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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 093: Underwater cities, MST3K's new website, robot security guards and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 093: Underwater cities, MST3K's new website, robot security guards and more

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On today's show, we discuss a Japanese design firm's plans for a futuristic underwater city, the newest way to watch your favorite Mystery Science Theater episodes, and Microsoft's fleet of robot security guards.

On today's show, a Japanese design company wants to build a floating city that can go under water. Mystery Science Theater just got a whole lot easier to watch. Thank God. Oh yeah. And Microsoft's newest security guards are robots. Oh. Don't taze me, brobot. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] I gotta bring back that meme. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, thank you. I appreciate that. Actually pretty good. Thank you. Hi everybody! Welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best geek talk show in the known universe. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda. Joining me as always, Khail Anonymous. Hello! My favorite bro bot in the universe. Thanks bro. Chest bump. Just don't, don't tase me, bro bot. I want a shirt that says that. Don't tase me, bro bot. Bro bot. That's the new version of that. I'm bringing that, I'm taking it back. You can have it. All right, good. let's, let's just jump right into it. See, it's the holiday weekend, so we've got a lot of talk about. And then you can spend time with family. And then we'll let you go. Yeah, go hang out with your family. But spend time with us first. Yeah. And then the family. And listen to these headlines. [MUSIC] So the sh, the Shimizu. Shemizu? I'm gonna say it Shimizu. Shimizu Corporation in Japan is a very interesting company. This is a company that has brought us proposals for things like. A floating botanical city. And an elevator to space. And also a moonbase. Oh. A very specific kind of moonbase. Okay, they're dreamers. They're dreamers. They're back in the news. And they've proposed something equally as awesome, and weird, and cool as they have done previously. They have proposed this sort of floating. Water city. It's pretty awesome. So there's some concept art here. Here's how it works. This right here is actually what's underneath the city, so it's a spiral sort of anchor that would lock the city into the ocean floor. And these spirals would be mining the cities energy to make it self sustaining. So to get like gasses from the ocean in like crevices and stuff. Very cool. Right. It would technically be a self sustaining city. It would be in a glass dome. Like giant glass dome. That's where people would live. Five thousand people could live in it. And in emergencies the city could retract underwater. So basically I think they were talking about in big storms you'd be able to sink this, this giant dome into the water. All right. It's not gonna be cheap, guys. Whoa, look at that Earth. All right, that's a cool angle. It's not gonna be cheap. Let's all be real here. Building an underwater city, probably pretty expensive. They are estimating it would cost about $25 billion. Sounds about right. According to them. And also would take about five years to build. Now, here's the catch, though. There is a, of course [CROSSTALK] Oh this, it, now there's a catch. I think, I think there's a lot of catch. [LAUGH] Yeah Here's the catch. The technology doesn't actually exist to build this yet. And, but, but they are very optimistic and they think that, for sure, the technology to build this underwater city is going to exist in about 15 years. And I think my favorite part of this story was the quote from the spokesperson, of Shimizu, who said. The Astroboy cartoon character had a mobile phone long before they were actually invented. Alright. In the same way, the technology and know-how we need for this project will become available. In a very like, matter of fact, just kind of like don't worry guys. This technology is gonna exist. [CROSSTALK] There were, there were flying space vehicles in the movies, surely they're gonna come to fruition. In ten years, yeah. It's like [CROSSTALK] I promise. I saw this on The Jetsons. It's gonna happen. It's like, no big deal. But yeah, they're, they're [CROSSTALK] pretty optimistic about it. Yeah, I think they're overly optimistic would be the term. But that's, that is, it's, it's very cool art, nicely done. Listen, nothing wrong with dreaming big. Yeah, definitely. Nothing wrong with dreaming big. Would you, would you, you and you. Would you live in one of those? Would you like, rent that as an apartment? I think I would stay there if it was a resort. If it was like a hotel, or something, right? Mm-hm. I'd go on vacation and [CROSSTALK] get underwater. You would stay there alright, and you, this, this is for you, too. Also for you! How much rent would you be willing to pay? Well, okay wait. Is it a resort, or an apartment? It is now an apartment. It's an apartment, okay. You're staying there. [CROSSTALK] If I, if I was really into it and I was like, gosh, I just have to live in the underwater city, the dome underwater city. [CROSSTALK] And they had all my amenities, I didn't have to like take a boat to the shore to go to the grocery store, or something, okay. And you work on the boat. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, it worked in there somehow, [UNKNOWN] work at a retail store or a shop or something. Oh, I host the show, right from inside the dome, fine. Had some fish behind us, that would be great. I would, I would probably pay, well, let's see. What's the cost of, like, an expensive apartment in, like, Manhattan? So, like, you know, three grand? For a two-bedroom apartment or something? Yeah, that sounds about right, yeah. Sounds, okay, so I'd say I'd pay, like, three grand. Okay, that sounds about right. If they pay, pay the same as like a, as like a very. I know it's overly expensive you guys but that's how much apartments are there. I think. I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't just, there, if it was a dollar I wouldn't do it. Really? That, yeah, that thing looks like it's begging for something to go wrong. Like a death trap? Yeah just like a [LAUGH] Some little brat is going to like accidentally break a piece of glass. Mommy [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK]. Bing, bing, bing, shatter. Everyone is now. [CROSSTALK] Well, I mean, dolphins'll save us cuz dolphins are the, you know, gentle, gentle pet. Of course. They're so intelligent. They're way smarter than us. But let's, let's this next article, the article that I have for us today. I'm very excited about this. it, it taps into I, I would say any nerd or geek that has it baked into their DNA that they are a nerd or a geek. They have seen Mystery Science Theater 3,000 True Of course this is, this is, three guys. Well one guy and- Yeah, I was gonna say- And two robots, isn't it a robot? Yeah. That watch old movies and make, fun, hilarious commentary over it. Well. Before it was on TV and up to date it's been pretty hard to like watch. It, it can be tough to find certain episodes I would say. Tough to watch. Today's news story is about that it's been made all that much easier because there is now a website dedicated to it. Thank you, thank you to, to Vimeo and Shout factory you can now go online, you can watch them, rent them. Yeah. You can- Or buy all of them. Yeah it's downloadms. Uh-huh. Download MST3K. And it's a really nicely done website. It's a really well done website. So now there's web, web, there's 80 Wepesiodes? Web episodes that you can download or rent. And it's, it's 300, $300 if you want to buy all of them. Oh, wow. That's actually, I mean, if you've got 300 bucks kicking around in your if you're a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fan. $300 is not a lot if you consider. For an unlimited viewings. And you get 80 plus episodes. That's pretty good. These are really good. If you haven't watched it, these are really good if you just have your friends over. Yeah, just throw them on. You kind of like don't want to like. Really dedicate your entire brain to it. Just kind of like watch it. My favorite one is when they did Eegah, which is widely considered to be one of the worse movies ever made. It's, it's so brilliant. It's so funny. Like highly recommend it. And I know you can get, like there are some VHS rips on YouTube. Yeah. But this is an officially sanctioned, like you can either download or rent them. And actually you know watch it and feel good about yourself. Yeah. The dream is alive. And for the launch they have three new episodes on there too so. You can't go wrong. Give it a shot if you haven't seen it and if you have it is pretty cheap now to get them all. And if you've never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, watch it and tell us in the comments what you thought of it. Because I am really curious to see what younger people who maybe haven't. Haven't been exposed to it yet, think about Mystery Science Theater. The thing is, if you're one of the younger people who haven't seen it, a lot of the people you watch these days have been inspired by Mystery Science Theater. Very true. Very true. I promise you. This is very true. Anybody that's doing like, anybody that watches video game let's play where somebody plays a game and says commentary- That's pretty much inspired by that commentary, I mean, it's like a big thing. But by comedians. Yeah, yeah, yeah. By people who are actually funny, no offense to let's- Full on professional. As players, Yeah. Cuz I've done it a couple of times and I'm terrible. Go ahead. All right, well, I was gonna say, that brings us to our hashtag of the day. This is a thing I'm curious about, the hashtag of the day is TDFANS. Oh. And I wanna know what series deserves an entire website dedicated to it, and what features would it have? So like, what show, or a series of films, or whatever it is. Needs to have its own it, web. It's only the Simpsons website versus Simpsons world. Like it would be like that. Where it has the whole world and then what features you would also have. Any episode you want. It's have like special features. Just, just the woiks. The woiks. Okay. So what's yours? I would say for me [UNKNOWN]. Well, I mean, I, see, the thing is, like, I'm not a huge fan of, I would say, like, Lost would be a good one. Mm-hm. Because a lot of people love that show. Like, I, I necessarily am not the person who would, like, go buy, like, a [UNKNOWN] or a box set for Lost. But people are really into that show, and I think there's so many little pieces of that show, that would be really interesting to kind of deep dive into on a website. You get all these little morsels, you could like, put together things. And have it sort of be like this kind of a r p g like, alternate reality. I'm, I'm with you on that. You could, you could have like because the show is over now, you could have film them like, some of the answers. Right. Like answers, and you have. Branch off, that's the whole thing. All these crazy like, how everything connected. That's the whole thing. Like, I really like that idea of having this. For a very full insight. Oh, like, like a living encyclopedia of the, that show. Mine would be The Twilight Zone. Oh, [CROSSTALK] that one. I love the Twilight Zone, and I know that people now make audio plays of those, too. They do. So they can pop those on their websites, too. So yeah, and then there's all kinds of, you know, documentaries of Rod Sterling, and. That's a really good choice. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. It would be really cool. Great. A great choice. I want to see that. I want to see that happen. Okay. Hashtag t-v-fans. That's a, that's a hashtag we have to question. They're gonna have a much better answers than us. They. Well, I don't know. Twilight Zone, [INAUDIBLE]. Thank you. okay. So let's talk about robo security guards. We have to. Because this is a thing that's happening. And it's kind of exciting. Microsoft, of all companies. This is not a, a company you've never heard of. This is Microsoft. Yeah. XBox. They have taken the first step toward full robot integration on one of their campuses. This is really interesting. This from a, a company actually, these robots are from a company called Knightscope. And here they are. They're kind of like, they're really cool looking. They're very R2-D2esque. I can see here are some of the. Yeah, they're cute. Here are some of the things they have. Biological, chemical, radiation detecting, monitoring, security, mapping. I mean they do all kinds of stuff. They can check out if there's, you know. they're, they're about five feet tall. They weigh about 300 pounds. They can patrol they are currently like patrolling a campus [LAUGH] in Silicon Valley, a Microsoft campus. They can scan license plates to see if there's stolen cars on the lot.]>> Looks like a heat detector type thing. Very secure. They have HD cameras, they have crazy sensors. you, theres no weapons on board. Face recognition. No weapons yet. Yeah, good, thank, thankfully, yeah. But here you go. oh no. So they're gonna, they're thinking maybe in the future they'll equip them with tazers. They're saying that at some point they'd like to have these, the company that provided these robots would like to have them working alongside police officers, like on beat, beat cop that will walk, go down the street and stuff. They'd, they'd go around with cops, who are walking. Isn't, isn't like that FOX show that got canceled? That sounds like a tur, Turner and Hooch situation for me. Like I wanna see that movie, [UNKNOWN] is like buddy cop movie where the guy gets paired up with a robot and he hates robots, [LAUGH] Cuff them. I don't have hands. Aw. Of course not, you're a robot. Like, and it's all Telarius. Cancelled. Yeah. Cancelled. Yeah, it's already, it's already cancelled you guys, I'm sorry. It was coming this fall to NBC and now they've cancelled it already. I wonder if anybody watching this would, is against the, the, whole taser robot thing. I know Elon Musk is. He said that we're probably gonna have, we're gonna have sky net for sure. He's like very. Scared about that. But that's it for our headlines. We're gonna be afraid of robots with tasers for a little bit or a quick break. Yeah. And then we'll be back. We have an Intuit another round of Intuit before we go on Thanksgiving holiday. And then of course we have a not quite your user feedback. We'll explain and our phone tographer for the day. So don't click away it's Tomorrow Daily [MUSIC] Welcome back to the show. We're back, we haven't been been tasered by a robot security guard yet. They should get them here in this building. I see that some security are walking around. You're a glutton for punishment. No, I, it's really scary. So every week Khail and I like to talk about the thing we are crazy about, and we got some good ones this week, so. Oh, we finally get to talk about ourselves. Yeah, so let's get into it. Khail's favorite. Part of the week. I think every segment i'll be like, this is Caleb's favorite segment. This is my favorite part. Yeah. Haha. This is the part where Caleb takes his bathroom break. No, no you can't. You're no allowed. You're tethered to that chair. All right, so what are you in to? Well I am into a little podcast called Sawbones. It is really cool, it's really fun. It is the, tagline for this is A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine. And this is Doctor Sydney McElroy, so she's an actual medical doctor, and then her husband Justin McElroy, who I believe if I'm not mistaken is a writer. For, he's a video game journalist, which is pretty cool. Oh, cool! They do this show, and it's super awesome. They talk about all these things in history about medicine and all of the dumb ways that we've tried to fix people. So this is, it's crazy. So they talk about, one of their very first episodes was trepanation, which is drilling a hole in your head. And people used to that because they thought it was good for you, like it was really weird. And so cuz it would allow your brain to like [CROSSTALK] [UNKNOWN] something very, very strange. But they cover really awesome topics, they've covered hysteria, which of course is not a real thing, but hysteria, people thought it was a real thing. I've got that, yeah. hysteria, yeah. I've got the vapors, the vapors. Oh, I've got the vapors. opium, like uses of opium. Like, crazy, They did patent medicines, so those were the ones that were like, it's like, Dr. Flibblefloor. It's like, ultra elixir. And they explained like, how they work and why, they, why they got so popular for a while. It was because there was no they didn't have to provide the ingredients list. Yeah. So they, because it was for like medicines, they didn't have to provide it. And then it was like they didn't have to provide what was in it, so people just automatically assumed, like, okay. This is a cure. And then they would, they would include something like, that would affect your body for sure, like alcohol. Alcohol, yeah. Yeah Or cocaine, or whatever it was. Do you think it was. Having an effect. Having an effect. Like it's really interesting. It, it's funny. It's so, so funny because the two of them are just like super charming together. Justin is you know the comedy is kind of the, he's the wacky one. And then Sidney's the straight, the straight man. And she's just like, no that's not how it works. Like, you know. They joke around and stuff- [LAUGH] Cool. Yeah. But it's, it's really, really funny and I really, really enjoy it. So and they're about 40 minutes each. I love that. I love it. So good for a commute. It's fantastic. I love that you picked one of those informational type things. It's a lot of fun. It's, if you listen to like. Stuff you should know or you read websites like that. Like I love weird little tidbits of information which is why this show exists. it's, it's basically that it's like our show but podcast form and with medicine and they pick one topic every week. Cool. So every Friday they have a new episode and it's super good. I love it. Awesome. Keep up the great work, Sawbones. Good job Sawbones I'm going to have a listen. Make my commutes in L.A. really, really good. And informational [INAUDIBLE]. Informational list, you know it's super informational and fun. No. And then you get to like, it's a good party trick, you tell people about like. Oh, there used to be people who drilled holes in their heads for fun. Like, and they though it was good medicine. Oh, you're fun at a party, aren't you? Yeah, I'm really, I'm a really weirdo at a party. Don't, don't talk to me. Speaking of parties! Speaking of big time parties. My interest this, my interest this week is Super Smash Brothers. It just came out this last Tuesday, and it's been on- Last Friday. Last Friday. Oh, yeah. And all weekend. And it's been all, all that's been going on at my house. And the reason I bring it up is because it's like the biggest Nintendo thing, right now. It is also like, half a million copies a week. Yeah, So, very great. Nintendo, everyone thought Nintendo was down and out like, a year ago. I never did. Nope. It, it's big. It was just on a break. It was like, I believe. So I wanted to bring this up cuz, you know, if you're looking, if somebody has a Wii U in your family and I think this is an essential game to have. It's a fun little party game. It's a must buy. To play with your. It's an absolute must buy. For the Wii U. Then they have those little Meebos that you can buy. I have a Meebo but I use them in. Mario Cart. More than I do You're not even going to buy Super Smash Brothers I'm probably not It's like the best value for a game I just have been. Okay, listen guys I got really obsessed with using the Amebos in Mario Cart because I like the costumes. And so I have a Samos costume and I've been racing in that and it looks awesome. And again I've just been crushing everybody because I'm so good at Mario Kart so there you go. You know you bring that up like every other episode. I know. It's And I will continue to do so because I am, although I will say this, producer Logan is coming up. He's a true challenger in Mario Kart. You guys haven't even seen me race. I don't need to. I don't know but, I think I figured you out. Figured you out. Anyway, so Smash Brothers, give it a try. It's actually It's great. come around to be one of the most solid game franchises, and yeah. It's a lot of fun. I play as Zero Suit Samus. Yeah, who's your character? You play Zero Suit Samus. Zero Suit Samus cause she's quick. Samus is probably one of my favorite Nintendo characters of all time. Yeah. Didn't know she was a girl for the longest time. Well, at the end of Metroid. Like, it's her shirt off? No? Yeah, but people didn't even. Like, it didn't even register. People never actually finished the game. Nobody finished, yeah. I think that's what it is. They were, it's too much for them. So that's what we're into. Yeah. Let us know if you're, if you do either of those things. Who do you play as in Smash Bros. if you have it? Who do you play as in Smash Bros. ? And are you any good? I am not. And I'll at least admit it, so there you go. Caleb did it. I'm not, I'm not good at Smash Brothers at all. That's why we should play, cuz it's fun. I jump off the edge on purpose. Not on purpose sometimes. On purpose. So this would normally be the time where we did user feedback. So let's do it. No, because, I'll just cut it. Sorry. No, just go with it, go with it. Okay, so, no! Because here's the thing. We are not going to use your feedback today because it's the day before Thanksgiving and we thought we would just take this time. We're gonna do both of your user feedbacks on Monday. Are you, what are you doing? Do it! Do what? I want to see if he'll roll it again. [LAUGH] You have way too much power. Too much power. Unlimited power, even. I like that! I don't like it. I like it. I don't like it at all. So I guess that, this would normally be the time we read you your feedback, however, we wanted to just really briefly say what we're grateful for here on the show, because we are in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I, personally, am very grateful for you, guys and I'm, I would assume you are too. Yeah. You hang out with all of them in the You Tube comments. Right, right. But you, guys, are always so cool. I'm just, are you, can I elaborate? Yeah, please. Okay. So it. I love. I really love this audience because they're very smart. Very smart. They're they're. And all the like TD comments that we've read. They've always had like a very positive way of looking at how they want tech and all this. Mm-hm. To impact society and how they want to be part of it. Yeah. And they're all very interested and they're here. I like to think because they wanna expand their minds. And so, I am very thankful to now be a part of that sort of world. And, and I'm. I enjoy talking. I'm glad that's a lot more of you talking in in the YouTube comments. Yeah. Because they're adding stuff to the show. They do. They're not just, they're not just like I like bats. Or whatever. They're like I like turtles. Yeah. [LAUGH] There's actually a lot of interaction and there's actually quite a few people from the previous shows that I've hosted that are. Coming over and enjoying you know the great things that hopefully we're doing here. Well they're on Khail watch. That's like number 1. Khail watch. Hashtag Khail watch. yeah, no I'm just super grateful for everybody watching the show. I know that we're still growing and we're still a relatively new show on the internet. We're about 6 months oldish. Like next month we'll be six months old. We're coming up really fast on episode 100, which is kinda crazy. I am- That's before the year is out, too. Before the year is out, before we go to CES, we'll hit 100 episodes. And no, I'm just super grateful for you guys. You guys are funny and entertaining, and like [UNKNOWN] said, very smart and engaging. You, you like talking to us, and we like that. And they add a lot to the show. You do. A lot of the times it's like that's how we know it's been a good show, is like. Great user feed back. This is so, like, I know it sounds so like both missed our the opportunity to like praise them for, like the photoshop. You guys rock it. And them making jokes and setting up the stories like You guys really like make this show better, and when we started this show, or when I started this show. I never wanted to create in a vacuum, I always wanted to involve you guys and so I'm really glad that a lot of you are, are taking that opportunity and really engaging with us because it makes the show so much more fun so thanks. Yeah, thank you. And also they've, it's, it's, just the way that things have been, they've been interacting, interaction with the show Yes. Is actually directing where we're gonna be going next with the show. Yeah exactly. We can't say more than that right now. We're working on it. We're working on it. Things are, things are gonna happen. But, let's just say panda bears will be involved. Yeah. Pizza. Oh, we're also grateful for pizza. We are grateful for pizza. It is, you know. It is what controls us. Th-uh- Kale [ph] is- P-Producer Logans [ph] is actually made out of pizza. I was gonna say, Kale is actually going to eat a, a pizza in the shape of a turkey tomorrow, so that is, that's how you do things. That's a really good idea. That is a really good idea. We gotta talk about our very last piece of user feedback, though, which is, of course- Hugs! Our phone- Oh. Our Phone-tographer today. [MUSIC]. We can hug it out after the show. Okay. Yeah. Alright. This is from Raj. These three photos. Oh, wow. Are from Raj, which is pretty cool. He said hi, these below three pictures are taken from iPhone 5s from the window while it's snowing. So, yeah there's some snow happening all around. Hope it makes it to your show. You both are doing a fabulous job. Thanks Raj. Thanks Raj. I like how these look like you could hang them. yeah. I really like gosh, you know, we don't see snow very often in L.A. So I always love snow pictures. I love a good snow picture. Yeah. That one looks like a tree with a white beard. It does. [UNKNOWN] little tree head. Yeah. Like an ent with a beard. Looks awesome. Woah. And I like [CROSSTALK] right down from the sky with all of the, the dead winter trees. no, I love it. It's super good. Raj. Great. Raj is our new favorite viewer. Nice. So, that's cool. That's awesome. Congrats Raj, you're Kale's new favorite. You're welcome. Thank you. Pretty good. That's it for the show everybody. We will be back on Monday. We don't have a show tomorrow, it's Thanksgiving here in the u s. If you want to submit your phontography, you can email us tomorrow at c net dot com, as you just saw. Or you can send us show idea, or story idea, not show ideas. Story ideas. You can send us comments. You can send us your music feedback. Whatever you want on email. Be hating, you know you can find us on social media. We're tomorrow daily on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tomorrow daily TV on Google Plus.>> And like I said a lot of you guys are hanging out on YouTube now as, as so do I. So go ahead describley, leave comment and I still don't think like to do anything. But if you're listening on. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. You don't have to make- Thumbs up. All right. Make me feel happy. For Thanksgiving, give her a, a, a thumbs up. Give her a one like, all right? And we'll get her on the next episode. Give her a thumbs down, But anyway, [LAUGH] if you're listening on iTunes or any of the RSS feeds, give us a rating there, and Yeah, subscribe just you know, like, like we said, we really love you guys for watching the show and we'll be back on Monday with a whole new docket of weird. The wonderful geek, tech, space, robot, whatever news. But until then be good humans. And we'll see you next week. Bye.
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