. You didn't finish it by headlines. I'm trying not to die. so, when I was a kid, I was like, I think I was twelve, and I used to my bike down this really big hill. And at one point, my bike only had the brakes that you had to push the pedals down on. Like, I didn't have, like, a hand brake. Right. So I was going down this hill. And it just started, the bike started going way too fast. And [LAUGH] my legs. The. I lost control of the bike. And my legs were just hitting [LAUGH] the side of it like I was in a com, like it, like I was one of the Three Stooges. It was literally, like, crazy slapstick comedy. It was, it was fishtailing, down this hill, and I was wobbling and screaming at the top of my lungs, and at the bottom of the hill I fell off. I just took a dive right into a ditch. So, maybe bionic boots could be a little bit dangerous is all Im saying. Maybe people aren't meant to run that fast. Just like maybe you are not meant to drink that surge. No, it's going to happen. Alright. Alright well tell me about this DJ. Okay, okay. So this is actually really cool technology. I feel so low energy. All the way around okay? So first off, I don't know if you've ever been to an electronic dance music concert EDM concert, but there's a huge light display, it's a huge spectacle. Well, a very popular DJ named Aarmin Van Buuren has added these armbands called Mio, which are little, little. Like motion sensor. Yeah, motion sensored like little arm band. They, they can be used for many things. But what Armand's using them for is to control the lights on the stage behind him. Yeah, and you can see that in this video. He's like, every time he moves, the lights respond accordingly. Which is really really cool. Indeed. he's, he says that it brings him closer to the audience, and makes like the performance. Yeah. That much. More enhanced. You gonna be all right? I'm gonna be okay. Do Okay. you want me to tell them about the price of Myo. Like if people wanna get one. You tell them the price, and then I'm gonna tell them why it's worth that price. Go. Okay. So if you wanna get Myo it's still available for pre-order. There. They haven't started shipping them to buyers yet. But it's 150 bucks. Which is less than your average wearable, $199 wearable. So it's like, the average price for a wearable. So, which is pretty cool. And they have a lot of like, open source or development stuff, that they're really excited about. Okay. And then that's where I'm gonna take it from. And that's where you come in. So, Mayo has been shown off doing many things, including like playing video games. You can. Use smart home control. Smart phone integration. Gaming. RC controls. Presentations. There's a video you can look up online of all the things they want to do. There's a guy that's like, you can it uses your muscles, like the muscles in your arm. Yeah. So if you squeeze your hand closed it'll do one thing. It feels the contraction. Yeah. Like different. Fingers control different muscles, and it feels the movement, rotation, all different types of things. That's pretty cool. Yeah, so, I mean, so you can like, you know, gesture one way, and, and the other. I can see those guys like doing you know, DJing or like, he's basically making music on here with Mio. Yeah. And that's really really. Cool. Yeah. The, the article says that, you'll also be able to control, a lot of different DJs, popular DJ, controllers like, Serato DJ, Tractor, Logic Pro, and Garage Band. Sweet. And that's just for DJ sets. I mean- Yeah. This isn't even DJ technology, it just happens to be. Something really cool that you're doing. The open source on this just makes it so amazing. Like I really recommend you go and look up miyo controller on YouTube or whatever. Yeah. And look at all the functions cuz this is. Just scratching the surface, like this, on the video, they had a guy that had he had a bow and arrow, and he went like this, right? And then he shot it, and then with the controller you have to like, reach back- Oh, yeah. And pull the arrow out, and then put it back in. That's so weird. And it was crazy, yeah. That's awesome. And they were, they were doing a flyable drone, and he was controlling it like this, and there was another guy. Was doing a present, oh he was doing, he was cooking food and he didn't wanna, he was watching a video. And so he paused, he'd go like this. And then he'd go, rewind it to do the. Great, want it. You're, you're literally like going ballistic right now. You're just going. I, I'm really impressed. All right, so I'll tell you about this other story. Next. You choose the next story. Next story, got it, okay. So from the very almost limitless, lots of potential. Two very minimalist. Story. Oh, so I'll tell you about the strange gift and then we'll do hashtag of the day, cuz I, I forgot to ask the question. So I found this article, and I found the concept very intriguing. This is called slow games. And it's very fascinating. It's a series of three different prototype game boxes. So these are kind of like con, I don't want to call them consoles but they let you play video games in a very abstract way. This is created by a New York designer call [UNKNOWN] Burtron and hopefully i got that right. The three games that are broken down on the screen so the one that you're seeing right now is the one with the switch. There are three different types of boxes. So this one right here is Tetris. So it's, you rotate the box to make the pieces more, but you only get one move a day on these, one move a day. So you go like 24 hours to see your move show up and then you get to move one more time. Okay. And then you gotta wait again. So each cube has different control mechanisms, so they have these like, they have the rotate cube, which is Tetris, and then they have a Mario game, which has a push button on the top, which is right here, so you push that, and then it depending on how long you press it, is how high you jump. See? There it goes. It goes up. So that's your little Mario. That one pixel is like Mario. And the environment is also on there. And then the Pong. There's Pong that is controlled with a switch. You are literally going, he's gonna go nuts. This is so weird. It is super weird. So I'm, listen. It's totally cool and interesting. It's cool but really weird. So weird. So super artistic but the guy who created, the designer who created it said that he hopes it'll maybe test. How we interact with technology because we are so used to these like automatic interactions. Instant gratification. That are instant gratification or like twitch gaming and all this stuff and he's like I just think it would be really interesting to like really appreciate your, and challenge your memory, and your patience, and your observation skills. So it's your, it's kind of cool. Like, I like it. I, I usually try to like reserve my actual like- Your brainpower, for Surge, for killing it, in Surge. [LAUGH] My actually, my actual feelings on. Some of these, cause it's. No. It's like a, this is a conversational sort-of show. Right. You learn this. And it covers it. You don't like, you know, be like, [INAUDIBLE]. But, but here's, here's the thing. This almost seems like a chore, like [CROSSTALK]. Like, oh, once a day, I got to make this move. And now I'm. Yeah. It's like watering a plant, you know? That's a good point. You don't get much out of it. Well, some people really enjoy gardening. See, that's the thing. I do. I have three plants in my house. But, and you like, and you got to attend to them once a day. So maybe it's for some people. Yeah, I just pruned them the other day. Maybe some very zen-like people who would only would like to play a game once a day for one move. How much is it did you say? I dare, like I don't think it's, I think these are just prototypes. Like, but it's possible, he might bring them to retail at some point. Oh, okay. So, but if you want to check it out, you can look up Slow Games. Is a cube, small game cube. So I forgot to mention our hashtag of the day. Okay. Our hashtag of the day is td concert. Oh yeah, that's for the armming one. Yeah because I want to know what you guys think. Concerts are going to look like in five years. Right. Like what is the experience going to be. What do you want to see in five years? Everybody flies around in a circle. Anti gravity concerts, I want to see that too. Anti gravity concerts, Yup. I want to see, micro gravity concerts. In a, it can feel [UNKNOWN]. Where everyone just floats. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. I'm into it. We're both, right, we're both on the same page here. So you wanna, you wanna try another one? Nope. I think it's time to take a break. I might have to, I might actually need to wean you off the Surge at some point. This, this seems like a serious addiction. We're already missing. Okay, he's already drunk one so, he's on two. But we'll be right back. We, of course, have another round of into it, 'cause it's the end of the week. And then we have your user feedback, which is big big user feedback, because we gave you two days. And of course, our [UNKNOWN] for the day. Don't go away. Tomorrow Daily. Welcome back to the show. Kahil, what is this? Four, four. Okay. so, we, every week like to talk about all the things we are into. So let's, let's get Into It. Okay. So Kahil, you're up first. What are you into this week? What are you into. What's the happs? I have no idea. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Roll that B-roll. You're Top Gear here. I'm Top Gear. That's right. I had never watched Top Gear. I actually don't have a lot of British television under my belt. Okay. So after watching Peep Show and what, and stuff like that. I decided I'd load up Top Gear. It's great. Great show. It's great. So, this is more or less, because we like to inform about new stuff. This is more or less for anybody that hasn't seen it. Give it like a couple of episodes. If you're a Top Gear fan put in the comments which one you think would be the best to watch. Yeah, link to your favorite. Yeah, tell us your favorite ones. Cuz there some good. And, A one. Cuz there's like 20 somethin' seasons; I don't know what it is. I think I really like the one where I believe they, they went on tour, but looking like a cross country race. It was almost like a cannibal run, but a really crappy car. [LAUGH] Like it was that. I really like that one. They drove around really horrible cars. It's very entertaining even if your not like a huge. And hugely related to cars. It's really funny. The hosts are perfect. Yeah, fantastic. I love it. Check it out. They are absolutely fantastic. But yeah, talk here- So that's what I, that's what I'm into- You should check it out. Right on Surge. And Surge. Surge is great. so, I am into a Kickstarter. Me and Kickstarter, it's like crazy. Mm yeah, I love Kickstarter. But, here's the reason why. This one in particular, is called Thimble Weed Park. And it's brought to you by the, the, the creators, the team that brought you Maniac Mansion. And if you haven't played Maniac Mansion for the NES. It's amazing. It's point and click adventure game. I'm obsessed with the point and click adventure games. And. To put it lightly. There's all kind of, of things in this game like find like use balloon animals corpse. Hilarious. Come on. Give me, give me a break here. But this is Ron, Ron Gilbert. And I believe it's Gary winnage so like I love maniac mansion. I love pont and click adventure games. Now they're making one on kickstarter I think they're asking for like twenty bucks for a copy of the game. So it's not thet expensive to back. I mean it's How long is the game? Well if you think about Maniac Mansion. It had multiple characters, you could pick, I think it was like nine characters. You could pick three to go with Dave in the house to find the girlfriend. And then they all had their own endings that they could get to. Oh, okay. So, I always liked to play Sid and Razor, cuz they were cool and they were in a rock band. And then I had like usually I had either Bernhard because he was a nerd he could like hack into the phones and stuff or Michael who was a photographer. But they're all, everybody had like a different skill. Okay. And so, you had multiple endings that you would get to. I think there was six. So depending on the characters you had and the combination of them depended on your ending. Like, how to get through the game. So there are many ways to play the game. I would imagine this is probably pretty similar. So you probably get a lot of replay value out of it. I still don't think I saw all six endings. How much do they want? 20 bucks. That's what I said. No no no. I mean how much do they want to raise. Oh they want 375,000. Which, you know, is a lot for a point-click adventure game but also i think it's a pretty small team. So at the end of the day I, you know, hey, listen. Are they going to bring it to like, these things or what? I would imagine so. Okay. That'd be cool. I mean it's point and click adventure so I, like, I would imagine so. But I, like, I, I basically got so excited I didn't read that detail. [LAUGH] So I'm sorry. I, I'll admit it. Fully, fully admit it. Alright. Now do they, how do they find it? yeah, he sort of kick-started it and looked for Thimbleweed Park park. Thimbleweed Park. Thimbleweed Park. So okay. We have to get into your user feedback. [MUSIC]. Okay. This is. We gave you guys two days to give us TV movie life. Tweets and feedback about what movie you would watch or what movies you would watch if you could have a, a lifetime pass to a movie. And. Yeah then we got a bunch on Twitter, on YouTube. YouTube, everywhere. I got emails. I mean, it was crazy. Yeah, so I'm going to read the YouTube ones. You read the other ones. Okay. So our first one, we'll switch back and forth. Okay. Okay so our first tweet is from Joseph. He says. I would see Inception over and over again to fully understand it, and Intersteller, because that movie was amazing. Logan is life! [LAUGH] So, I'm assuming he means producer Logan. I'm assuming that's what he means. Goog, good. I love it. All right. D, JDM ritsus. Says enter the voice. Do you understand it more every time you watch it. Cuz the first time you have no idea what's going on. That's a really good choice. August wrote to us and said I'm a sucker for animated movies. I'll watch these two over and over again. The Croods and Despicable Me 2. Oh, wow yeah. Definitely animation. Yeah. Fan. Little animation junky. Robert Crosby from YouTube says Harry Potter the half-blood prince and the Great Gatsby. Those are very different movies, and I can respect that. Very CG heavy. Yeah. Alright. Reyneer wrote to us and said I'd watch Inception over and over again. Maybe I'll understand it all after the 55th time. [LAUGH]. I like that was, I need to see the pictures 56 more times before I understand it. I understand Raymond Gearon says The Dark Knight and lucky number sleven Oh, I love lucky number sleven. Kansas City Shuffle. Kansas City shuffle my friend. You've got to see that movie. Alright. It's an inside joke. You'll get it. It's an inside thing. You got to watch the movie. All right, go ahead. Very good. Bilal wrote to us and said, the Matrix and Inception. A lot of you guys said, Inception. Wow! A lot of you guys said Inception up here. Believe it or not, I found Xena, Sur, Sur, I'm sorry, I'm not going to say your last name,. Said, I would watch the great Gatsby. So that's another great Gatsby vote. People really like that great Gatsby. The great Gatsby and inception? Apparently so. People are obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio apparently. Oh who isn't? Paz wrote to us and said Donnie Darco is a good one to watch many times. I don't disagree. It's a great movie. Oh this guy this is a good one. Anmar says Scarface and the Exorcist from 1973. Oh man. Good choices. Good choices. Those are, that's like the golden age of, of high cinema. Like that. It was amazing. Brian wrote to us and said Gangs of New York and Into the Wild are two of the many films I can't get enough of. Oo, Gangs of New York! See- Yeah. And Leonardo DiCaprio. And a well- He was in that, right? A little DDL, a little Daniel Day Lewis. A little DDL. Wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio in that? You know, I can't remember. I just remember Daniel Day Lewis- I think he was. Was such a larger than life character- Oh my God, yes. As the butcher, I can't As the butcher, yeah. I can't remember anybody else in that movie- True. Just DDL all the way. So, okay. Do we have anymore from YouTube? Oh, of course we do. Bob Millet says, How to Train Your Dragon 2. That's a, that's, that's a cute choice. I like that there are recent ones sometimes. I like that. Yeah. James wrote, I watch Return of the Jedi and Return of the King. [LAUGH] Because I like movies with the name, Return of the, in the, in the title. ER, ERTE27 says Nightmare Before Christmas and Bicentennial Man. Oh, okay. Bicentennial man? Listen, we're friends right now. You and me ERT, we're pals. I agree with those choices. Bicentennial man? I like that movie. It's Robin Williams, he's a robot and turns into a man, wants to be person. Yeah. He recognize. It's so good. It's such a- Very confusing film, yeah. It's a heartwarming film. It's a heartwarming film. Jesus writes Seven Samurai by Kurosawa. Oh my God. The greatest story ever told, with Toshiro Mifune at his best. Okay, so- #moviesnob. Hash, #moviesnob.horrendously. Yeah, Jesus has got some taste. He, you do. I like that he's a little bit- Good on him. Of a movie snob. Yeah. So that's our feedback. Which means it's time for our very last piece of user feedback, our phonetographer of the day. So, our phonetographer today, today, I had to actually email back and say, how do you pronounce your name? Because, it was in, it was, very clearly not. In English. [LAUGH] So here's a picture. I want to let you guys see this. We didn't, we couldn't put it in I believe it Russian. You know, so. Well it's Constantine. Constantine. That's how you say his name. That's what he said. He said that's how you pronounce it. Oh. But the email I got does not have that. He didn't say conferencing. Oh, okay. So, or he goes by CRPhoto sometimes. Okay He took this with his iPhone 5. And he said this is taken from oh, actually no I'm sorry. This is a different picture. He sent us three pictures. So this one he took out his window. Which is really, really nice. [INAUDIBLE] And then, we have another picture. That producer Logan has. which. Yeah. Listen. I dig this picture and I'm going to tell you why. This is the first time we've ever shown a phonetographer in the reflection. Like, this is our first actual like, kind of, not a selfie but like an, an artistic selfie. Wow. Which I like. I think it's really cool looking too. He's smiling in it too, right? Yeah and it looks, but it looks cool. That is really cool. Like the background was there, look at that. It's awesome. That's was really cool. I'd like to steal that. That looks super amazing. Yeah. I love it. So Constantine. Way to go, Constantine. Thank you. You're my favorite viewer. Yeah, it's his new favorite picture. My, my favorite viewer, my new favorite picture. Sweet. Yeah, it's cool. If you would like to compete to be Kale's favorite picture on the show ever, you can email us If you wanna send over your hashtags of the day, which once again is TD Concert. You could email us that. Or, if you absolutely hate emails, which you millennial kids sure do. I think, that's what I've heard, I don't know, I'm, I don't know. That's what the kids are doing. You can, of course, find us on all of social media, Tomorrow Daily, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all day. I tell you why they hate email. Or, I mean, cuz I do too. It's cuz it's for work. That's when you're like. Yeah. Like ultimately, your friends will not email you, they'll like But like, somebody asked me, they're like, why do you say like, if you hate email, because nobody hates email? I'm like, there are a lot of people that hate email. They don't like it. Email's only for, like, business. That's why I almost never check my email. Fair enough. And then if you're watching on YouTube, which I know a lot of you are, don't forget to subscribe and like. I guess. I don't, still don't think that does anything. Well still, it, you know what? It does something. It, it inflates our egos. Give it the thumbs up. Oh yeah, like our egos please. Thumbs up please. And then if you're. Just validate our existence. And then on iTunes don't forget to subscribe there and, and rate it and do all kinds of good stuff [INAUDIBLE] Because that does actually. Be nice. That does something. [UNKNOWN] Be nice to your friends and. And be a good human and we'll see you guys on Monday. Bye. [MUSIC]
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