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WikiLeaks, Assange feel the heat (roundup)

Whistle-blower site faces heavy criticism and repercussions for publishing extensive details of U.S. military and diplomatic activity. Editor Julian Assange, meanwhile, confronts his own challenges in court.

By 24 February 2011


Assange can be freed on bail, court rules

U.K. prosecutors lose their bid to prevent Julian Assange, editor of WikiLeaks, from being released on bail while his extradition to Sweden on sex crimes charges is determined.

By 16 December 2010


IBM offers Lotus with extra widgets

The company is targeting Office users with the latest increments to Symphony, while phasing out its own use of the Microsoft suite.

By 11 September 2009


Symbian to ease app building for China Mobile

Goal is to promote development of Symbian-based software for the Chinese carrier's app store and promote uptake of TD-SCDMA, the 3G standard developed in China as a WCDMA alternative.

By 10 September 2009


Windows 7, Vista zero-day flaw reported

Security researcher says vulnerability in Windows 7 could lead to an attack causing a critical system error, or "blue screen of death."

By 8 September 2009


Telefonica, China Unicom swap $1 billion in stock

Deal gives the two giants a combined 550 million customers and a foothold in each other's markets. China Unicom is especially interested in Telefonica's Latin American customers.

By 8 September 2009


Red Hat builds one API for many clouds

The Deltacloud project aims to provide a "cloud broker" API that will let applications, scripts, and tools be created once and then used across public and private clouds.

By 4 September 2009


Report: Antivirus feature for Snow Leopard?

Mac security firm Intego says reports, and a screenshot, suggest that the forthcoming update to Apple's OS could have an antimalware feature.

By 26 August 2009


Researchers prove kernel is secure

An Australian research organization says it has absolute mathematical proof of the security of an operating system core.

By 15 August 2009


Microsoft releases preview for next SQL Server

A preview of the next version of Microsoft's database product, SQL Server 2008 R2, has been delivered to developers and will soon be made generally available.

By 12 August 2009