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Protesters decry NASA hacker's extradition

Supporters of Gary McKinnon protest his upcoming extradition to the U.S., where he will face trial for his self-confessed hacks into defense computer systems.

By 4 September 2008


More FUD for Windows Vista

Microsoft demonstrates that an ancient computer running Windows XP SP1 with no protection at all can be hacked. Stop the presses.

By 16 November 2007


Report: Antivirus feature for Snow Leopard?

Mac security firm Intego says reports, and a screenshot, suggest that the forthcoming update to Apple's OS could have an antimalware feature.

By 26 August 2009


Linux exploit gets around security barrier

Security hole in the Linux kernel, which allows security features in the operating system to be bypassed, affects Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, according to a security researcher.

By 20 July 2009


Microsoft eyes Windows 7 broadband bundles

The company is in talks with telecom providers and others to work out how Netbooks running Windows 7 could be bundled with other hardware and services.

By 5 March 2009


Alleged NASA hacker loses another appeal

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith holds firm, so despite being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, Gary McKinnon still faces extradition to the U.S..

By 14 October 2008


Microsoft warns of PowerPoint zero-day flaw

Vulnerability can be exploited by getting a person to open a PowerPoint file rigged for the attack.

By 3 April 2009


Top 25 'most dangerous' coding errors revealed

Security organizations, companies, and academics have banded together to produce a list of what they consider to be the most critical coding errors.

By 13 January 2009


Logitech to slash 15 percent of workforce

Manufacturer of PC peripherals, based in Switzerland, says the retail environment has "deteriorated significantly" and will "worsen in the upcoming months."

By 6 January 2009


Symantec, VMware team up for disaster recovery

The security and virtualization vendors will provide support for mutual customers using VMware ESX and Veritas Cluster Server.

By 10 December 2008