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Conan's hit men mock Google's algorithmic certainty

Team Coco decides it's time to expose Google's claims that it can predict a movie's success.

By 2 July 2013


For Shelby, 50 years of blowing other cars' doors off

Its most famous car may be worth $25 million, and its cars can top 200 miles an hour. CNET Road Trip visits with the famous American muscle car maker.

By 10 July 2012


With friend-finders like these, Facebook may find itself sued

According to one company, the social network stole the idea for the geo-based Find Friends Nearby, which helps people locate new acquaintances. Facebook says it was just a test.

By 25 June 2012


Take a stroll through 'The Art of Video Games'

An exhibit at the Smithsonian takes a look at 40 years of video games and the unique conversation among the game, the artist, and the player.

By 10 April 2012


Teen hipsters discover joys of analog photography

Urban teens are leaving CCD and CMOS sensors behind in favor of a technology their grandparents would have found familiar: analog film photography.

By 16 May 2011