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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 048: An almost indestructible robot, a robo-couch, volcano selfies, and more
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Tomorrow Daily: Tomorrow Daily 048: An almost indestructible robot, a robo-couch, volcano selfies, and more

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On today's show, a soft robot that can withstand extremes like snow, fire, wind, and water; students in Australia create a robotic couch; and adventurer George Kourounis descends into a volcano for the selfie of a lifetime.

[LAUGH] On today's show, a robot that can withstand extremes like fire, snow and crushing force. A remote controlled couch. And a guy takes a selfie. Your. Inside a volcano. Oh, you're gonna love that one. Get out. Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the internet, and welcome to Tomorrow Daily, the best tech talk show in the known universe. I'm your host, Ashley Esqueda, and joining me once again, Khail Anonymous. You just forgot your name there. I did. Yeah. But, listen But you remembered mine. It's going to be a long week, okay? Good to see you again, guys, hope you had a great weekend. Yeah, I hope you guys has a really good weekend. I'm sure so many of you are gearing up for Destiny- - And the iPhone announcement. And the iPhone announcement. There was a lot going on last week, ok? There's so much going on, but the. Things are also going on so we need to talk about them. We do, so look at the headlines. First of Destiny, no I'm just kidding, sorry, sorry. I know, first off let's just Destiny, this is gonna be [INAUDIBLE] no one of the things that we talked about before, and you weren't here, was soft, squishy robots, so they have had, researchers have been able to make robots that are soft, and then they can actually become hard. By there's like a conductor in them that will make the, make the stuff it's made of, what ever it's composed of hard, it's really cool. Okay, I like that. So this is sort of an extension of that story. This is a robot that can walk through snow. it, it's a soft robot, so you can see it looks sort of weird and creepy. And you can see it's time lapsed so its moving really slowly. Oh, really really slowly. Yeah really really slowly, so here's the fire, it can also walk through fire which I think is kind of amazing cuz if you want to put it. So this is times four though jeez that's slow. Yeah, yeah if you want to put in on your barbecue you can just, kinda walk right through. so, but it can withstand that, which is pretty amazing. And then it can also walk through wind, and wind up to 25 miles per hour. And water without getting significantly damaged. And so the point of it. That's incredible. It's pretty awesome. So the point of this is they're saying that what they'd like to do in the future is the evolution of this are rescue robots. Yeah. So they would put Terrifying rescue robots. Really weird, creepy. Rescue robots, So this would, so the human element would be completely gone, you wouldn't have to have like, necessarily like firefighters going in Right You could have them squirting from the outside It get's run over by a car even, it looks like a person crawling, like help me Like in war, or like Silent Hill Yeah exactly. Harold Dixon. It's sneaking up, like under the leaves and stuff. Ooh But this car runs it over, which is kind of crazy. It's like ut, see you later buddy. But it's still going. Wow. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, that's pretty neat. I like it. And the cool thing about this is that this comes from engineers and scientists from places like Harvard and I'm sure a million other amazing robotics. Group. They worked together on it it's a Silicon based robot and it costs less than a hundred dollars a robot. [CROSSTALK] That's not so bad, yeah. Like it's really cheap. So and it, and especially for things like rescue where you'd wanna get things out there and maybe something happens to it, maybe it can't move, maybe it died or whatever. It's not that expensive to replace, so this is sort of a really neat You can send in a ton of these guys. Right. So they're So they'll really scare the crap out of whoever's inside there. Just really terrify whoever needs to, who's already terrified and in need of being rescuing. I like that. Have they used that that, you said they were using that synthetic. Thing for more robots. They're, so they're working on more robots, faster ones, so they're saying they've well obviously one of the things that needs to be done is they need to be sped up so they need to find a way to either remake the robot into a shape that walks faster or re-figure the armature so that it can move quickly. So, and then the other thing is, is that it lasts for two hours on battery, more if it's tethered, and then it also carries up to eight kilograms of weight. So it can, you can put audio and video equipment on it and go with like the little go pro or maybe a microphone or whatever and then you can actually check out the footage. So maybe you go look and see in a collapsed building if somebody is still trapped in there if they're alive, you can go in there. Check it out, come back and say hey there's people in there, we gotta go in there immediately. So it's really neat. That sounds like it'd also be good for space exploration too. If we'd like landed on Just send them. On that ol' mars planet when they sent out a bunch of them guys. I like it. Because it's cheap. It's really inexpensive, it seems like a really good way to sort of explore places maybe that we can't really explore with standard robotics. I feel like you need to tell me about this couch, because I have some questions? OK, so speaking of exploring things, have you ever not wanted to get off your couch ever at all? You just want to stay on your couch and just go around? Forever? Well check out this Robo Couch. Logan. Hit it. Yeah there we go. Okay, so nine students in Australia created this robo couch. Looks like a Disneyland ride. It's, well you could it's more like a gaming ride, cuz you control it with a gaming controller. That's hooked via USB, it has [UNKNOWN] wheels, [UNKNOWN] and it's powered by a twelve, twelve scooter motors, okay? Whoa look how many [UNKNOWN] in here, that's crazy. I know, they, they used all all the wheels are separately controlled so that you can get that sort of like, crazy control. Oh right, you can, you can really kind of, instead of going forwards and backwards. Yeah [UNKNOWN], limiting. It's also controlled with a Raspberry Pie computer. It's not. 25 bucks, Raspberry Pie. Yeah, but the whole thing isn't cheap. No. Cuz it's $3,000. That's an expensive couch. So that $3,000. There's the Raspberry Pie computer that they're looking at and poking at. And probably should be more careful with. And there's the game controller, and it's just a game pad, So you just pick that up. It's controlled in that, in that computer as well. Here's the cool thing. That's crazy. You ready? Okay, yeah. So what are, what are they gonna use this for? I can't do enough for [CROSSTALK] Why are they even making this? Well let's see, let's see what they say 'Kay The couch fits quite nicely down corridors and in [INAUDIBLE] so if we can fit it out with different sensors to map indoor areas then it can potentially navigate from one place to another and not crash into things. Steph McArthur on of the [INAUDIBLE] OK. I have a question. What? I, in my experience moving couches, in which I have a few. Don't you always have to, like, turn the couch, and like, take all the cushions out of it before you can even get it through a door, and even then it's a total nightmare? How are they supposed to drive a couch through a door, a regular doorway? I think it's just for people that are lazy outside. I don't think its This is WALL-E. It's not street legal. It's the beginning of WALL-E Ya, I just Bring your. Give me my cup cake in a cup. Maybe you can find enough change in, no I'm done with the couch jokes. Done with it? Enough change underneath the cushions to pay for it to be motorized? I, I, was gonna say to pay for the actual, but there you go Yeah. It doesn't look practical at all. No. But it's just fun to see what a bunch of Australian students are doing. That is pretty fun. And that is interesting that they are saying that there could be more uses for it in the future. The idea of it might be Keep up the good work mate. [LAUGH] So we're gonna stay kinda near Australia. We're gonna go to the South Pacific. Alright, the [INAUDIBLE]. We're gonna, we're gonna take you there to an archapolagio. Archapologio? I can't say that word. Archapa, archapa, archipelagio? Sure. We're both terrible at that word. We've never traveled beyond this studio. It's a series of islands. Vanuatu. If you have watched Survivor, they did a season of survivor on Vanuatu. Well Vanuatu is home to this volcano named Ambrym and this is the Merriam crater. This is located on one of Manawatu's islands and this guy, George Karounis and he's an adventurer, an explorer he's a he's what he says on his Twitter profile and the host of Angry Planet on television. That's a great name! Well let me tell you this is a very angry piece of the planet. It's a volcano. It's got a whole lava lake right at the bottom. They dove down to the bottom of Merriam crater. Look how close he is to this lava. It's crazy. And he went down there and apparently less people have been to this, the bottom of this crater, than have been on the moon. So it's extremely inhospitable. I don't know if that's true. Why is he touching it? Don't touch anything. Sorry, sorry. It's hot, hot, oh it's so hot. So there in, oh my god. Look there's a little tiny guy right there. So the, the whole thing is he took a selfie> Yeah so he was down there, and he turns around and he takes this crazy volcano selfie, he's like oh when normal selfie's are not extreme enough, look at that, you win. Alright, you can stop taking selfies now this guy George Kourounis. Between this, and the space, the ISS selfies when he's out on a walk, I think we're done with selfies. I think we're pretty much done now. But that's pretty amazing. Yeah. I like it. The lengths people will go to to get a selfie. Just to get those likes. Likes don't lie. Yeah, that's true. How many retweets did that get? We gotta go find a volcano nearby. Yeah, something deadly. We need to get real dangerous for our selfies. Hey, there was an albino cobra on the loose! What? Here in southern California. In the studio? Not in the studio, no. Fortunately not. no, it was, it was like down the road a ways. There was like an albino cobra on the loose. It bit a dog, and then like took off. I don't know, it was like really weird. They found it though. You keep up on all the news. I do. Not just the tech news. I do keep up on all the weird. News. It's not just you know it's just weird. Like it could encompass technology. Just weird. You don't know any normal facts. No, or albino snakes. Yeah. I don't actually know what's happening in the world just weird stuff. Just weird stuff. Completely out of touch. Perfect. Totally out of touch except for weird stuff. Weird stuff I gotcha covered. And that's why you're here. That's right. We're gonna take a quick 30 second break. But before we go when we. As we go to break. Find that snake. Well, first of all yeah, we gotta take a break to find this albino snake. Cobra. But I thought that cats were like the funniest, most idiotic things that chased after laser pointers and I was so wrong. That's [UNKNOWN] but yeah. So we're to cats. But we're gonna see what now has replaced that, I think, as the most ridiculous thing to ever chase after laser pointers. We'll be back in 30 seconds. Ooh. Don't look away. Welcome back. To Tomorrow Daily. Unfortunately Kale has not yet been able to locate the albino cobra that could or that may or may not be loose in this studio. No, it's good. Sorry. It's not. It's not loose here. It's not loose here. Because we don't have a show tomorrow ah,which I'll explain later. I think you probably, you probably know why, the iPhone event. You already know it's the iPhone event. But I'll get more into the detail, later. We don't have a show tomorrow, so we decided we would do the new releases today. Because there's some really big new releases coming. One in particular, so, let's hit it. A snake. [MUSIC] You are really on about that cobra. You're looking for it in the rafters now? In the grid, the light grid? Yeah they can, they can, they can climb. Nobody like snakes, alright. I know you got a snake tattoo. I do, but it's a cartoon one. Stop motion. Alright look, I'm getting, things are distracting, we got a gigantic release. We gotta focus. Okay. All right, we might as just get right to the point here. Right? Destiny. Destiny. All right Destiny. Destiny is finally here. Yeah, it comes out tomorrow. Well, technically, midnight tonight. Yeah. Depending on what time you're watching this and where you are. There's a countdown timer. Is there? Destiny, on Destiny's website. It shouldn't be out now. So basically, it's your first person shooter RPG. Released from [UNKNOWN] ,we've been long awaiting this. I was in secret for so long, but now we've had the beta and everybody's just waiting to spend hours and hours and hours. Freaking out. It comes out on the XBOX360, Playstation 3, the Xbox One and. PlayStation 4, this is going to soak up so much time. I know. And it's going to be, it's going to be probably, the biggest selling game of the year. Yeah. Probably win all the awards. Everybody's going to be talking about it. No PC release, no PC release. No PC release. Still not happy about that. Yes. Yes. Yet. Not yet, but if you haven't played it, it's phenomenal. It's so fun. It's so much fun, it's it's an open world. And you get to play with your friends. Yeah you'll see all kinds of people. Start a clan. Yeah you can start a clan, they were saying that so the reviews are not out yet because they, Destiny, Bungie specifically said hey listen what we're gonna do is we're not gonna send advanced review units, review copies because we're not turning the servers on until. The area can be populated the way that we intend them to be. Oh my god, see Bungee is, like does everything right, they're like Valve where, where they, where they make moves that if other, [UNKNOWN] people made them you'd be like, you know what? You suck. I hate you, well some people are mad, but then when they explained it, it was like oh I get. You mean the internet got mad about something? No offense, you guys are the best but to the rest of the internet. If you go watch another video The outrage, the machine just spun up and it was crazy. But yeah if your picking up Bungie [UNKNOWN] actually, I get to, I'm hijacking the comments in this, I mean your going to pick up Bungie, I mean if you're going to pick up destiny Destiny. Yeah, put it in the comments, I just want to see Tell us, yeah How many of you watchers are going to actually play this I'm going to be dying to know. And then we can come and we can try and kill each other, there's a game. Yeah it'll be so much fun, it'll be so much fun. What else, is there anything else coming up> Nah, nah. Oh there is a movie, it's an indie movie, so if anyone's interested in it, it's called The Skeleton Twins, it's Kristen Wiig, and Kale doesn't care, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, it's gonna be really, it look's really weird and quirky and funny. It's about two siblings who have a near, a near death experience, or whatever, and then he moves, kind of goes back home and, and all that good stuff. But it's gonna be in theaters this weekend and I always like to support ex-Saturday Night Livers when they make good movies, as opposed to like bad movies. Cuz there's been some really bad Saturday Night Live movies. And I feel like this is encouraging the Lorne Michaels group. [INAUDIBLE] just is over it. You're over it! You're already over it! Better than the November Man. Better than the November Man! Yeah, I guess, if you like indie films where you pretty much know something quirky's going to happen. It's all quirky, all the time. Oh, it's just, there's something wrong with me. Let's go lay in some fall leaves! I'd better go hang out with my family. Oh, my family's so weird. I'm so tormented. But it, but it could be really good. It could be really good, that's what I'm, that's all I'm saying. I'm not crapping on indie movies, I'm just crapping on comedians going indie cause it always ends the same, comedians going into indie movies always ends the same. That's kinda true, I'll, I'll give you that, there are a few exceptions but I'll give you that. But I'm looking at you Zack Braff. Would you like to talk about user feedback? Let's, let's listen to user feedback. User feedback. So we talked about last week Thursday, this Playstation class, did you, did you catch this? Yes, yeah, I watched your episode, and I just talked over it, over ha ha ha. Yeah I'm sure you did, he just pretended he was in the studio, yeah. No but yeah, it's, it's it's it's advertised by PlayStation. Yeah. Okay. But it's not necessarily all about PlayStation. Like there are other topics of conversation. So anyway, we asked everybody to [UNKNOWN] the TV game class and asked them what class they would want to take, by what company. Oh, boy. Which I really like. Mm-hm. And so we got some really good ones. Okay. We have two tweets and then an email I really like. Chris writes to us and says, I would want Square Enix to take over a class room and cover every Final Fantasy ever made. Class in RPGs. That's RPG 10, RPGs 101. Final Fantasy 8, what not to do. That's, that's gonna be, no bueno. Oh, someone doesn't like the draw system. Somebody doesn't like anything about Final Fantasy 8. The story was garbage. Gun blade. Okay, I'll give you, "The Gunblade". The story was garbage, the characters are mostly garbage. Zell? Come on. They all grew up in the same orphanage, spoiler alert. It wasn't good, but I was gonna, it was my favorite. Triple Triad? No. No. Just nothing about it was good. And coming up on It was my first one, so. Fair enough. Coming up on Avanti-7. It was bad. It was really bad. I like how, I like how you, who wrote the comments there? Chris Totally brought out bad blood between me and Ashley. I will fight anybody about how terrible Files NZ is. I'm sorry That show never had, like teaching people outside of fantasy was never ending. No, it would be just like the game. It would last. Every class allows 120 hours. And PE will be Blitzball. Yes, oh Blitzball, PE Blitzball. That would be amazing. So that'd be kind of cool. Alright, what did I say, I'm sorry. Next one is from Matt, he says #TDGameClass Valve should teach lab safety and the dangers of asbestos #donttouchtheoperationalendofthedevice. [APPLAUSE] That was, I really like that. What is it, when life was it the lemon one? When life gives you lemons. Lemons. **** the lemons. And you can make them in explosives or something? He's like, oh god. I love Kate Johnson so much. Kate Johnson. amazing. This is the, this is the device where we, we cut the corners. So obviously that's where we cut corners. Yeah, yeah, it's so good. And I love. See for me my favorite characters are the, turrets. Yeah? The one that goes I'm different. I'm different. Yeah. I knew. I got real sad. Are you still there. Yeah. Let me ask you a quick question for you for the next one. 'Kay. Do you think Portal 1 or Portal 2 deserves to be called better, deserves to be called better? As in, not is better, but deserves to be called the best. Deserves to be if you were like oh which Portal game is the Portal game? I think the first one because it was all about Glados. I'm with you. That's because the second one like I really liked and listen, I loved Stephen Merchant more than many things and he was great as Wheatley, but the thing is. I'm all about a pure Glados experience. Like, I love Glados, and she didn't deserve to be turned into a potato. She didn't. [LAUGH] I hope your life's going well because I'm a potato. I'm a potato. and- Welcome back to Portal Daily. Yeah, Portal Daily. William F. wrote an e-mail to us and said, I would like to have a class Apple. Tables would be giant iPads and there would be a Mac Pro for every student. This sounds like an awesome class It kinda does And a big screen that every class has would be an Apple TV or rumored Apple TV TV. [UNKNOWN] like yes! You win! I'm in! Do we, how do we, what do we give him, what do we send him. We send a thumbs up. There you go. Not valid anywhere. our. Your hashtag, yeah not valid for currency anywhere unless you find a place that accepts thumbs up as currency, in which case. Your hashtag of the day today, is #TDVOLCANO. Oh. Yeah, we went with a selfie. I wanna know if you can take a selfie anywhere. It doesnt matter how dangerous if you could safely go somewhere and take a selfie, where would you take it? And you get bonus points if you Photoshop yourself into that situation Yes! That's what I want. Extra thumbs up for you.>> Two like, Yeah. a bucket full of thumbs up, a bucket full of thumbs up. We have to talk about phone photographers of the day [MUSIC] So it comes from Justin. I think Gabe Newell's bedroom. Gabe Newell's bedroom? Very dangerous. Very dangerous. Dangerous situation! All right. So what's the photo? Sorry. This comes from Justin. He says hope you enjoy the view of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Also known as the badlands. I've heard of such a place. Shot with an iPhone five taking it all in before the brutal winter rolls in. Winter's coming. Ha. Anyways, I love the show and keep up the great work. Thumbs up. [INAUDIBLE] Writing his email. Wow. That's pretty cool. I wonder what it looks like in winter. I mean it's got to be just blanketed in snow right. Yeah. So it's pretty awesome that you guys. It's gotta be pretty cool in yeah, in summer too. Wow. I was like seeing places that are normally. Like have really bad, particularly bad winters. LIke what it looks like in the spring and summer. Cuz usually, for example like Alaska. You don't get to see a lot of like the summer time. LIke, you don't get to see what it looks like. Yeah. The beaches of Alaska. Right, have a fancy, fine Riviera of, of Alaska. You don't get to see any of that. No but I, I like to. No filter or anything on that one. Yeah. No, it just was. It's great. It's a really good picture. Like, did it say what kind of phone to use? iPhone 5. OK. So not to buy that, but the 5, those are good. Looks really nice. I like it. Nice job Justin. You're just so angry. Every single episode I'm just arg. You complain about it. If you guys want to submit to be considered for phonetographer for the day you can email us You can also send us your hash tag of the day. If you are not into Twitter that's totally fine, just email it to us. Use hash tag as a subject line so that we can see it. And also, no attachments. On those pictures. We get a lot of attachments. Like what. I just need a link. Send me a link to where you uploaded your picture on the internet. Oh, okay. Don't attach it into your e-mail so that it's. Yeah, don't do that. It's a nightmare and we have like you know, what is it like a file size limitation and stuff. Just send me a link. It's much much easier that way. Also tomorrow as we said there is no show. And here's why, I'm gonna be in San Francisco for the iPhone event. Ken will be watching the iPHone event, [APPLAUSE] clap, clap, clap. And then Simms will be in another one, and then Dustin will be on another screen. Yeah, literally you need to grow a third arm. But, CNET's doing a gigantic blow out for this whole thing. Oh, yeah, we've got more people than we've ever had before, down on the ground, at the event, and then we also have the live stream with me, Brian Tong, and Donald Bell. We're gonna be, just blowing it up, talking about, all things IOS, Apple, there could be a wearable, there could be, there's gonna be a new iPhone, maybe two new iPhones likely, there's gonna be all kinds of stuff. Maybe even a new iPad who knows. So yours, yours is just like a video live stream, where? We- Here? If you go to that's where you can find it, and it's it's just our, Apple event live stream you can see it right there at the top of the page, you can click on it, it'll be video, and then a lot of people, who can't get the live. Like, there's people who can't watch the Apple live stream when it starts at 10 AM pacific time tomorrow. You can watch our live stream. We'll be talking about it the whole way through. And if you, if you do get the live stream for the Apple event, you can watch it and also like turn us up and down as you like watch the event [UNKNOWN]. Hilarious and very insightful commentary. Which things do you think you're gonna geek out, that just so like, if we're going in, which should we think you're most likely to speak up about, like a werebull or like a, like' the camera' and then' okay, here we go' Okay, I'm really looking forward to the werebull. Whatever I watch, or whatever they're gonna call it, I don't know, but. It's, I'm, I'm looking forward to it just because it's always interesting to see what Apple comes, comes with. Like once their competitors have products out there. Yeah. Exactly I would like to see kinda what they come with. But I am, for my own personal use case, I am the most excited about a bigger screened iPhone. But I'm also really scared. Like, what do I do if they say the 5.5 inch iPhone won't be available for like, months. I might have to just upgrade to the 4.7. I'm freaking out you guys. You. I. I am to. it's a dilemma. I don't know what to do. But that's, that's my dilemma and I'll just carry it out with me. and I'll figure it out I'm sure. Well, cool. So then what time's that start? It starts at 8:45 in the morning. Okay. It's PFT? Pacific Time. Okay. So pacific time, tomorrow morning, 8:45. And we're gonna have a lot of fun. I know Brian usually brings prizes for people. What? If you call in, you Tweet, sometimes we give away prizes and everything. So feel free to check that out. Like I said, It'll be really fun. It'll be really really fun. I will. If you want to hashtag us, it's #cnetlive tomorrow morning. If you wanna, just, hangout with, with these two idiots, me and Khail on Twitter, you can find us at, I'm @AshleyEsqueda and Khail you're online, pretty much everywhere Yep [COUGH] I'm at YouTube dot, I'm reading it, [COUGH] just making stupid things [CROSSTALK] And also, Khailanonymous on Twitter, right? And Khailanonymous on Twitter, yeah, I'll be watching, I'll probably be like live tweeting that too Excellent! I usually have like, either. Snarky, and or flopping comedic takes on what is being announced. Oddly enough I, I too will have snarky- I know. And or oddly terrible comedy. It's what the world needs now. It's true. Not love. Not love sweet love. Not love sweet love. Just snarky bad jokes. But, so it should be a big, it should be a huge fun event. It'll be a big event. It'll be all over the place tomorrow. So you'll be watching it somewhere I'm sure. Reading about it somewhere. But we hope you'll use CNET, and and other than that, we are gonna split. We'll be back on Wednesday with a brand new show. Until then, be good humans as always. And we'll see you next time. Bye guys. Good luck out there. Oh, thank you. [MUSIC]
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